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  1. Diplomacy issue suggestions

    You realize there are actually 3 empires, right?
    Vlandia, Aserai and Khuzaits would be completely gone by a few years against those factions in a never-ending war.
    Khuzaits and vlandia has a dominating stats and position at this game. Their army consist of cavalry that gives a good advantage. Aserai has terrain and city advantages. They wont loose so fast thats for sure. Sturgia and battania has common enemy so they will stand together. Everything is balanced for perfect challenge. But the sad thing is that developers of this game dont consider such suggestions. They have their own interests and intentions. I want to modmakers to give a glance for this ideas. More people involved more chance that the modmakers will accomplish this.
  2. Diplomacy issue suggestions

    Hi. This is my favorite game after total war games. And that is why I am willing a good future for it. One very simple and very easy to do thing can make this game much more interesting and bring a huge portion of excitement challenge and pleasure into the game. Dimplomacy and global faction...
  3. Some historically-inspired feature ideas.

    Sometimes I think that mod makers are more professional than origin game developers. As a common user I sometimes see the unlogical not appropriate dismissed and not accurate issues in game. And when you see those things you ask how could they or why did they did this way? )) For example diplomacy. We can say there is no diplomacy in game. 2 factions start war and after a month they make peace. After one more month they fight again. And then peace again. What is that? No challenge.
  4. Annoying battles in the forest

    Consider all the battlefields provisional. A system based on regions is coming in a future release.

    That said... forest battles are great if you're overmatched by cavalry. They're especially good for countering horse archers.

    If you don't like the battlefield that has generated for you, you can retreat your army (in the tab screen). At the moment, they tend to cycle through 2 or 3 battlefields for any location - sooner or later you'll get one you like.
    Thats good idea but retreating 3-4 times to catch a proper battle field is something out of proper satisfying game experience. This little issue brings this beautiful game to an unplayable point. I hope our turk brothers from talewords will arrange the solution for this issue. I wish they could make a selection of battlefield. Player can choose where to fight. Forest, mountain or plain. Historically majority of medieval battles were held on plain terrain. Generals were used to prefer plain. Nomads and european knights were fighting on plain. Why? The reason is cavalry. Every respectfull army would consist of cavalry. That is why most of battles were on plain. Why talewords developers created this annoying forest locations ?? No need. Not Historically accurate. I am not telling that nobody fought in the forest. But majority of battles were not in forest.
  5. Annoying battles in the forest

    Hi, I am a big fan of your game, and I am interested in proper development of your content. I am playing bannerlord since its release, everything is good except battles. Location of battles. Forest locations are very annoying. Even when I catch enemy party on plain spot of the campaign map it...
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