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    Joker's Kingdom of Heaven topic (almost 300 medium sized pictures!)

    I recommend that everyone, who has not yet done so, to get their hands on the director's cut (extended version - about 30 minutes longer).  It is almost like an all new movie and gives much more sense to the overall story.  Wont go into historical accuracy and so forth...
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    OSP Fantasy 3D Art Surrealarms: Races

    Great stuff!
    I personally hate WoW (like a lot of other people) but if that is custom made, then you have great talent!  Just stay away from the WoW theme (Im pretty sure its ilegal and Blizz are the kind of people that might actually knock on your door if they see that).
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    The Wedding Dance (Beta Download v.92)

    Merry Christmas folks.
    By the way, my download of the new version from the repository keeps getting stuck at 214.3MB, anyone else having a similar problem?
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    1.010 Lords of War Rebuild. (New Map - WIP, p2)

    Good to hear from you again Markus.  I hope your personal issues will be resolved in the best possible way for you and I hope to see Lords of War come alive again when you are able to finish it.
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    Song of Taliesin: Mercenaries Preview

    Something to look forward to!
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    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

    NikeBG said:
    I hope so! But if the camels become too much of a problem for you, feel absolutely free to ditch them for a later version. I'm sure everyone would prefer a "released mod" than "mod in eternal WIP just because of a camel". :wink:
    My sentiments exactly.
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    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

    trueten said:
    ficus said:
    Damn, I hate this animation. It's really ugly position of shield block. I suggest to use good o' Native animation.

    Но скрины ваще писец. ficus - красавчик.

    I agree about the new animations, would be a good thing to use Native's.  One of the new shield block animations also almost totally obscures your view in first person mode.
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    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

    Why dont we just sit back and see what happens.
    As we all know, we do not have any finished crusader mods as of yet, and I personally dont put any stock in the other "under development" mods, since they are likely to never get finished or to end up as mediocre ones.  Im personally keeping my fingers crossed for this even with its dubious historical nature and flamboyant colours.  Why?  Well, because it seems like the best offering at the moment.
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    is there any pc that can handle really large battles like in the 500 to 500 ??

    hmm... I got the following rig:
    AMD athlon X2 64 6000
    2GB ram
    XP SP3
    and with maxed out everything I dont venture above 100.  I get horrible lag in forrests and very mountainous areas even at this limit.  On more decent terrain I get about 40-60fps.  I might have a processor cooling problem though.

    P.S. post your rig specs, otherwise its a pointless thread.
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    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

    Мне кажется что ето хороший компромис об что делат с Госпиталиерами и тамплиерами.  Я хотел увидет они имет больше значение чем ето, но ето тоже удовлетворяет.
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    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

    У меня руский как у тебя английский, но хочу сказат что я тебя поздравляю за етот мод и надеюс что оно будет готово слишком скорее!

    Just said my russian is as good as his english, congratulated him on the mod and wished him god speed.
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