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    Activation Denied

    I uninstalled Warband around a couple of years ago and I decided to play it again recently so I took my key (verified by Taleworlds in the website) and downloaded the game. When I try to activate it, it will say Activation Denied. Has the key been denied? If so, what are the reasons. Thanks in...
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    Incorrect Serial Number

    Thanks for the reply, I'll try contacting technical support.

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    Incorrect Serial Number

    I've played with the registry entries - deleted the keys and introduced them again when prompted. Regardless, it still denies me access to join any public servers. I've had some problems before, but the message instead was: "Incorrect Authorization key". I've never had this "Incorrect serial number" before.

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    Incorrect Serial Number

    From the night to the next morning Taleworlds now thinks my key is incorrect. It keeps asking me for it and denying it when I input it. Can't join any public servers regardless of the mod. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    The Legacy (How will this mod continue?)

    Great news! Perhaps if you were able to fix the inmersion bugs such as bots walking backwards...
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    The Legacy (How will this mod continue?)

    The mod is oficially dead now.

    Pity, this mod had so much potential. It's the one I've had most fun playing by far.
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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 6 - Astounding Squirms

    Please don't turn the AI and NPC into stupid terminals where they just return an answer after some input. Make it seem realistic. Improve the minimap view, perhaps to be more detailed, showing army data depending upon a skill such as tactics or spotting.

    In Warband everytime you speak to a lord whether you are in Rivacheg, he is raiding a village, he's patrolling around his castle or recruiting soldiers it's always the same shopping list screen. A portrait of him wearing his armor and a dull background behind. Make it more inmersive.

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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 6 - Astounding Squirms

    It'd be really fun if you could shout orders to your men and actually hear the voice, like in the cRPG mod. This is looking great. Cheers.
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    Original Map

    Nice to hear that.

    I dont want to undervalue Computica's amazing work on that huge map. Regardless, it just feels way too heavy for me; I'm sure most of the players who see it for the first time feel somewhat lost as well.  :roll:
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    Original Map

    I kind of miss the old Calradia. Is there somehow a choice to play on it? I really liked the original SoD on M&B as well which played on Calradia.
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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 5 - Virtual Skeletons

    Each of them alone is feasible. Perhaps it is not possible to focus on all of those at the same time, but half of them would definitely make us all very happy.

    I do hope something is made about the sieges in this game though. 30 days are too much to wait, and the sieges feel so repetitive...
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    Improved Random Events & Coming Up With New Random Events

    Secret Merchandise:

    Triggered when accepting quest from Guild Master. Ex: "Take these goods to Jelkala." | "Escort this caravan to Suno."

    A few hours later setting march towards "X" your men of confidence request speaking to you about the caravan. "Sir, when asked about their merchandise the caravan master will claim it is none of our business. We're afraid they are hiding something from us. You should go speak to them about this.

    You then:

    • Decide ignoring your men's advice and continue your quest. | - Party Morale | You undertake the quest normally expecting a high reward and relationship improvement with city. 
    • Confiscate the merchandise | - Relationship with Town & Faction - Quest failed | The merchandise was in fact a hidden cargo of spice/weapons headed towards "X". You claim it for yourself.  
    • Ask the caravan master about the nature of the cargo | + Party Morale | Open conversation with caravan master. You then make a check based on Persuade, Relation with Faction & City and Honour. This leads to:

      -Success: The caravan master informs you about the secret cargo to be delivered to X. If you accept to carry it huge boost to faction and town relation. - Honour | If you decline, quest failed. + Honour

      -Failure: The caravan master is not willing to speak on the matter. He asks you to carry on without further intromission. | Quest continues normally.

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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 5 - Virtual Skeletons

    Even though Warband is an awesome game for me, I've always felt like the whole Calradian lore becomes dull and repetitive over time - taverns are boring, NPCs behave as statues, the streets are devoid of life. Nothing happens, it feels like everything is kind of "dead".

    In this installment of the series I'd love to see NPCs behaving as they should be, doing their chores, working, etc. Dialogues to be far more inmersive and not a shopping list to go over again and again. More opportunities as well for players owning fiefs, building certain buildings should not only bring a scripted bonus but as well some lore. A watch tower you recently built that makes the village harder to raid, but it can now act as a tiny garrison for troops as well which will be available in case of a battle. If you build a mill, the new building should appear in the village, perhaps storage boxes to keep some food there as well which you can attempt to steal.

    When you visit a castle and the lord is there, he appears at the courtyard training the troops. You can ask to spar with him, or to train the troops yourself. At night he goes inside to have dinner. An advanced behaviour cycle NPCs follow similar to games like Skyrim.

    Being able to customise your troops, invent troops, set gear between several options for each tier and troop tree.  Fully customise your kingdom, I liked how in Sword of Damocles you could choose a religion. I also liked how random events happen, making the game way more interesting.

    Make the persuade skill more useful, add persuasive rolls to conversations just like in games such as Knights of the Old Republic. Removing the relationship with lords for a more complex social system. In warband it seems you had to do this this and that, and then the lord would do whatever you want.

    Quests. More quests. We'd love to see countless quests. So many different types of quests that your journal would explode.

    Overall being imaginative, this is by far one of the games with most potential. The posibilities are so wide I'm enthralled with this project.
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    Bug reports and suggestions - read the first post

    Hey, I just picked up the mod after some time and I've got an issue with the sound. The moment I spawn I start hearing a nonstop loop of those funny villager voices. It is really annoying to have to disable in-game sound. Is there any fix for this?

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    Give them a place to fight (New Servers)

    I've always felt something of a feeling of love towards this mod - if someone tries to bring it back up that'd be awesome.

    You can always skim through the suggestion thread and have a look on what was suggested some time ago. I've taken the time to recapture some of the most interesting suggestions floating around since the beginnings, adding them to my own:

    - In general I'd like maps to be bigger and to not focus exclusively on indoors. A big city with gates opened and a village with some activity nearby would be great for the gameplay. Any person wandering outside of the city would be taken for an assassin, unless wearing the Guard Uniform, and would be forced to find alternative routes into the city without alerting the Guards. An event with caravans entering the city could be done, with the player blending in like in the AC Series...

    Peasant's Revolt.
    The peasants have taken up arms, and they head for the city!!! A group of 10 light-armored have almost reached the gates, and will kill anyone that interferes in their path!

    City Repairs
    The Town Gates are under repair. They shall remain close until the engineers finish their work.
    (The gates cannot be opened during 2 minutes or so.)

    Mysterious Bounty
    A mysterious opulent bounty for a "[merchant, mercenary, soldier, arena champion, knight]" has been passed to you. The man is believed to be hiding between the crowds. Eliminate him for a reward.

    The Black Death
    A virus has infected the inhabitants of the city. Search quickly for a cure before it is too late! (Players lose hp every X seconds)

    The Exposition
    A merchant has opened an exotic store of weapons in the city just for today. The weapons will only be available shortly before they sell out. (Some weapons not included by default in the player's equipment could be sold there for a high price)

    The Invasion
    An army of soldiers are invading the city! They must be driven of inmediately before they kill the crowd.
    (Random bots attacking everyone, including citizen bots)

    More loose ideas:
    • "Can you make an event like Free Rounds For Everyone! The merchants is currently giving some drinks and food for free!"
    • "Maybe an event where ammo costs something."

    I'll update this post as new ideas come to my mind as soon as I have some time.

    Cheers and good luck with this.
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