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  1. Need More Info Recruiting crash and recruiting bug

    To be sure, the same problem occurs with the new campaign after removing the mods again, right? If so, can you upload the new campaign save file before it crashes and share the new crash ID with me?
    No, I haven't run into that issue yet but I haven't put many hours into it because of the missing textures bug, I'm waiting for it to be patched because it annoys me quite a bit
  2. Need More Info Recruiting crash and recruiting bug

    Hi! Sorry for inconvenience. We need to be sure that mods aren't causing the problems. Check out our full statement regarding modding related issues. Could you please remove your mods completely (instead of deactivating) by following the instructions on this article and reproduce this again? Thanks in advance!
    I removed the mods but when I went to try to reproduce the issue I realised I accidentally overwrote the autosave that it was crashing from when I started a new campaign yesterday. I did upload the save file to though so if there is a way for me to download it again I will
  3. Need More Info Recruiting crash and recruiting bug

    1. On my main save I got captured and when I escaped and went to recruit I kept crashing. The crash seems to occur in both cities and villages. It's also probably worth noting that this issue emerged after the Beta Hotfix (e1.5.8 - 05/02/21) save_auto_3.sav In an attempt to recreate 1. I...
  4. Resolved 1.5.8 Beta sometimes the cursor vanishes when talking to a party

    I'm having the same issue, the only mod I'm using is Smith Forever

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