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  1. I'm done with this game.

    I am sad about what they've done to Palace guards though.
    what did they do? i'm running so many mods i don't know much about vanilla troop trees anymore
  2. I'm done with this game.

    Lemme tell you people who give "StRaTeGiC aDvIcE" something you need to see and hear before you give your Sun Tzu "F1+F3" advice.
    Shut the hell up,no one cares!
    Your idea is stupid and it makes you stupid.
    Just shut up..
    then stop complaining like a crying little baby when you lose a battle that's easily winnable had i been the commander.
  3. Breakable pikes/lances!

    what's the point of cavalry now that their lances break though? their horses do almost no trample damage. they can't hit anything with their lances, and when they do, it break? lol
    let's just give archers laser rifles, and infantry lightsabers and call it a day
  4. I'm done with this game.

    you aren't using your sturgian troops right.
    set your infantry in a circle formation and archers in square inside not firing (you thought that was stupid that AI did this didn't you?) this is the ultimate horse archer counter where you lose 0 units to their harassment.
    then take your horse raiders, also not firing. and have them follow you as you butcher their horse archers with your 2h axe.
    when the enemy horse archers have been destroyed. you marcher your infantry into a 4 man deep shield wall 175m away from enemies. and your archers set up on the back slightly to the left and your horse raiders to the right.
    then slowly inch your force ahead, and have your archers start shooting. don't charge, just let your shield wall absorb all their arrows and keep firing. eventually the enemy will charge and you hold your shield wall and let them fire javelins when enemies 75 m away, and send your horse raiders to charge with their javs to skirmish as well.

    the sturgeon shield wall is the strongest with best coverage and arrow absorption. there should be no reason you can't just tank their arrows. one time i literally waited till the opponent aserai army wasted all their arrows shooting at me from 225m away, i lost like 20 infantry (mostly looters and recruits). while they had 0 arrows left and we murdered them in the subsequent range battle.
  5. Steppe Bandit Boss

    before the last kill I always shift to sword and shield so it is equipped before duel.
    i do this but with a throwing spear i crafted that has like 185 pierce dmg. and i just lob it into their torso
  6. Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    it is pointless and they are mostly harmless.
    absolutely. even when i have the mod enabled and there are 800 men looter armies. they move so slow they can't catch anyone, and are so weak anyone fights them ends up wiping them out. the only exception is when a smaller party of looters fight a party, and then a larger looter group comes in during the fight as reinforcement, sometimes it results in the party being captured.
  7. Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    Fight someone your own size, cowards.
    maybe have an actual training field where i can spend time and resources upgrading my troops so i don't have to fight the looters for level ups.

    while it's true that some soldiers did rank up from being in combat, its usually due to their superior officers dying. or achieving significant goals. most of the times. ranking up happened during training. you just trained and equipped soldiers differently from the get go.
    a king's elite house guards might have been selected from the infantry originally, but the main difference that sets them apart other than more strict selection parameters, is their daily regiment of training, supplies (food, medical...), and equipment.
  8. Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    why bother with looters? like honestly why? they don't attack your settlements, they only attack peasants but aren't stronger or faster, groups of 20-40 wouldn't be a threat to your villages unless they are poor AF. what's the point of spending all your time chasing them down/?
    i only kill them to train troops that's it. which is why i installed a mod called more looters so i don't have to spend 3 game days chasing down a group of 10 looters, since they come in groups of 300-600 and have movespeed of 1.
  9. Steppe Bandit Boss

    Yeah weapon blocking is too clunky in this game.
    yeah, the direction + block is a controller mechanic that doesn't work on pc

    the crush through shield can happen, but i've only experienced it during a bug patch, when lords with 300 1h skills had an insane atk speed boost where their swings would be lightning fast and can crush through my shield. other than that, blocked every single hit 0 dmg. no need for direction control. i barely use a shield as it is. riding on a horse allows you to avoid 99% of hits
  10. What the hell is my foot battle speed?

    Does anybody know what base foot movement is?
  11. Steppe Bandit Boss

    Hah hah hah, does it still have crush through block?
    maybe i'm just a lazy person but i never block unless using a shield. and it doesn't crush shields.

    blocking using your weapon is not realistic, and functionally speaking, not advantageous in the game (due to crush through, and the mini "stun").

    i merely walk outside of their strike range to dodge and back into my strike range and hit them. (easy to do once you have like 80 athletic)
  12. Breakable pikes/lances!

    although breakable weapons are realistic. the game has limitations. namely equipment slots and lack of support (supplies, camp workers, cooks, etc) so realistically the lance of a knight will break, but he also has 5 squires waiting to pass him a fresh one, with maybe a fresh horse too.

    the main problem i see is the horse physics, how they come to complete stops the moment they touch anything (most annoying problem is when you have a cavalry charge and your horsemen from the back line run into your own horses in front, and they just completely stop and do 0 damage while missing their attacks)
  13. Khuzait Solution

    Enough is enough!
    Since day 1 of game's launch i've been hearing people talk **** about Khuzait being strong or blah blah blah.
    except i never once felt it. not once.

    in the beginning when the Horse Archer AI would actually charge and circle your army shooting until they are out of arrows. that was annoying at best. a simple circle formation and hold arrows solved all the problems. But now, they made things easier. the horse archer ai only skirmishes, shoots in round and runs back. doing almost 0 damage to your actual army.
    i send a cavalry formation 80% in numbers of the horse archers against them, rinse and repeat, and i'll kill all the enemy HA with a loss of less than 10%. but i usually bring a cavalry force 3x the numbers of the enemy HA, so i can easily crush them with little if any losses.

    Khuzait can now steamroll the entire map again.
    Do you actually play the game, or do you just sit afk in a town running the time for 100 game years and see if all the factions are balanced still or one takes over?

    Once again, Never understood the argument against steamrolling, like what? do people wanna play 500 game year campaigns spanning over 2000 hours? people want to take a town 15 times to finally hold it? Just endless seesaw repeat? like if the player is to "finish" the game at any reasonable amount of time (eg: sub 200 hours), there needs to be a steamrolling mechanic so the player can steamroll the map, instead of having to fight inch by inch tooth and nail for every town and castle and village.
  14. What I'll pay for ...

    I paid for the game, still waiting for it to release in full...
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    Please don't. We've been asking them to document changes like this in the patch notes for some time.
    you realize in a game where changing a helmet from 15 armor to 50 barely makes a difference, shifting 3 points of armor value is not even going to be noticeable when you run 1000s of tests right? there are so many variables at work in damage calculations that 3 points of armor balance is like the afterthought of someone's afternoon fart right?
    "hmm what should we put there to make it seem like we 'worked harder'? that's right, some number balances... " lol how much effort do you think they went into making those changes lol?
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