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    Mexxico, I'd value and appreciate your opinion on implementing Casus Belli in Bannerlord

    You guys are being naive. "We're stronger", "enemy is weak", "we can expand" are not casus belli. It's a result of npc power calculation, whereas what the player base wants is - clan stole daughter, villagers stole cattle and got massacred, merchants attacked, lord was insulted, lord lost a game...
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    Wars too scripted

    @mexxico what about casus belli?
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    What's the One Thing Now that would Reignite Your Passion and Interest in the Game?

    I'm shallow. Nudity mod. Or smithing price fixes. Maybe a battle MP mode.
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    Wars too scripted

    Yeah but even that mission is essentially a script that launches a war once mission is complete. My suggestion is more of a mix of what we have now with the lord voting and certain conditions, AND a genuine reason to go to war. And it can't be 'i want more lands/castles', but something deeper...
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    Wars too scripted

    BL Kingdoms should require a casus belli to go to war against another kingdom or face a significant relationship drop from other kingdoms. Could be a lord raiding some village, someone insulting someone, kidnapping a daughter etc. The unending baseless wars based on just how weak your opponent...
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    I want my money back

    Google how to do mobile tether. But this is to test my theory only.
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    Smithing breaks the game

    Well they're focused on other things right now. I bet Callum is making a normal best out of 5 1 respawn battle mode to replace that skirmish flag capture thing.
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    can tw please communicate more?

    Hey! Rabbit is sad. You deliberately ignored the question about the Battle mode which is the core of any MB game.
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    I want my money back

    It sounds like your router is blocking certain traffic on certain times. Tether through mobile see if that changes anything.
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    Party chasing mechanics

    This is the exactly annoying bit - you chase them into a corner - and they go around you just because your speed is 4.7 and theirs is 4.8. Unless you micro manage it by tiny steps.
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    Party chasing mechanics

    I am suggesting this mechanic to work on all sides, NPC vs NPC, Player vs NPC, NPC vs Player, essentially making small infantry armies very vulnerable to large enemy groups which is kind of logical IMO. But then again, different mechanics could be used here, including camping feature you've...
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    Kingdom Diplomacy AI Makes Me Cry Tears of Blood and Ragequit

    It almost feels like SE king pushes you to your limits, like there's always a great woman behind a great man.
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    Party chasing mechanics

    Lately I have been having some grudge with the never ending party chasing mechanics and it got me thinking. The current system is really annoying, because you (say an army of 50 units, 10 cav, 20 inf, 20 archers) can chase a party of looters (say 8 inf) with the same speed for an eternity all...