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  1. 3d artist looking to join

    An option for both of you is to make what you want and release your work as an OSP. That way you can make what you want, free of what mods are being worked on at the moment, while also offering something for future creators.
  2. Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Hi all.
    It's been a long time since I've been remotely active on the forums, or done anything related to modelling at all (Not that I was ever any good at it.) But with Bannerlord finally dropping, I've dusted off my mouse and loaded up Wings. Anyway, I've made these three blades and I'm looking for advice on how to make them actually look good. They're meant to be Gallic Iron age swords. If you want poly counts or other angles, let me know


  3. SP Native [WB] Explorer! - Source Code Released

    I must admit that when I read the first post, my initial reaction was that this was an overly ambitious project from someone with big dreams and that it would be a complete and utter failure that would only end in tears.

    And then I saw who posted it.

    This looks pretty freaking awesome.
  4. Expression of interest - Middle Earth The Fourth Age

    Cheers. Regarding the eastern elves, there were 6 tribes of avari elves whose movements and whwreabouts are largely unknown. Many travelled westward but I believe many lived far to the east beyond the lands of rhun. With sauron gone they were now more free to migrate westward. In addition the kingdom of dorwinion is most likely an elven (and avari at that) kingdom.
  5. Expression of interest - Middle Earth The Fourth Age

    Hi guys I was active quite a while ago and worked on a mod of my own. I've been recently contemplating returning to modding and was wanting community feedback on a mod idea before I begin. The working title is The Fourth Age and is a mod set in Middle Earth 450 years after the events of Lord of...
  6. SP Antiquity [WB] Shadows in the Desert - An Ancient Middle East Mod

    Not sure what zois is on about, but what sahran and Argesh have it pretty much right. There's Mycenaean pottery, both imported and locally made in Sicily and Italy. There's also artefacts made in Greece, from raw materials obtained from Italy. But as far as I know, there's no evidence of actual Mycenaean colonies in Greece or Sicily. Interesting though, is that there is evidence, mostly iconographical and of small bronze statuettes that the warriors of Sardinia and Sicily wore horned helmets very similar to those worn by Mycenaean and the Sherden. So that might be more evidence of trade between the two areas.

    Just my two cents.

  7. Day in 6 Words!

    cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
  8. Sorry to be irritating, but is this intentional?

    From what I can gather there is no real difference between a hoplite phalanx and any other shieldwall such as the traditional Germanic shieldwall. There would be differences in the way in which the men were ranked up etc, but the end result is the same, with the same tactical uses and abilities.

    On a side note, I hate using the term "phalanx" to describe the formation used by Classical hoplites. From what I can gather, the phalanx specifically refers to the mass pike formation used by the Macedonians and their Successors. For that reason, I prefer to refer to the Classical Greek "phalanx" as a Hoplite shieldwall.

    Just my 2c
  9. Day in 6 Words!

    Writing scripts, smoking cigarettes, playing basketball
  10. When Was the first time you...

    4. Left over dregs from beer cans.  Because even as a toddler, I was a classy mother****er.

    When was the first time you doubted the existence of Santa?  :grin:
  11. SP Antiquity [WB] Shadows in the Desert - An Ancient Middle East Mod

    very nice looking

    I'd seriously consider making the pikes one handed.  Unless you can work out a way to have it used while wielding a pike 2-handed. There's not really any other way to have it work in an accurate way.  Most reconstructions I've seen, in my opinion, aren't that good when it comes to depicting how the tower shields were used.  A lot of the artwork seem to lack a grip of any form, instead having it carried by the strap alone and braced against the left leg, which really doesn't look like it would work well.  Don't know if any of that helped, but just my 2c.

    Again, very sexy models!

  12. MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Bronze and Blood-Children of Olympus.

    Thanks heap for the info.  Haven't looked at the new Osprey yet, but I think you're right about it being by the same author.

    I'm agreeing for the most part with you about the helmets.  Most of the helms in the mod will be from the Middle period, as I'm shifting the date of the Trojan War back to 1350 BC (for gameplay reasons, no historical basis for it).  Will have to do more research into horned helmets before I make a decision on it.

    The info on the Thracians is quite interesting.  Particularly the reference to the "massive Thracian sword".  Considering the Illiad was written before the appearance of the falx, it may be another one remnant of the Bronze Age within the story, like the references to various shields and helmets etc.  It may also just be poetic licence.  From the top of my head the only thing I can think of that comes close to that in Bronze Age Europe are the halberd/axe/sword weapons from Denmark.

    As to horse riding, I'm fairly sure there's a reference somewhere to Ramses the Great having a contingent of either Nubian or Lydian scouts mounted on horses.  So there is definitely some scope for very light cavalry.

    I'm going to change my Locrians to match that description now.  As to ethnic groups singled out, I'm considering adding sailors to the roster for Pylos and maybe Ithaca.  For Pylos, it's based on the Linear B records requesting men for the ships.  I'm considering adding them to Ithaca simply because at times, Odysseus feels like a king of pirates.  It also makes sense considering it's an island kingdom.

    Most of the info on the organisation I had, although I'd missed the term promachos.  I think I'll use that for lesser lords.

    I'd love it if you'd PM your work on the Luwians.  I know next to nothing about them, and the more I have the better, regardless of whether you've based it on conjecture.

  13. MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Bronze and Blood-Children of Olympus.

    Thanks for that.  Definitely know about :smile:

    You've made quite a few good points there that I hadn't thought of.

    I'm also a big fan of the Sea People segmentata.

    Hadn't thought of doing the Trojans/Luwians as Sea Peoples.  I might look into that.  Like you said, it makes sense.  I think I personally would use the Peleset feathered helmet rather than the Shardana horned helmet, Sea people segmentata and probably use Hittite influences over Helladic.

    I still hadn't worked out what I was going to do with the Thracians.  I was going to do later Thracians as well, but I like the idea of going with a combination of Bronze Age European and Helladic influences.

    I didn't know about the reference to the Locrians that you've got there.  I was going to make them light spearmen, using small shields and linen corselets.  My logic for that was simply the fact that Ajax the Lesser wears that and I was using him as a basis for what a Locrian noble might wear.

  14. MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Bronze and Blood-Children of Olympus.'s been a while.

    I'd just like to let you all know that, contrary to all obvious evidence, Bronze and Blood is not dead.  It's just been in a coma for the past five months.  However there are signs of life.  Now that my thesis is back on track, I'm on top of my coursework and my personal life has gone back to being boring, I can once more slowly begin work on my mod again.

    Very little progress has been made since I last posted back in March, and I'm going to have to redo all the scripting work I had done.  Fortunately I still have all the completed models and all the research I had done so far.

    I also want to offer an apology to a number of members here, especially Nodscouter.  I disappeared off the boards without a word and without the advice, assistance and support of a number of members here the mod would never have progressed as far as it had before life got in the road.  So I am sorry guys.  Hopefully I can make it up to you by getting a worthwhile mod released.

    Anyway, just a heads up.  Will update the first post with where the mod actually stands at the moment, what I'm intending on changing or adding from the original list of ideas I had and any requests for assistance I may have  :grin:

  15. Rome - scene in progress (Poll added)

    @kmovies: AD or anno domini is roughly translated as "in the year of our lord" and is taken as the year Jebus was born, not the year he died...or at least that's what i was taught...

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