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  1. POLL: Are you happy with update 1.6.4?

    I play this game from time to time and I hate problems. I have opened steam and game updates (a lot of data again, it is going to kill my SSD drive and my patiente). When I launch the game the picture is pixelated and everything is on max. I can not find how to make DLSS work properly. Playing another game (maybe next week I will try this again).
  2. Graphics like garbage after today's update

    Just opened Steam today after weeks without, and Bannerlord has updated. My surprise when I see the 1st picture..., everything pixelated. I check the graphic options and everything is on max and DLSS is on (quality mode). I change to fullscreen and graphics still like garbage. I really don't...
  3. Specific reshade necessary to play multiplayer (but battleye blocks)

    I am not sure if this is the right place to write this because is more like a technical question. I want to use a reshade tweak to make Nvidia 3D Vision possible without artifacts, but battleye blocks the "dxgi.dll" file when I try to play multiplayer (I can use this specific reshade in single...
  4. How many of us even still have Bannerlord installed?

    I am waiting for this game to finish the beta stage and stop making me a betatester. Today I try to play and only a servir with 1 person. I enter hte server and the game freezes and I ahve to ctrl+ alt + supr
    I dont know if this game will be finished anytime, but... what expensive was at the moment considered that it was just an alpha.
    This game is just NOT RELIABLE.I want to play today and maybe I can... maybe I can not.
  5. You know this game NEEDS all these changes

    1) Introduce 100% friendy fire. 2) Introduce automatic ban for frienly killers (for example, you are banned if you kill 3 friends in the same battle. 3) Introduce "bad reputation" on the player stats, based on how many friends he has killed before. 4) Remove crosshair completely. 5)...
  6. Any realistic mod with realistic content?

    I have read about this

    In my opinion, a game like Bannerlord should focus on creating the best possible environment to let comunity make mods as easy as posible, provided that TW team is no capable of create good content (maybe devs are focused on other project, or maybe they are only a few members and don't have enought time). I have read that every patch "destroy" a lot of mods, and modders must adapt their mods to the new patch, and that does not seem to be the right way to do things.
    I am not an expert, but I don't understand how is possible that we play with so few number of maps in multiplayer (and most of them using the same textures, objects, buildings, etc), and always with the same "boring" factions (I say boring because they do not represent real factions at all).
  7. Any realistic mod with realistic content?

    Is there any great single player mod to play with europe improved real factions in europe realistic map with realistic regions? I mean, is there any realistic mod with the content that Bannerlord lacks? Forgive me but I don't know what is battania, nor vlandia, nor aserai, nor... that seems to...
  8. SP Native Realistic Weapon Collision. V1.5 Update

    devs should implement this type of mods to the game to play multiplayer without any problem.
  9. POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    I think a game with so poor content can not think about creating a dlc, but to complete the game that we bought. I paid more for this game than for MS Flight Simulator.
  10. How to improve LOD distance

    I just want to know if there is any way to improve graphics in Bannerlord. I have a good computer and with graphic at max I get all fps I need and more, and I suppose I could spend some power in increasing the level of detail (for example). I always play multiplayer, and I notice that LOD...
  11. I want to know more

    This is not a question only for Bannerlord, but for any game I play on my computer. I just want to know if there is any utility to show me on the screen the state of the different parameters of Nvidia Control Panel (Anisotropic filtering, Antialiasing and type, type of refresh rate selected...
  12. Just 3 questions

    I just want to know 3 things: 1 - I want to increase Anisotropic filtering and details in Nvidia CP, and I have no idea about what executable this game uses. 2 - I want to know why Bannerlord is not compatible with Nvidia experience to tweak colors and apply graphic effects. In the past it...
  13. My final verdict

    I am another dissapointed player. I expected this game to be the evoluttion of warband, but there are many points that makes this not good. It is not easy to explain, there are several good things implemented, but the overall feeling is not good.

    - I don´t think this engine is apropiate for nowdays, the light is too poor (I can not stand specially desert maps).

    - The art is poor in my opinion. Colors are not good. Textures are forced to feel detailed, but nothing real, and they are too much repeated.

    - I don't like warriors, even if the detail level is better than warband. I don´t like factions, I think proportions of the body are not good. I think animations could be better. I like horses though, even if they are too small.

    - I do not enjoy siege game. This is a game, and I feel like running for a lot of time, just to finish killed by an arrow that i can´t see.

    - There are absolutely not enough servers, adn you can not choose, you just have to play the only server that you have.

    - There is a big lack of content refered to maps. They use same objects and textures.

    - The game is not finished, and there are some details that try to prevent you to notice some things. You can not even analize thte scores at the end of a battle, and I suppose this is on pourpose just to prevent you to notice that you are playing always with the same people.

    - HUD information is ugly, but this is no very important.

    - The feeling of this game is like playing a game 15 years old, but with a bunch of textures and players.

    Anyway, I like this type of games and I enjoy sometimes to play. But compared to Warband..., I think Warband gave me much better and epic moments. This is another example that shows that more does not equal better. I am another player who cares about this game, and that is why I am writting this words.
  14. I don't understand

    After some months I can see only one (maybe 2) EU servers working. Today I try to play and I find only 1, and it is full (100 players), so I can not play. I really don't know what is going on with servers. Maybe this is to prevent dispersion of players and put together in the same (and only)...
  15. Not enough smooth

    I have made the test in this site and the result is 0.0% package lost.

    I have to remark that the problem is not something very noticeable, and maybe there are people that don't perceive it like a problem. But for me it is a problem, I feel as if I were playing the way I played years ago, before the release of g-sync/freesync technologies. Once you experience the smoothness of G-sync, you notice very easily when it is not working right.

    As I said, playing in single player mode the game is very smooth, so there must be something breaking the smoothness when playing in multiplayer mode.
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