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  1. [MBCL] Team Roster & Substitutions

    Yafirath hofl Siwobrody
  2. [MBCL] Week 11

    Screnss from tharka?
  3. [MBCL] Team Roster & Substitutions

    ADD Camper ID after his first match
  4. [MBCL] Week 8

    Addition to the "Screenshot-Rule": If a clan asks for a screen 2 kind of screenshots have to be made: 1. Screenshot with aiming on another players head and TAB pressed. 2. Screenshot with just aiming into the world. (crosshair has to be turned on in the options so it is visible ingame) Thats why
  5. [MBCL] Week 8
  6. [MBCL] Week 9

    HoFL vs PGC
  7. [MBCL] Week 10

    HoFL 9:7 PoL we played it in saturday
  8. [MBCL] Week 9

    XD I only said to destinate what ever if he was but he wasnt, we just rekt u so hard at second spawn and handle it u did 0 kills at musketers in first round cuz we just rush u and u was suprised with that and also want see on 1 screen that we had 5 cav
  9. [MBCL] Streaming & Recording HoFL VS PoL
  10. [MBCL] Week 9

    HoFL 9:7 PGC GG WP
  11. [MBCL] Streaming & Recording

  12. [MBCL] Streaming & Recording

    Come to stream tomorow at 19:00
  13. [MBCL] Week 9

    HoFL vs PGC Date: Sunday 20:00 Trenches PGC: Sweden HoFL: Poland Market HoFL: Poland PGC: Sweden gl hf