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  1. The new Subversion.

    Othienka said:
    Got the PC clone bug fix. Only one garrisoned on one of my own castles. It was funny to watch him fend off an invasion for of 2000+ by himself, while I managed to build a force to defeat the invading army. Although the clone hasn't repeated himself, seems I'll have to start a new game, all saves have the clone.  :cry:

    Do I hear a feature possibly coming out of this? Imagine An Army of your character lead by your character...  :grin:
  2. The new Subversion.

    here is the errors / Bugs i have found w/pics!


    Here after creating castle and entering it all my inventory was changed to food


    here is the castle i was talking about it can be sieged from the sea but they have to go around to actually attack it


    just talking to the constable cause alot of script errors

    Got this early on apparently there is two villages in the exact same spot with same name but one is me?? while i'm up in Norway???


    only person in castle when you build it


    Grass like the one here apparently blocks Ranged weapons


    extremely messed up item only appears in that angle
  3. The new Subversion.

    thanks for the reply I will edit this post for the bugs
    or should say i would but forum wont let me  :sad:

    though i can tell one cause i don't have a screen of it.
    When you lose a siege at your own castle the game will CTD immediately after the screen saying your imprisoned (Note this is with Rev 7)
  4. The new Subversion.

    hello new to the mod and forums but have been playing M&B:W since it came out.
    A few bugs i have found, i have screens of. Will post asap but not sure where i should post bug reports for SVN. Here or if not Please tell me.
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