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    A lot of fix, but where is the stuff for 40 dollars we pay?

    It's disappointing, I'll say that these ********* here deserve nothing when they demand nothing. But again, what can you expect from a bunch of irresponsible consumers who refuse to hold the devs to account. You have my pitchfork.
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    Age is never a problem if you want it hard enough. You have my pitchfork.
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    What do you guys think about that characters are able to walk/run while attacking on foot?

    What do you mean? I was certain I could move my character and attack at the same time before 1.0.6. Haven't played for a while.
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    Arrow realism

    There are lamellar armors in the game for Empire. Not quite the iconic Loric Segmentata but nevertheless were made of overlapping metal plates. Somehow they've got about the same armor values as the best imperial mail. Would really like to see actually segmentata though. Also IMO we should...
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    Simulated battles outweigh the need to play them yourself? WHY?

    Didn't autoresolve against looters result in no death on the attackers? That was the only way for me to finish the train soldiers for village quest. IMO if the looters all use blunt weapon and whatnot and can only wound, I'd have found every battle against looters early game. However, somehow...
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    What do you want from the 1.1 patch?

    Please cheapen the less expensive items Also, 365-day years
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    Hideouts are fine!

    Yeah, the mechanics is unintuitive, and unfun, and also very not fine.
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    Any info on the kids?

    Well when I play crusader king, I don't have to deal with time advance until I made all of my decisions and press enter turn. This game is not crusader king. It's not design for you to be a disembodied consciousness floating in the air controlling everything. This is you roaming around doing...
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    It has not been 8 years...

    Let's see... I've pay my money for the game?! Try to care about your money, man. Or your parents, doesn't matter, it's money, it matters. And I see Early-Access as "oh ****, our studio has not had a major release since the Viking Conquest expansion 6 years ago. We better release something." And...
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    Any info on the kids?

    How about that? Well I am in total disagreement with you too! It's certainly not for me, and never had been. This "feature" was never asked for in a franchise that featured the play character going around doing whatever the player wants. Not raising a family, not dynasty succession, not this 84...
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    Any info on the kids?

    Yes. How about that? You can be a king by collecting a banner, how's that for a lot of work. **** excuses. What does attaining godhood entail in this game I wonder? Find a whooping 3 banners!? OMG I am in utter shock.
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    It has not been 8 years...

    OP said "not been 8 years" Guess what, no excuse, 8 years.
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    Is there any way to make the "banner on friendly troops" smaller or maybe change it to something less intrusive?

    I for one would like bannermen to come back, and all armor and shield have areas where coat of arms as displayed. There should also be recolorable areas on clothing (which they do, btw), that should, in combination, allow one to tell friend from foe. I guess Khuzait will be the hardest, and I...
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    Hideouts are impossible

    I've only had problem with one hideout map where there are two camps on different hills. I'm almost certain they are the forest bandit maps. I had to charge up a hill, which exposes me to their arrows, and there will be 10+ on the first hill, and I lost most of my elite infantry right there...