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    OSP Code QoL Particle Preview Presentation

    Great job! This will be really helpful. Thank you for making it OSP.
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    Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Someone please tell me what they mean by this? What changes are they talking about

    Changes mentioned in the MAIN branch.
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    Patch Notes e1.0.8

    These patches have literally been a middle finger to multiplayer. Shame.

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    Patch Notes e1.0.4

    Also for the Army of Poachers quest, it doesn't seem to work for me. I get the quest from one of the named NPCs in a town, but then I get a message that the "quest timed out".

    I just finished that quest a few minutes ago. I wonder why it timed out for you
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    Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    I feel so giddy playing this game... Same feeling I had when I first played WB 10 years ago. No other game has ever matched that feeling :smile: Thank you Taleworlds!
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    Warband Script Enhancer 2 (v1.0.4.3)

    Scene editor not available for WSE2 yet, unless you commission K700 to do it :smile:
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    Do you enjoy mods with big maps?

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    Warband Script Enhancer 2 (v1.0.4.3)

    The Last Days of the Third Age (TLD) is now compatible with WSE2.

    Better performance overall, improved graphics due to WSE2's engine, black orc/uruk/troll blood, improved camera for Orcs / Dwarves, etc...

    How to Install:
    1. Install WSE2
      • Download WSE2 from this thread
      • Copy your Warband folder
      • Rename it whatever you wish (e.g MountBlade Warband - WSE)
      • Extract WSE2 files in this folder
    2. Download TLD-WSE
    3. Paste contents of the Zip into your Warband folder.
      • This assumes that you already have TLD. If not, follow instructions on how to install TLD here
      • Make sure that the name of your TLD folder is TLD. If not, you will have to rename the folder in the TLD-WSE\Modules\ zip or your own TLD folder.
    4. Run TLD_WSE2.bat
    To keep compatibility with new nightly builds moving forward:
    1. Go back to your TLD-WSE zip file or go to \TLD\Resources\ folder
    2. Grab core_shaders.brf, mb.fx, postFX.fx and copy it somewhere else (i.e make a copy cause we are going to use it on step 4)
    3. Install the nightly build as per usual (if you don't know how to do this, read here)
    4. Paste the core_shaders.brf from step 2 back into \TLD\Resources\ folder. Overwrite when asked.

    Note: this is an optional addition to TLD. The TLD team does not officially support this and will not fix bugs related to WSE2. If you find any WSE2 related bugs, please add to this thread.
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    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Welcome back! The siren's call of modding is ever so seductive :grin:
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    Do you enjoy mods with big maps?

    It depends...

    Sometimes, bigger maps and too many factions end up giving me a choice-overload, and also a feeling of 'dread' where I don't feel like I would finish the campaign given the minimal amount of time I have. I enjoyed all the Game Of Thrones mods thoroughly, but I've never completed a campaign.

    I really enjoyed the old Hundred Years War mod by Llew due to the small scale. Not a lot of factions, smaller map, more battles, shorter campaign. I believe Prophesy of Pendor has a medium-sized map and a relatively small amount of factions to choose from. Campaign is still long, but is manageable (or perhaps, I had more time back then when I finished a PoP campaign...)

    When I was playing games non-stop, this wasn't a problem, but now, short-and-sweet campaigns is where it is at for me.

    However, a good feature in The Last Days of the Third Age (TLD) that 'contains' a large map / many factions are the "Theaters of War", where some factions only fight their neighbours until they are defeated. Then the faction moves to the next theater of war. For some reason, this focused the campaign, even though the player CAN and WILL move anywhere in the global map.

    Viking Conquest Story Mode also provided this feel, due to the 'story' aspect of it. Huge map, but was 'contained'.

    So again, I guess, the answer for me is, "it depends" :grin:
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    Native OSP 3D Art BeefBacon's Terrain and Landscaping Pack

    Thanks @BeefBacon !

    OpenBRF will not provide you a good list for sceneprop code. Here is a complete one for anyone who will be using this pack.

      ( "terrain_forest_plane_01"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_cliff_01"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_cliff_01","bo_terrain_cliff_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_cliff_02"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_cliff_02","bo_terrain_cliff_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_cliff_03"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_cliff_03","bo_terrain_cliff_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_cliff_04"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_cliff_04","bo_terrain_cliff_04",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_cliff_05"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_cliff_05","bo_terrain_cliff_05",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_cliff_06"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_cliff_06","bo_terrain_cliff_06",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_rockpile_01"                 ,0,"terrain_forest_rockpile_01","bo_terrain_rockpile_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_forest_mound_01"                    ,0,"terrain_forest_mound_01","bo_terrain_mound_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_plane_01"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_cliff_01"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_cliff_01","bo_terrain_cliff_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_cliff_02"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_cliff_02","bo_terrain_cliff_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_cliff_03"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_cliff_03","bo_terrain_cliff_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_cliff_04"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_cliff_04","bo_terrain_cliff_04",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_cliff_05"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_cliff_05","bo_terrain_cliff_05",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_cliff_06"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_cliff_06","bo_terrain_cliff_06",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_rockpile_01"                  ,0,"terrain_earth_rockpile_01","bo_terrain_rockpile_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_earth_mound_01"                     ,0,"terrain_earth_mound_01","bo_terrain_mound_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_plane_01"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_cliff_01"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_cliff_01","bo_terrain_cliff_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_cliff_02"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_cliff_02","bo_terrain_cliff_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_cliff_03"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_cliff_03","bo_terrain_cliff_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_cliff_04"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_cliff_04","bo_terrain_cliff_04",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_cliff_05"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_cliff_05","bo_terrain_cliff_05",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_cliff_06"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_cliff_06","bo_terrain_cliff_06",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_rockpile_01"                 ,0,"terrain_steppe_rockpile_01","bo_terrain_rockpile_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_steppe_mound_01"                    ,0,"terrain_steppe_mound_01","bo_terrain_mound_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_plane_01"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_cliff_01"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_cliff_01","bo_terrain_cliff_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_cliff_02"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_cliff_02","bo_terrain_cliff_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_cliff_03"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_cliff_03","bo_terrain_cliff_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_cliff_04"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_cliff_04","bo_terrain_cliff_04",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_cliff_05"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_cliff_05","bo_terrain_cliff_05",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_cliff_06"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_cliff_06","bo_terrain_cliff_06",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_rockpile_01"                 ,0,"terrain_desert_rockpile_01","bo_terrain_rockpile_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_mound_01"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_mound_01","bo_terrain_mound_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_drift_01"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_drift_01","bo_terrain_drift_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_drift_02"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_drift_02","bo_terrain_drift_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_desert_drift_03"                    ,0,"terrain_desert_drift_03","bo_terrain_drift_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_roots_01a"                          ,0,"terrain_roots_01a","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_roots_01b"                          ,0,"terrain_roots_01b","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_roots_01c"                          ,0,"terrain_roots_01c","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_roots_02a"                          ,0,"terrain_roots_02a","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_roots_02b"                          ,0,"terrain_roots_02b","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_roots_02c"                          ,0,"terrain_roots_02c","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_rock_large_01"                      ,0,"terrain_rock_large_01","bo_terrain_rock_large_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_rock_large_02"                      ,0,"terrain_rock_large_02","bo_terrain_rock_large_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_rock_large_03"                      ,0,"terrain_rock_large_03","bo_terrain_rock_large_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_rockside_01"                        ,0,"terrain_rockside_01","bo_terrain_rockside_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_rockside_02"                        ,0,"terrain_rockside_02","bo_terrain_rockside_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_rock_huge_01"                       ,0,"terrain_rock_huge_01","bo_terrain_rock_huge_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_rock_huge_02"                       ,0,"terrain_rock_huge_02","bo_terrain_rock_huge_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_rocks_small_01a"                    ,0,"terrain_rocks_small_01a","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_rocks_small_02a"                    ,0,"terrain_rocks_small_02a","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_path_plane_01"                      ,0,"terrain_path_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_village_plane_01"                   ,0,"terrain_village_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_rock_plane_01"                      ,0,"terrain_rock_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_rock_plane_02"                      ,0,"terrain_rock_plane_02","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_cluster_01"                   ,0,"terrain_grass_cluster_01","0",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_plane_01"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_cliff_01"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_cliff_01","bo_terrain_cliff_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_cliff_02"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_cliff_02","bo_terrain_cliff_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_cliff_03"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_cliff_03","bo_terrain_cliff_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_cliff_04"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_cliff_04","bo_terrain_cliff_04",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_cliff_05"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_cliff_05","bo_terrain_cliff_05",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_cliff_06"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_cliff_06","bo_terrain_cliff_06",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_rockpile_01"                  ,0,"terrain_grass_rockpile_01","bo_terrain_rockpile_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_grass_mound_01"                     ,0,"terrain_grass_mound_01","bo_terrain_mound_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_plane_01"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_plane_01","bo_terrain_plane_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_cliff_01"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_cliff_01","bo_terrain_cliff_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_cliff_02"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_cliff_02","bo_terrain_cliff_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_cliff_03"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_cliff_03","bo_terrain_cliff_03",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_cliff_04"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_cliff_04","bo_terrain_cliff_04",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_cliff_05"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_cliff_05","bo_terrain_cliff_05",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_cliff_06"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_cliff_06","bo_terrain_cliff_06",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_rockpile_01"                   ,0,"terrain_snow_rockpile_01","bo_terrain_rockpile_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_mound_01"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_mound_01","bo_terrain_mound_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_drift_01"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_drift_01","bo_terrain_drift_01",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_drift_02"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_drift_02","bo_terrain_drift_02",[]),
      ( "terrain_snow_drift_03"                      ,0,"terrain_snow_drift_03","bo_terrain_drift_03",[]),
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    WB Coding How to use the all_enemies_defeated and main_hero_fallen?

    Thanks, forgot about the teams.
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