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    Racism and repeated abusive of the kick function

    That's right. The MP playerbase is having problems anyways, I don't see how being overly toxic towards newbies and not even giving them a chance to get better should help with that issue. Kaide (dat name, at least no 59th) has a point.

    Oh, and btw:

    However, @kaide

    that's the way to go.
    It is me Ted, 59th Kaide, though I don't recall you from NW, and yeah I get your point.
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    Racism and repeated abusive of the kick function

    He can only do it twice.
    Indeed hence the plural inclusion in the sentence.
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    Racism and repeated abusive of the kick function

    Just ignore him lol
    The racism is bad enough, I can mute the chat, but when the troll uses a number of polls to kick you from the game, for no reason lol.
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    Racism and repeated abusive of the kick function

    Hi, Today I killed a player on the EU TDM server and this troll named Luminor started doing repeated kick requests. I asked why and I apparently interpreted his duel. He posted a ton of racist content and keeps spamming the kick function at me and later other members of the server. Please ban...
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    Kicking players from server should be harder

    Disgraceful behaviour, unacceptable and in very bad taste.

    I was muted for a week for saying horse archers are homosexual:
    1) Despite myself being a horse archer top of the score board.
    2) Myself being homosexual.

    If you want justice you have come to the wrong place.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    Whatever, I wish you all the best and still advise you to not talk about your sexual orientation in public game chats.

    Have a nice weekend!

    your sexual orientation

    You need to read my post again mate. I said "horse archers are homosexual". I was not reported for mentioning my sexuality but for drawing a comparison.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    Ever heard of sarcasm?
    To be honest with all this signal virtualing it is hard to recognise
    It's nearly always used as an insult so people will automatically assume it is, even if you didn't mean it that way.

    I have no problem with it by the way. Mere words do not injure me and I'm not part of the snowflake generation.

    EDIT: I just noticed you might not be talking about what kaide got muted for
    Well said.

    Consider it to have been my final sign of goodwill towards you. As someone accurately pointed out earlier, this thread has indeed pretty much ran its course, and I already told you the important bits, several times, which you either failed or more likely refused to understand. I don't think reiterating those will do you any good, since you're so set in your ways. You could say that was me kinda giving up on you, in a way.

    So I will not torment you with my "opinions" and "judgments" anymore, as there is no point to doing so. I guess this is the point where I stop actively participating in this thread and just enjoy reading it, as I must admit, your behavior is quite amusing.
    Well, I respect your opinions though I disagree. We just have fundamental differences and outlooks on speech and communication. Which likely is due to cultural factors. I am glad that you find my behaviour amusing.

    I have discovered that you have all the charisma of a damp rag and most likely you have the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    I wonder what would have happened if you said something like "Horse archers are pan sexual" instead
    Fantastic question, 10/10.

    Yes, and I was banned for this (not only this) and it was deserved.

    Same with your mute.

    You also seem very invested into the game if a mute is such a big deal for you.
    Wait a minute, you have said in the past, that you were unfairly banned. Now you're saying that your ban was deserved? Which one is it? I smell hypocrisy or at least double standards.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    I'm quite sure you think yourself very clever, but I do not know whether you realize the fact that this whole thread was basically you showing everyone why your mute was well deserved, but also behaviors that TW would most likely very much like to curb in its community.

    But hey, you can go ahead and continue behaving in this manner, I'm sure it will serve you very well.
    I thought you did not want to make this personal, remember when you complained about the ad personal. I do not think my behaviour has been poor at all, in fact, despite a number of insults aimed at me, I have remained calm and simply batted them off. Especially, when I feel I have been muted for a dubious reason.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    You may find it funny OP but others may find it offending, honestly this is not a "hill worthy dying for", atleast in my book, so just remember this for the future and avoid this easily preventable way that people may get offended to focus on playing and having fun.

    If your friends are okay with this kind of humor just ****talk with them on voice chat or something.
    I see your view mate and in hindsight, I would have done so to avoid the whole situation. Though I will re-iterate, in my culture (UK, you know the country that created the language that we speak), the term "homosexual" is not an insult.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    The constructive purpose is showing us what a clown he is, let him continue.

    I gave him the permission.

    Bro, I just find this really strange post that you made about TaleWorlds haha

    I know you (TW) don´t like me and I appreciate that you haven´t already banned me.

    So my final verdict for this game (as AngryJoe) would say: YOU ****ED IT UP!

    This game could have been the best medieval game ever after Warband (you remember the game you made?)

    You´ve released a worse version of Warband with better graphics, that´s all. But the essence is worse! So many features are lacking and won´t be improved. Because you don´t care, you already got the money from us, why should you care?

    We won´t get the game we were looking for. A better improved Warband game. You have the engine and that´s all. You got our EA money and that´s all you care about.

    You don´t care about what most players really want.

    This game is dead for me but sold a good amount because of the hype you´ve created BEFORE your EA release.

    And now you´re working on your next game. Nobody here cares about your space game, you won´t get the same hype for your space game as you did with Bannerlord. Never!

    So whatever, there isn´t anything I can say about the space game that you can focus on. Keep on fixing minor stuff nobody asked for, keep ignoring your community as you did since like the release but still claim that you care.

    I´ve wasted my money on you because I´ve trusted your hype train that already crashed months ago. You had one chance, you´ve missed it. So whatever, have luck with your space game!

    Get all the money from Bannerlord that you can do. Try to keep your small indie dev game company image while you behave like Electronic Arts (but even they have a better communication).

    Everyone knows you´ll fail at the "big game". I just hope critics will be honest and give your game a honest 5-6/10. And then you notice that you´re not EA, that you don´t have those huge brands like Battlefield, Dragon Age and whatever.

    You have Mount and Blade and you failed to deliver and also you don´t care to deliver. You got our money so why should you care?

    You call me the clown for voicing my displeasure at a mute, meanwhile, you're posting some unhinged stuff recently. The best segments of your rant:

    "I´ve wasted my money on you" - Bro, this isn't a divorce.
    "This game is dead for me" - Yet you post every single day.
    "You don´t care about what most players really want" - I thought you would sympathise with my position haha.
    "Everyone knows you´ll fail at the "big game" - LOL
    "You had one chance, you´ve missed it" - You seem really pissed off with TaleWorlds lmao. I think you're way too invested in this game mate. I think.

    I think I know who the clown is! I think you need to talk about your problems man.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    The constructive purpose is showing us what a clown he is, let him continue.

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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    ad personam
    This may surprise you, but I speak the Queen's English; although the Romans and the Normans left us their fantastic Latin legacy, the vast majority of us Anglos and mortals do not know/use Latin phrases or terminology, unless you're in a damn courthouse or come from the upper echelon of society. Do forgive me, if you felt that I have attacked your character. I did not mean to cause offence and going forward I will be mindful of your fragility and provide appropriate trigger warnings.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    I find it impressive how you managed to quote me, and still misrepresent what I said at the same time. Truly masterful. Please, try to refer to what I said without doing so and without using a strawman argument. Or, if you do not intend to, show me where I said the word "homosexual" itself is homophobic. I'll wait.

    Also, drop the ad personam. It's really not helping you make your case.
    I did not realise you're the judge, jury and executioner in my case. You're neither, and you're not fit to be my judge. You need to calm down Judge Judy. So please, take your misrepresentations and fax me.
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    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    xD i just read ur name , i remmeber warband i could be racist as much as i want with no penelty how times has changed , now i get muted for being nice sometimes
    So true lmao. The world has gone nuts.

    Reminds me of this video, Askorti is definitely this type of guy

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