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    EU Native Battle Open Plans for the future tournament

    We all know a FL league is not the most competetive tournament. That's why I think the timing is perfect. It will be during summer where many people will be gone throughout the tourney either way. Perhaps we can increase the team size to 14 or something. It's just a small tourney to get us through the summer.
    @Fietta Also the last FL went quite decent tbh.
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    EU Native Battle Open Plans for the future tournament

    im not talking replacements wise, and if sb leaves the team ban him from the next tournament(s)
    If this was the case we would have atleast 30 banned players. But that won't happen because some of the banned players are also friends with whoever will host.
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    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    Aeronwen ASKED for hosts HERSELF. When people said "UHHHH I HOST" she didn't respond. Don't know what's so hard to understand about that.
    Yes I'm aware my respone was mostly related to the people who said "Aeronwen stop hosting beast, let others take over"
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    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    So I really don't see where I am accusing anyone here. I never demanded a tournament, I only said that it's kinda weird to say "You could have hosted one yourself" when people that actually came forward to host one, got blanked.
    By came forward to host one you mean take over BEAST from Aeronwen? I would have declined them aswell. Aeronwen hosted 7 BEASTs in a row, putting in a ton of work for the community. You just have to understand that BEAST is Aeronwen's tourney and there is a good reason why it has a good reputation among most of the community. And you simply expect her to let all of that go and let others like Popo who has absoluteley no experience in hosting tournies or biased/toxic DM admins take over? The only thing that would do is ruin the good name of BEAST and it's reputation. Anyone is welcome to host their own tourney and build a name for themselves. And I'd say there was plenty of time to build up your own project. Ofc it is always convient to use the work of others because you simply lack the expertise or will to build up your own project.
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    EU Native Battle Open Plans for the future tournament

    fantasy league format is one of the easiest ways to ensure there wont be stacked teams imo, just dont allow people who didnt sign up on time to join in if a team lacks players
    You clearly haven't played many fantasy league's. There are tons of drop outs everytime. Because their team isn't performing well or simply because they decide to be little *****es about it. If that happens it usually happens with multiple people on the same team and of course these free slots have to be filled by new players to ensure that the team can still play and that the tourney can keep going. Just replacements always have to be fair and reasonable. They always have to be either equally good or if that isn't possible a little worse, never better in terms of skill. In that case it should always be the person that fits to the team best, looking at past mercs fantasy league's there were admins who were good at it and a little biased admins :smile:
    That's why it's a casual summer tourney.

    @V1ncent oh yeah I didn't realise, you can see who voted so Ronny will have to delete those people that voted multiple times.
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    EU Native Battle Open Plans for the future tournament

    poll probably doesnt make sense, it should say 6v6 team tournament, 8v8 team tournament, 6v6 fantasy league, 8v8 fantasy league or JUST team tournament / fantasy league without specifying numbers, because right now you are splitting the vote which makes it seem like people prefer a fantasy league over a team tournament when really people that prefer team tournaments are just split between 8v8 and 6v6
    There literally is no reason to host a 6v6 fantasy leauge. Because the player signups are always way bigger than the captain sign ups and 6v6 fantasy league just wouldn't have enough captains. I'm sure Ronny is taking the split of 6v6 and 8v8 on the clan tourney thing into account.
    During summer a lot of people will be gone throughout the tourney, so a more casual tourney (fantasy league) could be a good option Imo.
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    New Season of Beast?

    I want to be admin so the people in community can actually rely on someone they know and someone that truly plays this game.
    I do not expect to "gain" anythining from it.
    I do not understand why you assume that the first i want to do is abuse my powers or do something with it.
    Varadin is actually a very mature person tbh. I know he isn't from AE but he could be a good addition.
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    New Season of Beast?

    This idea is perfect. Let them take care of themselves! Since they obviously don't give a **** about the rest of the community and just spit downwards anyway, keeping them completely seperate from the rest so the others can actually enjoy their tournament is a nice idea! Let's also disable promotion into and out of Division A completely alongside it. Two seperate BEAST winners, the Winners of the Toxic and the Division B winners! ?
    Right! Let's have Hairless, Jufasto, Gotha, Popo and Spooky as admins for div A! They'd make a great team!
    I don't think it's necessary to have this discussion again.
    It's not part of the base game so it's forbidden by our rules.
    The main argument for it seemed to be that it's not an unfair advantage because it doesn't do much.
    But if it doesn't do much why not just play without it?

    About the referees:
    Most matches are played on Sunday or Saturday. If there were only 5 matches on a Sunday we'd need 10 seperate referees.
    So for 5 matches there is a minimum of 70 occupied players - and often we have even more matches. Our community isn't that big and teams generally already have issues to schedule one match per week.Then you'd need to look for fair referees with a good understanding of the rules. For an obvious example you can't have Hairless be a referee on an RM match. That's a conflict of interests. Also keep in mind that a lot of people wouldn't even be interested in refereeing.
    Also how much power should a referee have? Should they be able to make decisions on the fly? What if two referees watching one match disagree with each other?
    Also a referee can only watch one stream so whatever happens offscreen.
    I honestly understand why people want it and I can also see some of it's perks but I just don't think it's the answer to all the problems people make it out to be. But I obviously I also know that there is problems with our decsionmaking so far- most importantly that our process is really slow.
    Ref's would mostly work for knockout matches and ofc they'd have to be respected by the community to be nonbiased so definitely not from RM or DM.

    I like the idea of a battle tournament.
    But I just don't think we have enough custom servers to host all the matches on one day. Maybe in the future though.
    Gotha could probably host enough servers but first TW has to fix the mode itself.
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    [WLL] Finals & 3rd Place

    LEGION 11-4 Free Thinkers ggs!

    Pity about the ddos attacks which ruined Lag_Queen's stream. Some people really just want to ruin other people's fun. Also thank you for sticking to the arranged time despide it's complications with it. Also a big thank you to Ronny, Potesty, Roberto and yami for hosting this tourney.
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    New Season of Beast?

    Why would it be a hude use of resourses? 2 guys that would spectate most controversial matches?
    Adding refs is definitely a good idea to make sure that all teams are playing by the rules. I highly doubt there would be enough refs for every match to be covered but a few matches is better than no matches. And at least very important matches could be covered that way. Just not entirely sure if forcing them to watch in the discord (especially when nobody is able to stream) or waiting for TW to finally release a Spectator feature would be the right option.

    @TheBard ✂ Please don't go insane :sad:
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    New Season of Beast?

    Well, if Neena is also not hosting anything, there is nothing impeding the start of another BEAST.
    No, only bad memories of the last one really.
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    New Season of Beast?

    Back when I initially posted a little poll on HINQ Discord I think the feedback was overwhelming in favor of a new tournament, also a Skirmish tournament.

    BEAST as of now offered a high quality and well managed tournament free of any charge and easy to get in since for every skill level there is a division, just the recent two seasons were filled with drama created by a loud minority of top players.

    Edit: Don't even bother to ask me to admin it btw.
    I would much rather see a Battle Tournament. Still waiting on a big patch for that.
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    [WLL] Semi Finals

    LGN 10 - 6 Wonwokie
    GER 2
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    [WLL] Team Rosters

    Not sure if you guys are aware but Kane is on holidays and he won't be back before the tourney ends. I'd say that is a valid reason for a removal. Genereally removing capped players is dumb but there shouldn't be double standards when it comes to removing players.
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