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  1. SP Native A Mod Long Forgotten

    Thx for the info
    problem solve^^
    just download the file in 1st page of forum
    install it
    then run from it module folder, not from steam play
    works perfect^^

    i played several SP mod
    this is the best^^
    no more soloing a town or castle with army >300++
  2. troop flag missing

    suddenly, troop flag which is on top of EACH troop is MISSING i cannot distinguish ally or enemy i looked into internet if there any short key to enable/disable it, but no luck... PLS HELP ME i already tried enable in option (enable friendly flag) but still didnt work pls help it is bug?
  3. SP Native A Mod Long Forgotten

    got 100% missing texture of new content :cry:
    i using steam M&B W version 1.160
    why all the new texture turns to blank white+all horses are white with no texture on it
    +new troop armor & weapon all white
    +no sound at all

    how i install:
    download main page oblivion 1.8.5 & new patch at page 2 forum
    install main one at steamapp folder
    then i copy paste the patch at new installed folder

    Is there anything wrong?
  4. SP Native Tocan's Calradia - a Native Expansion/Mod Compilation +SOURCE

    after played as freelancer to the top tier (Rhodok leader)
    after i retired the freelancer service, Most of the lord are gone????
    some of them stay at the main king town doing nothing...
    can chat but, cannot battle with them...
    even in 'character' tab, the lord name are gone...
    so buggy...
    pls fix this..

    + there is a glitch to increase relation with the lord till 100
    just enlist to there army, then immediately retired...that should gain 20++ reputation
    repeat this step until 100 reputation..then retired to be free again...repeat this cycle with other lord...
    pls fix this...
  5. List troop issues

    Modesto said:
    - Rhodok nobles get worse equipment as they upgrade.  Armsmen are guaranteed full plate and board shields making them very durable in battle, while Champions only get mail and sometimes a relatively weak shield.  Despite their superior skills Champions are overall less effective in battle and I prefer to keep my Armsmen unupgraded for that reason.

    I agreed on that...
    top tier normal unit of rhodok loss thier shield...
    and the armsmen should in top tier of the noble with increase weapon skill...the champion should made to the 1st tier or some thing...
    or just fix the noble top tier..
  6. Native Original Mod for Backup

    i redownload it^^
  7. Native Original Mod for Backup

    actually i my HDisk already been stolen last year...
    so i cant reinstall :cry:
    anyway, i try search in Town
  8. Native Original Mod for Backup

    I lost my "original Native mod" :cry: can anyone upload it for me or for the sake of this forum(backup file)^^ :wink: plssss...... post the link after upload
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