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    Discussion + Suggestions

    The last version of Perisno that I have installed is 1.0

    Have any new weapons and armor been added since then? Or do 1.1 and 1.2 only include balance and map changes?
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    In my playthrough Birgit keeps switching sides from one kingdom to another. I was quite surprised to see this, given that she's heir to Otto and all. However I think it is quite easily explained by her losing all settlements and having the martial personality. You were supposed to help the Reich become über alles princess, not join the fricking Zann! Meanwhile I'm having a götterdammerung hard time keeping the sole city of the Reich from falling into the hands of whatever faction they're "fighting" (as in getting totally wrecked by) at the moment. The brave lords of the Reich have about 20-30 low tier troops on average and thus get repeatedly gibbed by deserters, snowmen and Illicans. I don't want them to die out completely, since out of all the factions, I like the look and theme of their army the most.

    In other words, I can't wait to play this mod again, this is getting so exciting! Maybe I'll hold out long enough for Otto to appoint me marshal so that I can take Sut and from there onwards, recreate the Miracle of the House of Brandenburg in Perisno by slowly regaining all of the Reich's lost domains. Maybe the Zann or Drahara will finally swallow up what remains of the Reich finally and it will be Three Kingdoms. Maybe I'll become Zann's greatest champion, help him take over the entire world, only to turn against him at the last moment to instigate my very own Horus Heresy.

    I really wish though that severely weakened factions were to be given some sort of bonus to give them a chance to recover and not die so quickly from a Blitz. In my playthrough, the Reich went from being semi-viable to dead without player holding its sole settlement in a span of about 20-25 days.
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    Hoo boy. I've finally finished my custom faction troop tree! Well sorta. The house hold guard is missing, since my PC is still only a village short of a common peasant.

    My equipment choices clearly draw inspiration from the medieval Teutonic Order (hence the whoppingly original name), but since the Drachens have already got the Germanic theme covered, I've decided to avoid overt Teutonisms in their unit templates. Instead I picture them as a semi-sinister Epicurean esoteric order/mercenary group whose membership is devoted to attaining mental and physical perfection (sort of like Paladins of Shellyn in Pathfinder).


    Their infantry is heavily inspired by that of the Hakkon Empire, with the upper tiers being a "medievalised", if more heavily armored, analogues to the Venatoran and Hakkon legionaries.









    When it comes to range, the mercenary order is solely served by crossbowmen, indicating preference of technology over skill.





    The order's cavalry mostly consists of heavy armored knight lancers and light ranged cavalry. The order's uppermost elite unit is heavily inspired by the fighting style and look of the Zann.






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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Is it just me or do lances deal way too little damage in this mod? I'm equipped with a red striped lance and PS 9, and I deal about 30-40 points of damage at most to most mid tier troops and above, even at the most successful hits. Does couch lance damage apply in this mod or am I doing something wrong?
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    I must say, I'm finding this mod a lot more challenging than Pendor. I got absolutely pulverised by the Zann in a defensive siege battle while playing for the Reich. The brave defenders of Murdenholl killed over 1200 of their troops but the waves just wouldn't stop coming. And then on top of that I got captured by deserters three times in a row. I've lost my entire army and most of my companions and now have to build everything up from scratch.

    Not that I'm complaining though, because it does feel good to be upended by the game every once in a while. I do wonder how many attacker waves are there in siege battles though.

    Moreover, I can't help but strike a sour note - is it normal for factions to be killed off so fast? The geopolitics in this mod are so weird. I was off to a slow adventurer start and only joined a faction on day 180 or so. By that time, the Dwarves, Kuu-Lan, Cretas and Tolrania were eliminated. Now there are only 5 factions remaining (not counting Giants and Aroulans who don't do squat), and two of them (Elintor and Maccavia) are probably beyond the point when they can possibly ever recover. Come to think of it, minor factions such as Falcons, Geldar and Cretas didn't do much of anything at all except die - never tried to expand, capture settlements or even put up much of a fight. Blitzing seems to be a major thing - Zann is currently in the process of crushing the Reich in my playthrough by sacking every settlement in a row. Also, what's with those weird giant Valahir mobs in the top island?
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    Performance issues and how to handle them

    ^Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try. For now though I've managed to solve most performance issues by forcing single threading and disabling some particle effects. I'm not exactly sure what it was that solved it though.
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    Performance issues and how to handle them

    The frame rate drop only starts during melee combat. It even happens during small size battles, which shouldn't be expected. I mean my computer isn't brand new or hardly top of the line, but I somehow doubt it's a hardware issue. I don't think ragdolls are causing it either.

    Would enabling single threading have an impact on performance?
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    Performance issues and how to handle them

    Since I've started playing this mod, I've noticed some serious frame rate drops even in smaller scale battles (100 troops or less). I find this odd since my computer should be good enough to run this mod even at high settings up to a battlefield size of around 250-300 (which is what I usually...
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    I accepted a farmer's request to liberate his village in Uliastai. And then I see this:

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    Discussion + Suggestions

    If I remember correctly, changes in equipment should appear without starting new game. But If You change stats or faces, You have to start new campaign.

    In my case, the changes to equipment don't apply unless I start over.
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    Oh and by the way I ran into another issue - do I need to restart the campaign from scratch to see any of the equipment changes that I've made with Morgh appear in game?
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    I have a modding related question. I think there are too many troops in the Valahir clan that use the same type of nordic style helmet and I wanted to change some of the lower tier troops to wear more different types. However when I tried to use Morghs edit to change their equipment, had tremendous difficulty finding the specific item, since the search option doesn't catalogue the actual name by which it is known in the game. Is there a way to see which number corresponds to an item in the reference page? That would make it much easier.

    EDIT: Never mind. Forgot that the search string is case sensitive. While I do respect the authors aesthetic choices, my fashion obsession has got the better of me and I can't help but play dressup in the troops.txt file editor.
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    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    As much as I'm excited about the new update, I'm a bit dismayed that the download links for hotfixes and steam compatibility patches  are only available on discord.

    Not all of us like using that service.  I would prefer to get it from this forum or the moddb page.

    EDIT: Nevermind, my mistake!  The exe file needed to run this mod via steam is contained in the mod folder of the latest released full build. Just a heads up for anybody else having trouble.
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    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    I have to say, this might not be the most "historically" hardcore mod, nor the most well polished, nor for Sigmar's sake, the most balanced at all, but in terms of sheer insane glee and chaotic fun you get while playing it, I find it to be unrivaled among the overhauls (a very close tie to POP as my favorite). Which is why I am always eagerly awaiting any news and updates to this thread. Bannerlord may come out one day, but in terms of how far user made content can go, the first M&B would probably beat it for many, many years to come.

    I think the problem is that you should advertise your mod a little bit - like for instance announce the release of the new version on places like reddit or /v/. I'm sure that a lot more people than is currently the case would love to play this mod once they hear about it.
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    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    I still have trouble beating many of these parties even with a strong late game army filled with huscarls and CKO's  :lol:

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