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  1. Need More Info Persistent bugs

    Hmm, i was pretty sure that we fixed the number 4. Forwarded the UI issue as well. Thanks!
    No worries, that's what Early Access is for, to provide you guys with feedback.

    I'm updating this list with some more bugs I've encountered.

    6. Somehow I failed to bring this up originally but the ghost bodies of soldier models are present in every map. These are just hollow models that you can walk through usually in a T pose but other times they are in ridiculous "frozen in time" poses like this:

    7. A player's name appears to me at the bottom of the screen at instances in TDM maps. It's always the name "Merlon", that username isn't even a player in the server roster. The game is stuck remembering this name of a ghost and idk why. Here's two screenshots, of me staring at nothing with the name appearing:



    8. Stairs are very glitchy in this game. Often times I try to walk on them and the animation gets stuck midway up the stairs making me stuck, running in place as if I'm at the gym. Happens at crucial moments and gets me easily killed. Other times with a fast class you can sprint up the stairs while you've built up speed and there's zero speed penalty to slow you down, making you zoom past it unhindered. I think it might be an issue with the physics.

    9. This is a graphical glitch but the Aserai archer headband makes the character's face look pitch black viewed from a distance, this might be a LOD issue.
  2. Need More Info Persistent bugs

    On which version were you able to reproduce these issues? Most of them should have been fixed already?
    Finally found time to play this game again more after this update and got the chance to see if the fixes were implemented in the new patch.
    Number 1 is still the most persistent, I am able to reproduce it in my S.O's pc as well through a different copy of Bannerlord.
    Number 4 is also still around and a common exploit, I don't know how this has not been patched yet.

    Number 2 has been fixed thankfully.
    Number 3 I haven't observed this one reoccur yet. Will report on it if I witness it again.
    Number 5 I believe has been addressed?

    Additionally I would like to report this bug which happens when the chat bar is active when the match ends. The button to refresh becomes very hard to click since the chat window overrides it.
  3. TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    Any ETA on the modding tools? We were given a general release of late August, hope we get them soon.
  4. Several balance issues (made worse by patch 1.5.0)

    Without going into incredible detail I'm gonna outline some issues the game has on its MP side that prevent it from being a fully enjoyable experience: 1. Patch 1.5.0 nerfed the projectiles unnecessarily. The reticle expands way too much when you initiate the animation and doesn't recede fast...
  5. Need More Info Persistent bugs

    I'm just gonna quickly outline some bugs that haven't been fixed yet. 1. Switching to any thrown projectile from your melee weapon can bug out the reticle and make it not expand and thus unable to shoot. The throwing weapon aiming animation does not initiate either. You can furiously spam click...
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