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    Shader file downloads?

    Is it just me or does the download for the shader files no longer work? Takes me to a bad gateway error
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    The Reckoning Third Stage ver. 1.88 released

    The mods looking great Lor Dric, if you ever need any info or anything don't hesitate to ask. Nice work again  :D
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    [WB][M] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    So if I understand correctly Teoiss  and PLoTR are accussing you of stealing resources? I dont know if this is true or not (its a common trend in these types of mods so probably pretty likely). However next time if they do - ask them where they got this oliphant from? And who they think made...
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    Official 3D art thread!

    Really really nice mandible, great work  :D
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    The Reckoning Third Stage ver. 1.88 released

    Fantastic work, glad to see someone is keeping the project going. Really love a lot of the changes youve added, i especially like perma death  :D
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    Ok so very roughly, Life = length of effect Grav strength = whether it falls to the ground or floats up. Alpha keys = how visible it is, whether it is see through or opaque Emit box size = the area in which the effect will be spawned. Very small value means it will spawn always in the same...
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    Official 3D art thread!

    A project I've been working on, all picture taken in M&B and unedited, the effects are done via shaders and give the game an almost hand painted look. Ships are also all sail-able and react to the waves (e.g in wavy/windy conditions with high waves the ships move up and down with the waves)...
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    Official 3D art thread!

    Ill post some when i have the textures set up properly, it only uses placeholder textures atm. I use 3ds max, I have it set up with shaders, materials and textures so that it displays the map the same way as the in game engine does, but you can edit the map in any way you see fit. Theres really...
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    Official 3D art thread!

    New in game world map I am working on It retains detail as well so even when your zoomed in it still looks good If anyone would like to help with map party placement i would greatly appreciate it  :D
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    Fixing a few annoying things.

    Very nice work Nohran, i wish you all the best with this  :)
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    Banner shader question (SOLVED)

    Screenshot your material in open brf - there must be something different with it
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    FAS.471 mod on episode of works of J. R. R. Tolkien's the Silmarillion

    You could spawn a "fake" map party on top of each town when they are discovered and then rename the fake party so that it has the same name as the town its spawned on top of. The fake map icon would have the "pf_is_static|pf_always_visible|pf_show_faction|pf_label_large" flag while the actual...
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    Banastre's Romero Mod / Bleak Outlook

    Yeah there wont be anymore updates on the main mod, I havent done much work on it at all as Ive lost interest in it. The whole things OSP for anyone who wants to tho
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 11 - Some Context

    I think the reason many people feel it would be unrealistic is that there isnt really any physics for when a hit is made in M&B, if I strike an npc's head the weapon moves straight through it (something it would not do in real life). This is where the problem with multiple hits lies - I dont...
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    B Info Shader Post Process Shaders and Effects (LENSFLARES, SSAO, DOF)

    very good of you to share _Sebastian_  :)