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    is AI cheating ?

    They do lose them slowly because they can't afford to pay for all those men, but yeah they have no hard limit.
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    killing in spawn

    voronius said:
    I probably wasn't clear about the fact that i got hit before being able to move even.
    Or about the fact that you'd go in there with bodyguards even as a more logical choice.
    I can handle them just fine if i just get to move. Sometimes they are arealy aimin at me
    as i spawn and i'm dead before i can even move. Snake cult crosbowmen.
    There's no question of being glad or of fairness. It's not ok to die in spawn in the 1st
    second, it's broken.
    Which City is this? sounds like an issue with the layout of the spawns for the assasins. Haven't noticed anything like that during my games, they all seem to spawn far away and usually won't kill in one shot.

    Luckily you can easily avoid these encounters by not going there at night.
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    Dev Blog 03/05/18

    Those are some beautiful banners, I hope the ones for the lords and the ones we can design are just as amazing.
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    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Plasquar said:
    Are some of these units easier to get than others?
    It feels like I don't see that many Pendor units.
    Well Pendor units you can get from farmers you rescue,  or from villages you own (there's a slight chance) or if your kingdom has the pendorian culture) So before that, pendorian units might be a bit few. (remember you can ask your vassals to change their troops to pendorian)
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    Let’s play prophesy of Pendor - Pendorians and noldors only!

    Awesome, how are you going to get your starting troops? by freeing peasants and refugees from bandits and the like?
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    PoP Official 3.9 Changelog [OLD]

    Wait a minute, has their always been a mountain pass near singal?
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    PoP Official 3.9 Changelog [OLD]

    Alright, I am hyped. Thank you for working on this mod!
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    Is there a way to show kill counts of soldiers?

    Ah, a log of kills for each soldier, like there is for the player character somewhere (where you can see how many have been knocked out too) that would be neat. but doubt it's something easily implemented.
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    Whats your favorite thing about PoP?

    All the little details and the overall setting and athmosphere. It's a pretty damn nice mod, Very complete too.
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    best lords

    Leonion said:
    Hanikura said:
    Reading about players cynical play-styles, I would certainly suggest AI lords to imprison player forever in their dungeons  :grin:
    Merc-ing for their own interests, changing sides on the fly, abandoning lieges for gains and fiefs, planning surprise attacks , planning rebelling even before king has done to you anything wrong, forcing your will on lords and forcing them to join you by beating them  -  player is the most cunning and sadistic lord out there ))
    This message just made my day! 
    So true. :lol:
    In my current game in another mod I decided to help a small faction (just 1 castle, 1 king, 1 lord by default). Through struggle, we together conquered several 700-men castles and 1500-men towns (no other lords joined the faction so far). I'm kinda getting tired of vassalage and want to start my own kingdom, but the king kindly gives all captured walled fiefs to me even without persuasion, the other lord also supports this decision. The king even grants some villages to me in addition.
    I feel like such an **** for wanting to rebel.  :cry:

    BTW, Diplomacy disables village and caravan raiding by goodnatured and upstanding lords. I'm not a big fan of this mini-mod, but it does do some things right.
    I feel bad too, if I can't justify my rebellion to myself, how can I ever hope to justify it to the people of Pendor. I can't even use unity as an excuse, since my Kingdom is strong and Gregory really doesn't do anything bad, as good a king as there ever was.

    But the reapers are coming, yes that is how I will convince myself, the snake cult, an outside threat, even if it is just a delusion that allows me to indulge in powergrabbing and dishonourable actions towards my liege, only I am strong enough, yes, I am so much better than all those weak kings, even though they have done nothing wrong, I will slaughter thousands of poor levied soldiers for Pendor, it is what must happen. It is what was prophesied, yes I won't take responsibility for all those deaths, it's the mad wanderers fault.
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    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    AttilaWalker said:
    krisvk said:
    Overhead stabbing for spears, won't that cause some slight balance issues?
    I wont call a balance issue making a whole troop type somewhat useful. Anyway it's better to balance things around working units, not around broken ones.

    For AI there is no difference in autocalc. For field battles I imagine D'Shars being affected the most. And their mid tier infantry was destroyed by anything that manager to go their way before. Especially when RNG was bad and many spawned with shield+spear.
    True, I was just worried about the spear using units being overpowered now, seeing as they were previously balanced for the old system. (though this is a slight change, so it probably doesn't mean much, I can't wait to play with it though)
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    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Overhead stabbing for spears, won't that cause some slight balance issues?
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    best lords

    I like having Frederick and Donovan as lords (getting rid of them, even though Frederick is awesome) I agree with Ralyks list mostly, though I can go for a  retarded lord with unique troops (I like my unique troops alright, and Brennus and Alexis does have their own unique charm)
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    Comparing War Progress

    I've always liked Sarleon, and their lords, mostly their lords. But in my current game I decided to go with Ravenstern and the Knights of the Dragon, was a good decision, because I was able to take Laria and the castles near it (and Shieldstorm too, that Sarleon took from the Empire, empire is really taking a beating in my game)

    Ralyks18 said:
    This proves that randomness and luck is a big factor in any mod, even if one is stronger than the others, he will beat the others slightly more often, but that doesnt mean he will always win... at all.

    Btw fellow, snouz did add a Pendor map that shows Pendor separated into territories, and it shows which kingdom owns which territory and so on, people have been reporting how kingdoms were at day X this way, isnt it easier to set up and as well, easier to see?

    Have a look at it, Reports > Pendor Map. Nice work anyways doing the entire pendor map and joining the screenshots, making almost no mistakes (still has a couple).
    Well the normal map is still nice, and there's at least one village missing from the Pendor map (I think it's the one attached to the nortwestern fierdsvain castle, or is it attached to javiksholm)
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    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.8+

    Wolfang230 said:
    Brew said:
    Wolfang230 said:
    Don't know if it's just asenses lodge but went to save my party, got curved stomped by sarleon knights but can't talk to them to escape once I'm in. Not sure if the bars are blocking everyone or what's going on, can through daggers through so assuming that's not it.

    Edit: bribing the gaurd still doesn't allow me to talk to them and there is also a sarleon Rouge knight the runs around during the escape like tavern people. First tower on the right leaving the dungeon and at the top

    Make sure you move around a lot when trying to bring up the conversation prompt, as it has a very small sweet spot.
    Try the above and if the prompt appears(which it should) its a native bug
    Nope moved everywhere and nothing they would just blindly stare at me, was about 8 people there so figured something was up when I could not talk to any. More annoyed by the random knight in full panic blocking my arrows and slashes lol.
    Which castle was it?
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