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    Resolved Throwing weapons clipping through players

    I think this shouldn't be possible to happen regardless if I cancel or not, on my screen the jav is thrown so I switch to my weapon but on the server it isn't registered...
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 2 [BDC] (56/56)

    Congratulations guys, here are badges for players in the top 3 teams:

    1st Place

    2nd Place

    3rd Place
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    Resolved Throwing weapons clipping through players

    Summary: Throwables going through the body of a player How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Echerion Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home GPU: 3060 ti GPU Driver Version: CPU: 10700k RAM: 32gb Motherboard: Tomahawk MSI Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD
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    MP | A new feature: BannerLord Matchmaking, A tool that would allow you to improve the game in depth and quickly by bringing fun to play

    There is no guarantee randoms that join will want to cooperate. No good way to punish that behavior. 5 + 1 vs 6 is worse than 12 unorganized fighting it out.

    Not everyone wants to be captain. Who is going to lead?

    What if captain trolls by picking bad team?

    What happens if somebody leave?

    Some will refuse to use voice and get killed alone in silence or something.

    No class limits will be cancer.

    Having main classes may or may not go against TW vision of Jack of all trades. Idk if they would want to encourge people to list main classes.

    You split up the population.

    *Edit. Much simpler way is disallowing team searching together. Let rating sort players out.

    2) Captains are used for choosing the players and have no obligation to lead the team. Having leadership is what drives people to clans, for a solo q experience even if we don't get a dedicated leader, with voip coming I think it is fine this way.

    4) If someone leaves a solo queue match he could be replaced by the closest level player that is searching for a solo game.

    7) What I meant is you could list by order your favorite classes to play, an inf/archer/cav symbol will be attached to your avatar pic for example, and then to know the other preferences you could be able to click on the player profile and see more info.
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    MP | A new feature: BannerLord Matchmaking, A tool that would allow you to improve the game in depth and quickly by bringing fun to play

    I think the approach to skirmish should be changed along the lines of your suggestion.

    To better explain: We could have different queue types for example solo queue, group queue.

    The solo queue experience would go as follows:
    1) You as a solo player hit the skirmish play button
    2) You're matched with 11 other players
    3) Captains are chosen (they're many options on how to choose cpts: wins this week, matches played the last 3 days etc etc)
    4) Captain players get to choose their teammates each in their turn.

    But how will the captains know who to choose?

    I think there is no perfect system for this issue but there are ways to give the captains visual information and help them.
    Show MP level of players
    Show Class information (could say: Main Class Cav and Secondary class is Archer)
    Show stats for the last 5 matches played: Kill avg, D avg, Assist avg, etc.

    The above will also encourage players to always try and perform better than their last match. To clarify the captains are only there to choose the players, no obligation to actually lead in the game.
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 2 [BDC] (56/56)

    Name : Kazu
    Nationality : Swiss
    Main Class : Infantry / Shock
    Steam Link : https://steamcommunity.com/id/o7kazu
    TW ID : Kazuu#3168
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup [BDC] (64/64 Players)

    As an IGL of TORNADO BEYBLADE ATTACK OF APACHE HELICOPTERS i want to thank @Nordwolf for being great captain, keeping the positive attitude in the worst situation and also to our team members @Keykubatt @Artemeis @Beast of Rome @Forsee @Varian King @Zarask for listening every command i ordered, performed very well especially in our Bronze Placement Match against Acura's Saboteurs...

    Lovely badges created by Kazu, especially the Camel one looks extra cute :grin: (I wish we had an Apache Helicopter in our trophy :grin:)

    Congratz to Dragon King and Woj for becoming finalists :party:

    Most importantly, special thanks to Obelix who hosted this tournament!

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    EU Duel Completed European Duel Tournament II 🏆 WINNER - PACEMAKER

    The tournament Finals between APRIKOSENMANN and PACEMAKER will take place on Sunday 03.01.2021 at 17:45 CET
    It will be played out in a Bo3 FT7 format. We will have a Livestream of the event on Twitch!

    Twitch Livestream
    03.01.2021 at 17:45 CET
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    [Video] TDF1 Duel Tournament Highlights

  10. [Kazu]


    Kazu 7 - 3 Obelix

    Bien Joué, merci à Dark pour avoir organizé le tournoi.
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    EU Duel Completed European Duel Tournament II 🏆 WINNER - PACEMAKER

    Mazewind gives default to Zarask.
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    EU Duel Completed European Duel Tournament II 🏆 WINNER - PACEMAKER

    @Mazewind Players cannot claim defaults, please contact myself or Apriko on discord or steam.

    edit: Livso has left the tournament due to time constraints, giving a default to Mazewind.
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