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  1. some ideas to make an organized (and unorganized) retreat a possibility, and to bring some more tactical nuance to battles

    I have thought of this too and my suggestion is to, after some set time, open an escape-area on the battlefield. You order an retreat and your troops heads towards that direction. The area is in "the wrong end" of the field but not directly behind enemy spawning point.

    How long time you need to fight before the escaperoute opens depends on the initial strenght but I think it should be between 1-5 minutes to matter.

    Player must live and successfully leave the map in the "escape area".
    Soldiers routed though the opened escape-zoon and that is not spawned remains in the routed party.
    Soldiers that are still on the battlefield will route or continue battle, lost for the player in any case.

    On campaign map, player will have a chance to get away.

    Same option should be there for AI in battle and simulations.
    this sounds good to me.
  2. some ideas to make an organized (and unorganized) retreat a possibility, and to bring some more tactical nuance to battles

    Yep, I agree totally. Annihilation battles are unholy trinity of bad for balance, bad for player progression and more unfun on the losing end than enjoyable on the winning side.
    exactly. Also, it just bothers me as it does not make sense. There's quite few situations where a sensible human being would be willing to fight to the death, and even then those kinds of situations often warrant a very specific type of loyalty or religious fervor or something like that. At least to me personally, it just takes me out of the experience almost immediately, when the game forces me (as in my character) do a very dumb thing in a situation where there logically should have been more options available.

    Also, implementing something akin to what I talked about, would make the battles more interesting by introducing goals within the battle. In literary world, that is known as a good battle scene, where the POV character has more goals in a battle than to just live and survive. In a game like this it could be something like, "kill enough of the enemy to make your escape", or "hunt down the enemy commander to damage the morale of the enemy troops," or perhaps even cause confusion by burning wood or oil to make the field of battle very confusing for the enemy" (something that Mongols for example did, and this would add some actual use to stuff like oil, for example)

    of course, all these things would be voluntary, you don't have to do anything other than just charge if you don't want to. I think that is the key. The game should not force you down a specific road or a set of roads, but instead offer you tools to utilize yourself. That would not only make the battles more interesting, but give the player so much more satisfaction when they made their escape, using their own plan and the tools that the game provided, instead of "oh I'm just going to click one button and leave the cream of my army behind to die for me. Bye"
  3. some ideas to make an organized (and unorganized) retreat a possibility, and to bring some more tactical nuance to battles

    Retreating is a delicate balance. Because if you were allowed to retreat always by just leaving the field, you could practically never lose a fight because you would only fight battles you were sure to win. But on the other hand, if retreating is not an option at all you are forced to lose your...
  4. A problem with red wars

    hi everyone, so I installed red wars 1.90 (1.88 in the game) and I encountered this annoying problem. When I try to play the screen is (for some reason) light blue all times and I can't see s*it I have no idea how to fix this, I already tried to start the game in windowed mode since it helped...
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