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    [WWC18] Discussion Topic

    I`ve heard that we will play 1 match per week. And 1st matches should be announced tomorrow I think so we can play it on weekend (I am not admin or someone from tournament crew of course).
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    [W5L] Sign Ups (End. 16/09/18)

    Apollo sorry for problem but please remove from teams Polska Siła (KoH). We will not participate in this tournament cause of lack of time and another priorities. Good luck !
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    [W5L] Sign Ups (End. 16/09/18)

    Team Banner: Team name: POLSKA SIŁA Team Tag: KoH Contact 1: Kamillo - TW Steam Contact 2 (optional): Krzyżak - Steam Roster:
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    [EFL] European Fantasy League - OGL'S TEAM CHAMPIONS!

    Hey, please remove me from Robin`s team. My captain can confirm that. I don`t have enough time to play Warband :( Sorry for problem.
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    [EFL] European Fantasy League - OGL'S TEAM CHAMPIONS!

    Ok, Scramble League is my favourite tournament in Taleworlds so time to play second time although I have long break  :fruity: :party: Name: Kamillo ID:141924 (If I play on my second ID I`ll add it later, kk? ;) ) Main Class: cheerleader infantry Steam: Kamillo94pl TaleWorlds: Kamillo...
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    [WPL2] [EU] Week 7 Fixtures - Deadline 20/12

    Korwinboys, my brothers of the sword. I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands! It was great honour to die with you ! Cheers,
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    [WPL2] [EU] Week 6 Pick Night 29/11 18:40 GMT

    Team you are from:Korwinboys Team you are picking:Hitmen and Warsong
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    [WPL2] [EU] Week 5 Fixtures - Deadline 6/12

    I talked with Marko (BNS leader) and both sides accepted to play on Sunday that match. It means that both teams will play 2 matches during this week to next pick night. Sorry for problem, we hope that admins will accept it cause of we want to play and we don't really care about anyone getting a...
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    Choose Your Dream Team! (WPL Version)

    5 Infs: - Scar - Bliv - Deacon - Warhammer - Khefren 5 Rangers: - Książe17 (Prince) - Broom - Rayden - OGL - Bojar 5 Cavs: - Firu - Robin - Ciiges - Corey - Woj
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    [WMT 2] The Predictor game

    Your Name: Janusz Tracz Match: Final Player & Total kills: Peter 21 Player & 1H kills: Scar 17 Player & couched lance kills: Woj 1 Player & headshot kills: Prince 8 Your Name: Janusz Tracz Match: Bronze Player & Total kills: dohfakin_slyrer 19 Player & 1H kills: dohfakin_slyrer 18 Player &...