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  1. Dev Blog 01/03/2018

    A Camel???
    I say, this is the last straw!
  2. Dev Blog 22/02/18

    KhergitLancer80 said:
    Can someone enlighten me about what benefit does increasing CPU performance brings to players ?

    By all means not an expert, but normally CPU performance is directly related with the number of actors is a scene. Which means bigger battles.
    Also it may mean that what could be achieved with a powerful CPU can now be achieved with a more modest configuration.
    It may reduce the recommended hardware specifications and make the game more compatible with older/cheaper CPU's.
  3. PoP keeps crashing..

    Not related to the specific problem, but for whoever it may help, PoP started having performance issues and randomly crashing a few days after i installed Malwarebytes. Took me a bit to figure it out because it was not immediately apparent. Removing said program solved all (new) issues.
  4. No Appearance at PC Gamer 2018

    I for one think this is good news. It tells me that the developing team is on full steam, and that they have a schedule to meet. We all would like to know the schedule, but at this point i'm happy to know that they can't take time off developing and into PR.
    I would even go so far as predicting that the next event they appear in will be basically pre-launch. If they appear at all.
  5. How old are you ppl waiting for bannerlord?

    I'm 51.
    I dont know exactly but i suspect i've been waiting for Bannerlord for relatively little time compared to most, since i believe i got into M&B Warband after Bannerlord was announced. I have many hundred hours invested into it, now.
  6. Dev Blog 18/01/18

    Crowcorrector said:
    Anyone else concerned about the future of these blogs after the empire one next week?  I don't see TW revealing any interesting info after that... plus I'm not sure they have many main development departments left to interview (god forbid they start interviewing each individual)

    Actually, i had hoped that the faction reveal would more or less work as a countdown for a landmark announcement (Beta, Release date, whatever) . Unless they then go on to present all minor factions, i can't see the communication with the fans devolve from here. So, i really hope that following the last major faction, things move to the next level (whatever it may be).
  7. Getting too old to play ?

    Thank you for this thread, i showed it to my wife, who learned to tolerate my gaming hobby.
    I promised her when we started i would not play any game withou a pause option (That was the end of MMOs for me, of course, or even the ocasional venture into online shooters and multiplayer in general).
    I am now 51 and have been playing since the days of the ZX Spectrum. I see no reason to stop. What keeps me from playing sometimes is not having anything new and exciting (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).
    Pendor is still very much my go to mod for M&B, of course. My other time sinks are XCom (the recent ones) and i would probably still be going back to Arulco (for those in the knowing) if i could get mod 1.13 to run properly.
    While Bannerlord (there, i said it) doesn't come out i hope to get my hands on Phoenix Point early access, already payed for it, which is new for me. But hey, when you love a Developer's work you take these kind of chances, i guess.

    So i hope i can play Bannerlord well past my 60's, and then i'll be playing M&B 3 until i die. Sounds like something to live for.
  8. Dev Blog 30/11/17

    kalarhan said:
    you can go read the blog on that to learn more

    Oh thank you, i had forgotten that one. Silly me.
  9. Dev Blog 30/11/17

    Do not look here said:
    Just please don't make it some game-y 'Vlandians like to quarrel, +10% influence cost'. I'm still afraid this whole influence affair is just a dumbed down replacement for building relations with individual lords and properly winning their favour.

    Another game (TW Warhammer 2) is doing influence in a way i suspect is what the developers hint at. Influence as resource, means is something you acumulate overtime (by doing missions and winning victories and wealth, i imagine) and then you spend to obtain certain outcomes, like hiring troops, gaining favor, or, in the case of TWW2, also as a diplomatic coin. There you can spend influence to make a faction love or hate another more, or less. If it's something like this i see it working well.

    My only problem with this approach is if your influence can be depleted to a point where you have to start from scratch, in a way that is unrealistic. Imagine you have spent all your available influence points in cunning palacian power plots. If you can only gain influence by doing stuff (missions, battles), it means that the size of your army or of your lands becomes meaningless regarding influence and this would be silly, mantaining an army and a piece of land should be a source of influence itself.
  10. Dev Blog 19/10/17

    Greetings, just a heads up...

    I was delighted with the (i presume) ingame screen shots. Wanting to see more, i clicked on the button on the side bar for Bannelord media. Well do yourselves a favor and pleaso do update all media displayed there. I have no idea how old they are but Bannerlord did come a long way since that. Those are almost uglier then some of the best mods for Warband.
  11. Dev Blog 19/10/17

    Great blog entry,
    Regarding the possibility of having wildlife...
    Wouldn't it be great if there was a sort of "mini-game" you would access on the camp menu, where you could go hunting, or fishing... (this coud be a timesink, i know... but you could read books while waiting fo the fish to bite  :smile: )
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