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    Siege Offence Useless

    The enemy gets to build defences while you are setting up, so they have one or two engines to pot shot all your **** and make it impossible to get any out. Plus, the towers and rams move so slowly that by the time they get to the walls, the fight is over.
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    This **** is pretty consistent. Why even bother with a vote if the Ruler just gets them all anyway?
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    Having maxed out charm and high traits relevant to the person you are talking to still only gives like 40% chance to succeed. And one fail out of 3-4 conversations kills the whole thing, and a fail is a fail forever it seems. It's making getting married and talking to mercenaries nearly impossible.
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    Need More Info Crash while loading save

    With Bannerlord tweaks *not* causing the game to **** itself on loading, I am going to have a updated post here of what mods are working.

    Bannerlord Lib: Works
    Skip Bandit Diolog: Crashes on load
    Developer Console: Works
    Community Patch: Works
    Extend Conspiracy Timer: Works
    Basilisk Guild: Works
    Buy Patrols: Works
    Custom Campaign Options: Works
    Slow Looters: Works
    Tyni Bannerlord Fixes: Works
    XorberaxCutThroughEveryone: Works
    Xorberax TrainingField: Works
    Expanded Bandits: Works
    More Bandits: Works
    Unit Fixes: Works
    SwordSister: Works
    Amour Does Something: Works
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    Need More Info Crash while loading save

    So I just went in and booted it up with no mods at all and it loads well. Which means...something is messing with the loading of the game rather than the game itself.
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    Need More Info Crash while loading save

    So I am running 1.0.9 and everything is fine. Got some mods, new game goes well, everything is hunky dory. I play for a few hours, then I save it. Come the next time, I try to load it, and it crashes immediately. I am thinking, if it was any of the mods, wouldn't the game crash on first go...
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    20hrs Worth of Feedback

    Hey, I cheated Warband for years. Mostly just see all parties and export character sheet with some QoL teleporting. And here I used a guide and teleport to get past that gods awful first mission.
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    Need More Info New save limit - 54/55? Posting for visibility

    I didn't get a choice! I was made to quit! They cut off my hair and sent me to the Money Jungle!
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    Need More Info New save limit - 54/55? Posting for visibility

    So it's not that it's just already saved saves are busted. It's that 1.03 hasn't fixed it and just I had finally got everything working without lag and turned the cheats on to teleport so the first quest wasn't such a pain in the absolute arse, it breaks gud 'n' propa like.
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    Need More Info New save limit - 54/55? Posting for visibility

    After all my other saves crashed, I was terrified to exit the game in case my last good save also crashed. But I didn't get a choice, because the game glitched out at the end of a bandit hideout quest - as you talk to the boss to duel him - and now all my saves are crashed. Downloaded the patch, I still crash...

    I really hope I don't have to start again. The first quest is an absolute murderism of a thing and I don't have the patience to do it again. Plus trying to console command around it, crashes the game.
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    Unresolved Oops

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    20hrs Worth of Feedback

    The Proto-Rhodoks have very good (not the best, I think the Sturgians have better elite archers) archers and very good large shield units with javelins and spears, so they can counter any cavalry (and elite archers can handle a decent cav charge with minimal fuss)

    However they suffer HEAVILY in sieges due to lack of heavy armor (I'd say they're medium heavy armor? like plate and mail versus heavy plate) but in an open field battle, they're nigh unstoppable. So how to conquer? Keep sieging until the enemy sallies out, it's always a field battle. Then you have two or three defenders left, you assault the castle and boom, you're golden

    Surely all the recruiting and training and getting the money to do all this and the waiting around for them to sally and then the recovery and then the move to the next castle is going to drag your playtime out a lot longer than 20 hours for half the map.
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    Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    My first reaction was elation. Joy, and jubilation! I character created, fawned over it, loved the textures and the smooth, brilliance of the movement and the attacking!

    The next ten hours were spent in what can be summed up as "Fitting for the current state of 2020"
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    How do you start a family

    I tried chatting up a guy. Failed a 75% speech check, suceeded the other twom and got "We don't have anything in cokmon after all"
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