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    Resolved [e1.0.6] Team Deathmatch - Nord Town - Huge Bug - Can Walk on rooftops 07/04/20

    It was in the Beta aswell This is another version of this bug and way easier to reproduce Video
  2. konver

    Day 210 - highest skill at 76.

    Keep grinding.
    Right now the xp system is bad, hopefully they will fix it later on but for the moment there is a mod if you need it .
  3. konver

    Tournament Rewards should be Random Generated

    I've done alot of tournaments in this couple of days, and from what i've seen the rewards are always the same, the final price is either a pretty good horse (one that you can't even ride as most of them have 90 of riding skill), or the same sword you've seen 20 times already Since there is a...
  4. konver

    No campaign map follow option?

    So annoying to follow caravans right now, always click on them , then stop , then click on them again.
    They should add back the Follow option or maybe the ability to form an "Army" with the caravan.
  5. konver

    Campaign: XP in Arena/Tournament

    +1, what's the point of the arena if not levelling up a weak character?
  6. konver

    Crafting Your Own Bow, Crossbow & Arrow

    Would be cool. +1
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    Patch Notes e1.0.5

    Keep it up TW !
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    [BUG] Most armour (and potentially weapons) missing from the trader

    Works for imperial and battanian stuff.
    Try to start a new campaign to see if it works, if you wish to continue your current one, try to wait 1 week
  9. konver

    [BUG] Most armour (and potentially weapons) missing from the trader

    Here's the link of the file (make a copy just in case).
    i've left this string, because it was different.
    <!--<Item multiplayer_item="true" id="arming_cap" name="Arming Cap" subtype="head_armor" mesh="arming_cap_a" culture="Culture.vlandia" value="24" weight="0.5" difficulty="0">
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    Unresolved Missing texture in Arena (Quyaz) e1.0.1

    Both in tournament and practice
  11. konver

    who is waiting ???

    See you all tonight!
  12. konver

    Give away 30th march

    I have now randomly picked Three (3) Winners of the giveaway, they were: Bear Nasty, Gilblink and Ndavis92.
    I have sent all three of them a message and im ready to hand out their copies as soon as it releases.
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    who is waiting ???

  14. konver


    Oh boy
    Empire i'm coming!
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