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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-Independent VC mod (released 3.3)

    Notice: Blood Eagle has had a post in the VC modding section for awhile, but I'm having to remake the post thanks to a bug. Note! The Taleworlds description is a condensed version of the main description over at nexus mods. The most important changes of Blood Eagle Completely overhauled...
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Weathercock said:
    Managed to tweak out the 757 days issue, not too hard afterall.

    In addition to the above point about troop trees, I also think you may have gone a bit far in nerfing some of the unique gear. Orm's armour, for example, is just horrifically bad, not even close to par with normal armour sets. 32 defense on a set of heavy armour is just unusable considering the stat loss imposed. The unique swords are also entirely unremarkable now, and pretty much outclassed by piercing axes. Not sure if they could use a hand or not.

    That's great man, glad you were able to tweak it!

    As for the unique stuff, I just had a really big problem with how early in the game you could get orm's lorica. Great looking armor and stuff, but it's seriously OP for the time you get it. I mean, you can just abuse javelins+spears at orm to kill him and get his lorica which will last you the entire story.

    I will buff it a bit in a later update, but I wouldn't expect anything past 45. I'm going to buff the unique swords and stuff a little bit, but I felt the same way about them. Waaay to easy to get if you know how to fight the AI in WB. And the weapons you got from unique smiths felt terrible compared to the free uniques. They will get a buff, but not anything to serious.

    Some axes will also get a slight nerf to pierce. It won't be anything to serious, because only higher level units carry piercing axes.
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Gort77 said:
    Hi, just down loaded your mod and so far really like all the new items added in.  I always felt like there wasn't enough variety in the weapons and armor for VC.  I also took a look at all the troop trees and noticed that all the troops in each tier basically have the same weapon prof values, is this right?  For example all top tier troops have a weapon prof of 145 for the weapons they use, there is no variation between cultures like in vanilla.  I was just wondering if you are still working on getting the troops balanced out or if you intended all troops to be the same regardless of culture?

    I also noticed some discrepancies between certain troops:

    The tier 3 Briton warrior and the tier 3 Saxon Companion have weapon profs of 70, while all other tier 3 troops have weapon profs of 100.

    The tier 4 Briton Champion and the tier 4 Saxon Veteran have weapon profs of 100, while all other tier 4 troops have weapon profs of 115.

    The Pict troop tree seems mixed up.  The Pict Freeman is lvl 28 with weapon profs of 90, while the Spearman (the upgrade of the Freeman) is lvl 10 with weapon Profs of 70.  Also the Pict Noble is lvl 28 while every other top tier troop is lvl 24.

    I just wanted to know if these where intentional or if they where mix ups?


    To clear some things up the items kind.txt and troops.txt was not all done by my hand. I'm in the process of changing it, but the troops.txt for Blood Eagle was made to compete with my old mod, Sword & Shield, of course, the files were not edited by me so it's not perfect. I will change this though, we're also going to add back in vanilla VC items + the new content that comes with the mod to add more variety.
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Weathercock said:
    Does Blood Eagle have the permanent stat loss after 757 days like vanilla does? If so, what would be the best way to turn that off without messing with other mod files? I'd use the tweaks tool, but I'm worried that I'd overwrite other parts of the mod by accident.

    I don't recall editing anything regarding the stat loss as I never continued save games for that long, so it was never a problem for me.

    I'm not a coder or anything, and in development of version 2.0 I unsuccessfully attempted to add in several tweaks, lines of magic numbers are beyond me.

    In short.. I'm not sure how you could edit that. You could just backup everything and try the tweak tool, modding is all about trial and error.
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Sir Mordred said:
    Is it intentional that Northmathr Vikingr (or however it's spelled) never have shields?

    Nope, I will for sure fix that.
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Hugo_Stiglitz said:
    Thx for this mod, looking forward to checking it out.

    Forgive me if I missed it in the notes but is this mod saved game compatible for the campaign? Thanks.

    Oh yes, something I need to add in the desc.

    If your just updating blood eagle to a later blood eagle ver it is, but I'm afraid it's not if your upgrading Blood Eagle from VC.

    In fact, it is it's own module so the it would not even recognize the saves.

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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Carrion said:
    fantastic! really good! thanks guys!

    Thanks, hope you enjoy the mod  :smile:
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    HooTmAn said:
    moonrgr said:
    HooTmAn said:
    Blood Eagle Patch Version 2.2 is up at Nexus!  :grin:
    Hi HooTmAn! I've played Warband (with Silverstag) for a while but am new to VC. I am so glad to see an overhaul project under active development despite the seemingly lackluster sub-forum. The selfish part of me secretly wish there could be more competitions but I really cannot ask for more. I'll give the vanilla VC a go first since from what I have read modding/tweaking can easily break the "story mode" of VC. But I cannot wait to test your overhaul mod out!

    Thank you very much, i hope you enjoy the Blood Eagle Overhaul Mod. I did try the StoryMode on BE and it did work. We did not change anything that should break the StoryMode.(well some units could be OP) BUT best is you play Blood Eagle in SandboxMode. You are right, you never know what could break even there shouldn't be something to break.

    You may have some trouble fighting vikings in the story mode, however it has worked fairly well for me.
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Laizenbh said:
    Congratulations, i will test it asap :party:

    Thanks, we are also going to fix a few issues regarding a loading screen that makes some letters to dark to see, and also add a few songs in a later update.  :smile:
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    kalarhan said:
    remember to change this line on module.ini, it is printed on rgl_log.txt and avoids issues when players post about bugs

    module_name = Viking_Conquest2023

    do something like

    module_name = VC_Blood_Eagle_100
    for version 1.0

    otherwise unaware players will post on the support forum and devs won't know its not vanilla, but a mod.

    Hmmm did no know about this. Thanks kalarhan! Will add in a later update we are working on.
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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Read this or a giant Eagle will take you and your family to it's nest... V3 is out V3 Patch Notes- Note, V3 is not savegame compatible. It requires a new game. Blood Eagle is still fully functional with the storyline campaign as well, though it is meant to be played in any of the sandbox...
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    SP Dark Ages [VC] [Submod] Sword and Shield Version 3.0

    HooTmAn said:
    Sword and Shield V. 3.4 from 4.10.2016 is compatible with VC 2.025, right?
    Because, i use your Mod V.3.4 with Dark Age mod and Items + many own fixes and changes and it works just fine, for me so far. Is there something "special" where i should look at to see, that your mod works just fine or not? Like a known Bug, for VC 2.025.

    Yeah the mod is compatible but basically the latest version of Sword and Shield doesn't include the 2.025 tweaks/updates, it just reverts to 2.023. It should be easy for me to Sword and Shield compatible with 2.025 when I get the time. As far as Dark Age goes, I've been considering making a patch for it and putting it in the optional files, some people have requested this. Anyway hope this clears some things up!
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    SP Dark Ages [VC] [Submod] Sword and Shield Version 3.0

    kalarhan said:
    Kale3 said:
    Once 2.025 is out of beta

    motomataru said:
    EDIT: 6 Sept. 2016: the update has been released

    already is

    That's good to know. I'll get to it when I can.
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    SP Dark Ages [VC] [Submod] Sword and Shield Version 3.0

    Carrion said:
    Yea it was definitely improved, there should be a very small chance that an shielded opponent can withstand 2 arrows! I really enjoyed my last play through,  thank you so much kale!

    Now that 2.025 tweeks are out can we possibly get a refresh?

    Once 2.025 is out of beta I will for sure update the mod to be compatible with the most recent VC patch tweaks. I'm glad you enjoyed the new arrow rebalance, the main reason Sword and Shield was made was to improve the balance of the game, and I'm glad I've accomplished that. Thanks!  :smile:
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    SP Dark Ages [VC] [Submod] Sword and Shield Version 3.0

    Carrion said:
    I don't see any real major bugs except known 2.023 bugs, I am seeing the occasional unarmed opponent though specifically brigands during the attack bandit stronghold missions. It could use a bit of a double check on the balance, archery feels kind of op.

    Just added a new update that nerfs archery a bit and fixes the invisible beserkr/ulfheddin bug.
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