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    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.2

    Can't compare what is more bad - the Release of Cyberpunk and how far away it is from what the devs said it would be - or the time taleworlds need to bring this game out of EA and into a level where modders can finalize it because they can't solve the foundation of the base mechanics and tech/gameplay.

    But in the End i blame myself that I was to easy to get into buying it in EA.
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    Multiplayer Game Modes - Updated Info and Discussion


    Devs and mods were so omnipresent in forums back in those days. What happened now?
    They released EA and striped many aspects of the old warband apart for a fast action pace generation with console on their mind. After very slow progress and many decisions which mostly are not on point of what the most people like in this forum the situation became Frosty and afterwards hostile after a year. Now Radio Silence most of the time. (My opinion)
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    See you all in 6 months! I will be back November 27th, 2021

    Only 6 Months? You just want to wait one major update until retesting it as a beta tester? :lol:

    But seriously jeah plenty good fish out there for entertainment.
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    Take your time Taleworld

    "Take your time taleworlds"

    Haha Epic :smile:
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    Patch when??

    Ah i can remember the time a refraction of the code had been announced to improve the speed of coding and patching. What a great joke in the end. Pure Gold like Rick Rolling :smile:
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    My final verdict

    So much comments and sides.. is this the discussion board in future ? :wink:
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    Poll to rename "The Citadel" to "The Graveyard" because its where all player feedback goes to die.

    Nah I'm gonna archive this post and use it to sue you if we don't get flying pig mounts at the end of Early Access. :lol:
    Mount and Blade: Piggy Lord's ... *Takes Notes*
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    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    it surprises me everytime how much incompetence they were able to gather in one single company. i guess its an achievment in itself. one rare bugfix leads to multiple crashes and more instability then before.
    Did you buy cyberjunk at release? That's some real bull**** in a box.
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    Poll to rename "The Citadel" to "The Graveyard" because its where all player feedback goes to die.

    Rename Suggestions into " Original intended Content"

    This game makes fun. :wink:
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    Dear Taleworlds, Is there any way you can remove the 2048 unit cap on battle size for the game?

    I agree - if CPUs today can handle 2048 units, then what will happen 10 years from now between now and when M&B3 is in beta?
    MB3? In 10 years MB will be out of EA. XD
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    Poll to rename "The Citadel" to "The Graveyard" because its where all player feedback goes to die.

    Haha awesome +1 for that.

    And I am sure even if changed Taleworlds wouldn't notice as they don't read suggestions here.
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    My final verdict

    Good idea. They may want to rename this board from the meaningless "The Citadel" to "The MostBlunted Memorial".
    +1 on this one ... Would make a good laugh when others connect to the forum. Oh boy the story behind this :smile:
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    My final verdict

    For me it's like this.

    The mods are cool and are very patient and deal good with the negativity.

    They do their best with the knowledge they have and I don't know how much Infos they get from the devs or the one in charge shareing news and updates of the game.

    In terms of game development it's a other topic. It's sadly fact that many things which have been announced at the beginning of EA are to complex or time consuming for the devs. So they took their mouth to full and I didn't see much intel about what and why they didn't implement the base of warband.

    It is sad to see that after some hours you are at a point where it's always the same and for my taste to easy. Shallow and without mods not a game for me. Please don't get me wrong I got many hours of enjoying the game but it was more giving them a chance because I thought they improved it to a point where I could immerse myself.

    Sadly I was wrong. The Pace and Quality of the Patches is a different thing. It's to slow and too much of a shot in the dark. And that the siege ai isn't fixed after a year is breathtaking like the release of cyberjunk.

    But pointing fingers at the Mods in the forum won't cure the pain this EA gives most players which standard was at least warband with updated graphics.

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