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    Custom servers are great, but the cosmetic system is still flawed

    It would be nice of we had a custom server armory customization were everything is unlocked and you can pick whatever you want for your classes, that way you dont have to give out loot and everyone is happy, this also allows custom servers to mod in what items they want to have available so you can get things normally not on official servers.

    Team Damage in Battle Server

    if someone was deliberately trolling by blocking the doorway you could just kill them or vote kick them(the voting system is a great self moderating system just yesterday our battle game vote kicked the last person trolling the game by hiding in a corner of the map)

    i am worried that moderators would worsen the game bc people with power tend to abuse them, I am open to the subject though

    I am trying to imagine what situation you would need a moderator (given near perfect game design)?
    I'm not too worried about moderation for battle mode, GK has always had great admins and this wont change just because they are hosting a bannerlord server.

    There should be 2 different movement speeds (light armor and heavy armor)

    Pulling proof out of your arse is nice bait material
    Younes made arni scared to duel him, but in the same breath hes scared to play with the NA guys because of his lack of skill. NA is for sure better than EUs, I have yet to see EU players do well on NA.

    Love for MP is on the way!

    Maybe it'll be a dlc instead lol
    DLC for basic multiplayer?! Please set your standards higher.

    Snowy Maps

    I will let you know i am an S tier player.
    Away with you vile beggar!

    perks changing combat damage (discussion)

    Problem is that you cannot know that you are charging someone with said perk. A cav player needs to know who to avoid in skirmish
    Avoid the guy with the spear, also cav breaker makes the spear longer if the class (say khuzait inf) has a default spear. Apart from cav breaker and looter the other perks arnt very noticeable as far as game impact.

    Announcement: server crashes are being worked on

    MP doesnt matter. Servers have always had issues, nothing new here, be glad you got to try the EA please understand.


    Its not realistic that I can't split a random civilian NPC's head open with my sword in the Town scenes. Unrealistic TBH
    Weak arms, you gotta improve your arm strength, next time go knight and not some peasant.

    Please change the shouting UI to something like Mordhau

    If anything copy paste the speech setup from tribes ascend. Probably the best hotkey chat you can setup.

    All right, so who asked deaths to be removed from the score board?


    For those who don't know what this topic is about.
    Dumbest change yet. Next thing you know you wont be able to see how many losses you have...

    Bannerlord online more toxic than chernobyl

    Do you want to kick people because u feel like it? ok ,no problem send them each of them 40$ that cost the game.
    Play TDM or Siege on the custom server list. More players and you almost never see a poll go through. Skirmish is dead, same kicking issue in captain mode.

    NA EAST skirm & captain servers are horrible

    Both NA East and West servers are down.

    Am level 100 but get no "Loot" from playing previously in new update

    Reposting what NIN3 said. Relevant to the topic.
    Ok so quick explanation of how the loot gain works:
    1. For every Xp you gain, you instantly get 10% of it as loot (so 500 xp = 50 Loot)
    2. For every Level Up you get 10 loot
    3. Now for compensation, the first time you level up, we give you all the loot you missed out (so if you level up from 84 to 85, you will get 850 loot, after that 10 loot per level up)
    4. With a future hotfix we will make it so you also gain loot from playing Siege/TDM/Duel/ any other modes

    Customization system is not fair.

    I see you are the most impudent troll here, right?
    or you don't really understand that there is a difference in the skills required to be successful in each of the different MT modes. Come and try to kill my bots without losing the game:wink:)
    Yeah... Last time this happened was during a captains tournament, and guess what, the top 2 teams were skirmish teams.

    Captain mode is fun and all, just like mini golf, but at the end of the day you are still fighting against a windmill.

    NA EAST skirm & captain servers are horrible

    yep, RaT Party pickups died again beacuse of it
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