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  1. Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    Man in the stables looks to be having a bad day.
  2. TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    So I lived through the Osaka Earthquake, though my floor got a bit torn up and my kitchen was left a right mess. Currently sleeping under a blanket on a tarp in the local hall waiting for aftershocks and a structural all clear. This seemed vaguely the best place to mention it, as earthquakes...
  3. The Anime/Manga Thread

    I never got around to S;G, actually - I got halfway through Chaos;Head, lost my save in a hard drive death and never got back to it. I really should one of these days.
  4. The Anime/Manga Thread

    I'm pretty sure, Der Film was a fair while back, Das Finale only aired a couple of months back. But I'd meant more in general, as in "I haven't really been watching anything since garupan aired years back, can anyone recommend any shows I've missed in the past few years that are worth...
  5. The Anime/Manga Thread

    Ah, I've caught the follow ups - one advantage to moving to Moonland was it made it a damn site easier to just go see Das Finale when it occurred. It was more I've not actually watched anything new in the past few years, and law of averages tells me there must have been a couple of decent things...
  6. The Elder Scrolls VI

    Whereas I'd thought Iberian, so you get the slight Moor influences, but predominantly European styling.
  7. The Elder Scrolls VI

    I'm hoping for Elswyr myself. EDIT: To expand, the north of Elswyr has a similar arid climate, and honestly I feel Hammerfell would be too close in style to Skyrim/Oblivion as they're all very European, and I'd like a change of pace. I expect to be disappointed, but I can dream.
  8. Say Cheese v2

    I can almost pass as respectable these days, in bad lighting with sufficient alcohol. Edit: Bonus dumb stuff with friends
  9. The Anime/Manga Thread

    I've been out of the loop since Garupan aired, what's worth catching up with?
  10. The Elder Scrolls VI

    This is the tier quality of **** posting I came back for.
  11. Do threads never die here?

    Hey Monty; I'm not dead.
  12. Do threads never die here?

    Cheers love, now I know. Not since I put it on a few years back? I'm actually planning on getting around to it if it helps?
  13. Do threads never die here?

    hi im new whats this