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  1. Need More Info Screen resolution setting does not save

    DO you have any other settings got lost when saving? Or is it only for screen resolution?
    Screen resolution only
  2. Need More Info "Screen Resolution Has Been Changed" Menu doesn't work

    Same issue, I reported it the other day and haven't had a reply
  3. Resolved NA servers down

    EU servers appear to be down now too, not sure what's going on and nobody from the team has announced anything.
  4. In Progress Loadouts no longer save again

    Summary: Pretty self-explanatory, the old bug where loadout choices aren't saved between deaths is back. I experienced this numerous times as a Battanian Clan Warrior where I had to select the Die Hard perk after every death because it kept resetting me back to the pikeman skill. How to...
  5. Need More Info Screen resolution setting does not save

    Summary: Changing my screen resolution does not work. I have a 16:9 4k monitor and would like to play in 1440p for performance reasons. However, when I go into the options to change the setting, the resolution immediately changes back to 4k as soon as I leave the menu. This happens in fullscreen...
  6. Place your bets, what DLC do you want to see?

    Yet another DLC thread! I want the "full release version" DLC expected about a year after launch

    Don't be that guy we're having fun
  7. Parity ?

    Batania clearly has Celtic inspirations.
    There were women warriors among the Celts.
    Same thing for Sturgia with the Nordics

    This is a modern myth. The idea of shield maidens came from Norse mythology not history. The only archaeological evidence we have to even suggest women were participants in combat is one unearthed warriors grave with a female skeleton. It's likely that in rare instances some women took to battle, either secretly much like Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, or in desperate times, but everything we know from contemporary sources tells us that women never composed the rank and file of medieval military's. Figures like Boudica are outliers, and shouldn't have their legend diminished by woke revisionism.

    But this game is fiction, and there can be as many female warriors as Taleworlds wants there to be.
  8. Place your bets, what DLC do you want to see?

    I have no real opinion on what Taleworlds plan to do with multi-player over time as the single-player has always been M&B's largest selling point for me. But I'm certain SP expansions will be on their way some time after release. What do you want to see? I adore Viking Conquest, despite its...
  9. Overland roads?

    Okay it seems this thread is getting a little heated, all I wanted to do was make a small suggestion, no need for so much vitriol.

    Personally I think the existence of roads as a game-play feature would be neat. For example, increased movement speed along roads for yourself and your units, it would highlight a need to travel sensibly since in historical wars terrain played an important part in the mobilisation of an army. As a counter to that, an increased bandit presence along roads could be an interesting trade-off, roads would be more dangerous for smaller parties, forcing them to consider if a slower off-road journey is worth the safety and increased travel time. For an army, bandits aren't a threat, but given the higher speed of the road other factions would be sure to check roads for enemy parties, and set up ambushes, just like in history.

    Whether or not Warband has roads is up for debate, but I think we can all agree they don't have a strong presence, they're difficult to see, and they serve no game-play purpose. I am aware of what look like dirt paths in the Bannerlord screenshots, however what I had in mind were proper pavings, or cobbles, whichever, something that stands out on the map and has a use.

    Having looked at that screenshot again I also just wanted to point out that increased number of trees, which will likely slow parties as they have in Warband, if vegetation is more dense, then it seems roads would have to be something to rely on.

    A response from someone at Taleworld's just to confirm would be awesome.
  10. Overland roads?

    They're barely visible, I was thinking more capital roads, not necessarily Roman but a more important and visible presence.
  11. Overland roads?

    Lord Brutus said:
    I'm constantly amazed by people who cry for the most minute details and are oblivious to the details they already have.

    Why are you being so hostile? It was a suggestion, a small detail that I thought could add something to the game, I don't know what about my OP implies that I'm crying for anything, I was sat at home, the thought popped into my head, so I posted it here.
  12. Field Of View - Suggestion

    A human's natural field of view sits at 110 degrees anyway so it's not unrealistic to have 100
  13. Overland roads?

    I was just thinking a nice immersive feature would be roads connecting settlements on the overworld map, nothing fancy, just dirt paths and stones to showcase common travelling spots or even trade routes. I was also thinking that people could move faster on roads at the cost of banditry being...
  14. Deserted army because of imprisoned commander

    As a soldier in King Harlaus' army we were defeated in battle and Harlaus was captured by the Nords. He was taken to Jelbegi castle where he remained imprisoned for a period longer than the allotted time before desertion. I tried to spring him free from the castle in a jail break but got my arse...
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