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    Model & Animation Viewer Scene Editor moding tools 1.8 "Assertion Failed!" error

    It seems that quite a few people have this type of problem with 1.8 like me or @Carolina Warlord


    for me it's when i want to use settlement script in 1.8 :
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    In Progress Scene Editor Update Decal Atlas - Bug

    Same problem too since 1.7.2
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    In Progress Scene Editor main map snow flowmap bugs

    @NPC99 @hunharibo @Lemmy1916 could you please try drawing snow flowmaps with more pronounced strokes rather than mild gradients, your colour differences might be too subtle. This might be preventing the snow flowmap from correctly generating. Try using more pronounced/strong colours and please come back to us.
    This is already the case for mine.

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    General Scene Editor New campaign map : Faction spawn outside the navmesh

    Damn, just edit the spclans.xml resolve this ...

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    General Scene Editor New campaign map : Faction spawn outside the navmesh

    Hello to all, I've been working on my campaign map for several hundred hours now. I'm finally finished, I'm happy, but I have a big problem that in my opinion is the cause of recurring crashes because they occur only since my navmesh is completely finished, when all the navmesh was in id:0 there...
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    Is there a limit on the number of settlements added to the big map?

    I didn't test for it. I thought I couldn't and was told otherwise.
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    SP Medieval Europe Campaign Map

    The map looks awesome, nice work! :smile:
    :giggle: Thx
    I don't pretend a realistic map in the vanilla game, but this guy setted a new standard for the quality... take note :xf-wink:
    I'm very far from the rendering of the vanilla map, you'll surely realize it by playing it even if I'm quite happy with the result :xf-smile:
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    SP Medieval Europe Campaign Map

    Update of the topic !

    Thanks all.
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    SP Medieval Europe Campaign Map

    Will it be playable at some point?
    Yes, for the moment it is unusable for players, only for modders but I will update it step by step and hope it will be playable soon.

    You just need to be patient :grin:

    And yes, all mod will work except those who would add cities ^^
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    SP Medieval Europe Campaign Map

    I appeal to the community of modders to provide a playable version... please do it! ?
    Why ask the community to make it playable when I'm about to finish it? You need to read the mod description ^^
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