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    Number of Companions

    They continue to generate, and also I believe you need to visit the city to have them in the Encyclopedia. Be that as it may, I got my first Engineer yesterday :P
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    Pagan anglo-saxon playthrough?

    Excellent reply! Thank you! :)
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Thanks, that confirms my suspicions. And what if you are not playing vanilla? :D do you know of any mod improving stabbing animations and/or AI?
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Anyone having troubles with using short stabbing swords? I find I'm only good with swords (>80 range) or any axe (eg, slashing). Am I just bad at this game or are seaxes harder to be proficient with than slashing weapons? Any advice?
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    Pagan anglo-saxon playthrough?

    After having finished the game as pagan siding with norse as well as christian siding with anglo-saxon, I'm wondering about what happens with "weird" combinations, in particular pagan siding with anglo-saxons (Uthred for the win). I know that raiding monasteries would pretty much make it...
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    Only 1 Holmgang after the Thing?

    Not sure how much you know about the story, so spoilers ahead.. Short, non-spoilery answer: you should be able to duel Egil to death later on.
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    You need a high trade skill, but it works for me. I think it even worked in Native? It just tells how much would that product sell in another city (I think without taking skill and other factors into account but I'm not sure). If you wait too long, it won't be accurate anymore though.
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    Starting choices effects on stats

    This is great! Thanks to the original poster, even if it was some time ago. Does anyone know if this still applies to the latest version?
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    Warband in Linux

    Have you tried some heavy mod like VC or Brythenwalda? Does it crash often?
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    MAC and Linux users report your problems here

    Yes it is, sadly. This causes quite a lot of crashes for many of us Linux users (some memory leak they haven't fixed yet), especially with big mods like Viking Conquest.
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    MAC and Linux users report your problems here

    Ok then, create a different one with this instead: #!/bin/sh STEAM_RT="${HOME}/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/i386" PROGRAM_DIRECTORY="`dirname "$0"`" export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${STEAM_RT}/lib/i386-linux-gnu:${STEAM_RT}/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu:${PROGRAM_DIRECTORY}"...
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    MAC and Linux users report your problems here

    Ah, I think I know what's going on - I had the same problem and forgotten. Steam includes some libraries which the binary doesn't access when run from the command line. Put this in a text file (I called it, in the same directory where mb_warband_linux is: #!/bin/sh...
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    MAC and Linux users report your problems here

    Just type in the terminal: echo "Viking Conquest" > ~/.mbwarband/last_module_warband Then run, it should work.
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    MAC and Linux users report your problems here

    Just open the file "~/.mbwarband/last_module_warband" and write inside Viking Conquest. Your problem (failing to open the configuration window) seems to be related to your Qt library version, but it's hard to say from here.
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    Diplomacy for 1.174

    Thanks, will do. In any case, mine is a new game with the latest version, not an old save.