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    Spear review and spear mechanic proposal/suggestion

    All shields are OP in bannerlord. you could have a targe just covering you face and a archer would not be able to hit you foot with you turned 90 degree away. They removed the back shield probably because of some crying and then made the hit box of the in hand shield huge.

    The trick is javelins, in singleplayer or in multiplayer. Javelin AI will beat anythign 1:1. a javelin player will most likely get a few kill before he runs out of javelins and dies. I remember doing that capture point game with just javelins and knocking down the cav and the archers. for some reason, cav do take increase damage on javelin with speed but not on spears
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    ... did I over do the Executions a tiny bit?

    back in 1.4 I murdered like 5 northen empire lords cuz I was tired of the endless lords and the whole norden empire just showed up and started fallowing me. So I retreat scummed the hell out of that battle and executed the whole northern empire in one go. My current playtrough I am about to attempt to be the Only lord of calradia
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    For those who needs tip about leveling up the Leadership skill

    Leadership and Tactics are broken. I could be behind enemy line, capturing lord after winning battle 3 time outnumbered while commanding the battles myself and losing 10 men to 1000 combined kills and I would only have gained 5 points in each. They only give you xp if your not fighing yourself, and not fighting yourself means constantly be recruiting since auto battles just destroys you good troop and range troop as equally as they were plebs. When your still a clan level 2 and your not selling javelins worth 100k, you don't have the finance to do any of these let alone the influance to walk around with a slow constantly starving army because I don't know if they fixed lords not having enough food for their armies
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    1.5.0 - Game Breaking Update

    I feel like it has gotten worst since 1.5.1. I hate captain mode as it is but even in single player, I have notices archers are less effective and even as an archer myself, the time for a archer to be on target is way longer then it is, to a point I would consider crossbows to be better.

    The AI for horse archer also has gotten worst apparently since 1.4.2. They make their circles so close that they get clipped easily and just fall die.

    I have no Idea why they would Nerf bows in single-player and in multiplayer.

    They should prioritise balancing the AI on a singleplayer battle and adapt Captain mode to reflect that. The reason I had Captain mode is that it was always broken in favor of cav or heavy infantry. It's not really a tactic game, just control point game mode with AI infantry to trow arround
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    Spear review and spear mechanic proposal/suggestion

    I agree.

    I don't understand how a horseman can have his damage output increase with speed but him hitting my spear thrust simply halts his horse, just right so he can slap me and go on his way.

    Spears should also be great to keep 2handers away but they tickle them at best as they swing their 2 hand axe faster then a dagger while your busy having a stroke on each trust.

    I am ready to bet the dev have only been doing balance on weapon based on "competitive" players, just like UBI is doing with siege, and 343 with halo. The vocal few that gather crowds and sponsor money get the win, at the cost of a bad bland game for the rust of us. They will end up like 343, wondering why their games sell so less and their competitive crowd are so small
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    Can the multyplayer be more Casual. Your killing it with the Competitive mechanics.


    Warband wasn't perfect but many of the core systems were far better than bannerlord.

    Obviously I'm not gonna talk about how great the siege equipment is in bannerlord, and If I were, I would talk about how they need to improve the maps by having more destructible walls and less entrances to defend. If your going to have this mechanism use it, just don't dump arty for no reason. The battanian siege map has the most amount of siege equipment but the defenders can barely use theirs due to the height locking them at a bad minimum range
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    Can the multyplayer be more Casual. Your killing it with the Competitive mechanics.

    Introduction Have you not notices no one is using the bad search mechanic for siege and death-match. Have you not notice every one keeps complaining about the balance of the class system, the weapons and the horses. Now some of those "balances" you are doing are leaking their way into the single...
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    Fixing Upgrade trees (1.5.0)

    Hello once again, I have noticed that some upgrade paths don't make sense with the "Skills" gained or the equipment gainned. For example: I have noticed this weird dip in skills in the line toward the batannian falxman and Swadian Pikemens, as well as the loss of good equipment which is...
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    Cavalry unit refunds when upgraded/killed

    I have been playing Cav only on I agree that you should get a horse back from the dead, if his horse din't die in battle or more cpu friendly a random chance based on the cav tier level to get a horse back when he dies. Money Is not an issue, but after a costly battle, I not only have to take a trip to kergit land because every other faction have their cav as Special infantry making it hard to recruit a lot but also I need to find horses which can be far between.

    The worst part about this is how easy it is for lord to build up cav but for us players its a pain cuz we need to improve relations with every cities just to get cav, while they get some for free as they respawn
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    Horse Archer AI seems to be Bugged(1.5.0)

    Hello, I have been playing a cav only build after doing a infantry only build and one of the beta update made it that fresh lords respawned with a ungodly amount of special heavy cav collapsing my line and killing my expensive archers. That's beside the point, I have been trying different...
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    Archers need a nerf.

    Im in 1.4.2, with a composition of 80 Battanian archers and vladian crossbowmen and 40 infantry. Battanian archers and vladian crossbowmen are the strongest archer foot units in the game and can hold up against infantry for a while. I have taken out armies twice my size with out 1 infantrymen making it to my infantry but 30 cav is all the ai needs smash trough my infantry and tie up my 80 archers long enough for their infantry to make me a brand new hole.

    sure the AI takes a lost in cav unit cuz he just did a frontal charge but he timed it with his infantry.

    If you are having problem commanding cav I suggest looking at guides or reloading the same battle multiple times to learn tactics.

    The Ai is quite devastating when they time their cav charge with their infantry charge and you can do better if you make your cav flank and then time it with the infantry. Cav also has to be microed alot. When I am playing with a cav heavy army I order the cav to fallow me and skirmish the ennemie cav and order my infantry and archer to advance on the ennemie.

    When you charge, Keep im mind the the cav will then charge what is nearest and will lose any mass that they had after the main charge. If you leave them like that they will be easy targets. as they spread out and start chasing anything and solo fighting 5 units with out charging.

    After a charge, reform your cav outside the combat area so archers and infantry lose them as target and charge again.
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    AI Army compositions makes no sence at all to the players Recruiting capability 1.4.2 Beta

    Ok by some of the people having the same problem as me I think this may be a new problem because I too do remember fighting almost every lord in one kingdom and freeing them and them coming back with mostly recruit and now even the King of a fallen kingdom with out a fief just roaming around his old capital with 200 troops that are not low tier

    it makes guerrilla tactics useless
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    AI Army compositions makes no sence at all to the players Recruiting capability 1.4.2 Beta

    I am a strong believers that lords should have the same restrictions as the player when it comes to recruiting. Instead of giving them magic power which would need to be nerfed or buff, how about making the kingdoms fight for war goals and counting the manpower has the amount of troops in each army meaning instead of having game long war the ai would take breaks because they achieved their war goal or simply need to replenish their armies

    since the player kingdom would be limited to that as whell
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    AI Army compositions makes no sence at all to the players Recruiting capability 1.4.2 Beta

    Any one else notices since 1.4.2 how lord come back which strong armies. like battanian and Vladian having 30-50% cav right back after a defeat when cav should theoretical be rare for both of them.(Rare from a player point of view since vladian cav is a special unit and battanian don't have...
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    Bring back Late Medieval Age gear to Bannerlord!

    Invest time into smithing, You can make 2h/1h swords that are even better then warbands bastard swords or proper 120+ length 2 handed with late medieval look. Vladian culture armour also has the closes resemblance to medieval armor due to them basically being the swadians. just No plate Armour from he looks of it but plate was more a rhodok thing.
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