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    Can I be the Crimean Khanate Leader?

    No, you can be ruler of the Tzardom or the Commonealth if you compleate the story lines
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    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    Will the high relationship with the tavern keepers give any bonus? Or maybe it does yet? If it still don't exist can i suggest some bonuses that lower the prices for having a supply chariot or a discount for the wine and the invading armies locations? Or maybe ... a chance to gamble a gem (like...
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    Can't activate

    what do you mean with "I can't activate this game"? Do you mean that the key doesn't work?
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    Traduzione definitiva Mount & Blade: WFaS

    Suppongo che sia stata abbandonata, nel mentre se vuoi, e se ti serve, puoi cercare nella wikipedia italica di wfas ancora in sviluppo se ti serve qualche informazione
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    If you wanna have the servers just ask Fortuna or Marth
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    OPEN SOURCE mods for WFAS

    I gave to you the links for contact the modders and ask 'em, but i think that no one cares about the copyright of the wfas mod. The only case when that happened was in 2013, when the Deluge's team removed HoH mod from ModDB
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    Czech translation - updated version

    I don't think that they would accept it (Talewords Staff) , but you could download it in a wfas mod site (ModDB or WFaS) and share it to the others Czech players
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    How to mod WFAS?

    1 - Just cancel the whole game 2 - Yes, is hard to add 'em 3 - Find a Tutorial about that 4 - Find a Tutorial about that
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    OPEN SOURCE mods for WFAS

    MobDB: NexusMod: And many others in the forum
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    MP Other Gotha's Adimi Tools - for WFAS!

    I'm trying to do a "film" in wfas with many actors and, for make it better, i added more items from the HoH mod. The problem is that i cannot spawn 'em with the spawn menu. Do you know how i can add 'em into the spawn menu?
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    Cant find resource/BRF files??

    They're in CommonRes of the WFaS Folder
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    Replacing the game's music
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    Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword - Wikipedia Italica

    Report del 26 luglio 2019 - Aggiornamento dopo 143 dal post originale Giorni passati: 143 Update compiuti: 46 Crescita della pagina: 111.775 byte Attuale posizione nella classifica delle pagine più grandi di wikipedia italica: Ottantesima Attuale versione della Pagina Wikipedia: v13.0...