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  1. Any weapons companions can use half way decently on horseback?

    From what it looks like, I'll probably try different polearms ad see how they do on horseback. I was staying away from polearms mostly because I also enjoy small scale battles as well (such as bandit hideouts) and in my experience they seem to do better with shorter weapons in those and I didn't feel like remembering to swap weapons.
    To the switching weapons problem:

    What you can do (also in hideouts), is giving your companions 1 weapon for reach (bow or 2 hand weapons) and 1 weapon that is 1 handed with shield.

    So when you order them into shieldwall formation, they will use shorter weapons for sure, they can also charge like that.

    When you let the companions choose, they tend to take the weapon with more damage or reach i think (bow/ spear/ 2 handed weapons) .

    But with "shieldwall" or "hold fire" command, you can force them to use shorter weapons in close quarter combat, because they switch to the shield or their "side weapons":smile:
  2. Any weapons companions can use half way decently on horseback?

    I have a companion that is quiet okay with 150 riding and 115 Spear/Lance. Also all my companions are somewhat ok with javelin (On foot and on horseback), but they need at least 60+ throwing.
    Just make sure they have good armor, (also the horse!), like that they are able to charge several times without dying instantly.

    (i dont know if good leg armore protects them better on horseback? Since they get most hits from infantry troops while riding past them? )
  3. Resolved Weaken Empire quest automatically fails right after starting it. e1.6.0

    Same Problem: As soon as i speak to Arzagos about founding my own Kingdome, the quest "Weaken the Empire" starts with - 91655 days, and fails as soon as i leave the city. "you couldn't complete the quest in time"
    Also some days later "Istanias Plan" starts and fails right away for the same reason.
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