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    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Your nickname: jurek_kiler
    Server & Time (if possible): 2 days ago
    A short description of the situation: teamhitted some turkish retard few times to avenge my boy bogdzi and show polish superiority over turks
    For how long were you banned?: permanently
    Who banned you?: no idea probably some turkish racist
    What rules did you break?: teamhitting
    Why should we unban you?: cuz im veri active player and thanks to people like me matchmaking is still alive
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    EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

    Name: krzyzak
    Nationality: poland
    Preferred Class: cav
    Past Teams / Experience:
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    [W5D] Division A (Standings and Fixtures)

    grats bluestripes, 2nd place for starks, ty for tourney
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    [WRC] Final & Third Place Match - Masters

    Bengier Squad 13 - 9 Aesir






    server was wrc_ger_2 gg
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    [WRC] Final & Third Place Match - Masters

    Bengier bans: Waterfall, Sandiboush
    Aesir bans: Legacy Town, Frosthaven

    Aesir 1st map pick: Verloren
    Bengier 2nd map pick: Reveran Village
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    [WRC] Servers and Booking

    Team you are from?: Bengier Squad
    Teams involved?: Espana
    WRC Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Germany
    Date & Time: 29.03 20GMT
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    [WRC] Knockouts - Masters (Quarter Finals)

    Espana vs Bengier Squad
    Monday 20 GMT, can we get an extension?
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    [WRC] Division B - Week 7

    Bengier vs Snus
    Monday 20GMT if admins agree for an extension
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    [WRC] Team Rosters

    Name change

    Team Name: Bengier Squad
    Divison: B
    Name of player(s):
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    [WRC] Server Admin List

    Team Name: Bengier Squad
    mokra_kicia_69, 3710791; 461357
    krecik, 1027786
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    [WRC] Division B - Week 6

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    [WRC] Team Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: Bengier Squad
    Division: B
    Name of player(s):
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    [WRC] Team Rosters

    Remove me from Bengier Squad roster and make Rothen ( a 1st contact
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    [WRC] Division B - Week 4

    What server?
    it was ger12
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    [WRC] Servers and Booking

    Team you are from?: Bengier Squad
    Teams involved?: Malta Blue
    WRC Match?: Yes
    Server Location: GER_9
    Date & Time: Monday 22.02 20 GMT
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