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  1. Criminal gameplay?

    Has there been any talk from the devs about adding more to the criminal side of gameplay? Being a gangleader or a bandit, perhaps running your own hideout, extorting merchants, or anything of the sort? I think it'd be pretty cool but currently the very few things you can do are minor and shallow...
  2. Issues being granted a town

    Also, have you had a chance to look at the SettlementClaimantDecision.DetermineSupport yet, and if so, what are your thoughts on it? The stuff with the Calculating trait seems a bit off to me.
    I remember reading it after patch 1.4.1, when I was trying to figure out the exact numeric value that this method would return (more or less) to see what numbers the were being juggled for ruler vote overruling, but I can't quite remember exactly how it worked now

    Calculating seemed to boost the support for lords with whom the lord had high relations, no? Gah, I can't quite remember
  3. Issues being granted a town

    Aye, like Apocal said, when I wrote that description there was no point where the ruler of a non-player faction held the fief between it being captured and it being awarded, so this bug didn't affect non-player factions back then

    In fact, I'm only finding out just now that they're waiting before voting since the latest patch hahaha.
    I'll have to update my description.
  4. Issues being granted a town

    I tend to think that including the newly captured settlement in the calculation at all was just an oversight. Doesn't seem intended to me. I think the if statement at the start of the for loop should probably read:
    if (settlement.OwnerClan == clanAsDecisionOutcome.Clan && settlement.IsFortification && settlement.Town != this.Settlement.Town)
    That would check to make sure the captured settlement does not get lumped in with the rest of the clan's fiefs.
    Funny that you mention it, that's exactly what I did with my mod here:
    I uploaded it around April or so, I think.

    But I believe that the capturer should have more merit to own the settlement than the ruler, who is already able to overrule the decision.
    Well, I mean, as was mentioned up there, Capturer Bonus is a thing.
  5. Resolved Lords in Army do not help in Siege defense

    I do have a save file, I uploaded it as instructed (at least, I THINK it's that correct save file, judging by the filename and date created. Just in case, I uploaded 2).
    Game version was the current live version 1.4.1 (not beta), and I was using a few mods, but none that should be interfering with battles at all:
    -Improved Garrisons
    -Fighting Together Relationship
    -Smith Forever
    -Less Greedy Rulers
    -Daily Skill Progression
    -And another mod I made for myself that caps the max influence of all clans at 3k.

    None of these should be interfering with anything battle related, as far as I know, and none of them interfere with the save file either so the save file should be bootable even without the mods.
  6. Resolved Lords in Army do not help in Siege defense

    As can be seen in the picture, I called an army and entered a city to aid in its defense from within. Everything seemed normal until the assault actually started, and neither Lord counted for the defense of the city, and never aided in the battle.
  7. SP Native Daily Skill Progression

    Ever notice how some of the skills are just incredibly painful to level up, even if you put all your focus points into them and have a Learning Rate of 5? Wouldn't it make sense that this high learning rate meant you'd progress on said skills, little by little, day by day? Well, I thought so...
  8. Elections for a fief never start?

    I was having this issue, for me I just waited a day or 2 ingame and the prompt showed up.
    Ah, man, thank you very much, that indeed fixed it. Thank god it wasn't something serious haha

    Do you gotta wait a day or 2 every time a new fief gets up for grabs, or does it eventually go back to how it was?
  9. Elections for a fief never start?

    Hi! I stopped playing at around patch 1.3.1, according to my save file. I started up a game again in the newest patch, 1.4.1, and ran into a bit of an issue. For some reason, whenever we take a fief, it doesn't ever really... go to election, at all. I get the message "x castle has been taken...
  10. Is there a modding discord or forum or community or something?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of a discord or group or something where modders can help each other out? I've seen other games where this is the case, so I was hoping there might be one for bannerlord, though I do understand that bannerlord's quite a new title!
  11. Possible to get different fencing styles in Bannerlord?

    Bannerlord's entire combat system is extremely lacking in the 'duel' department. Which is not an accident, as it is clearly designed and optimized for battlefield & formation combat. It works for army vs army, but feels lacking/shallow/simple in 1v1 duels.

    So, to answer your question, slow down lmao. Let them implement a proper fighting system for 1 on 1 duels first (if they even want to do so) before even thinking about, like, different fencing styles and such.
  12. Lords need a stat check. Tharos is actually Thanos.

    You think this is funny, you should see someone like Caladog when he's off his horse.

    Dude just WALKS faster than some horses, I swear to god. He's the goddamn flash. I assume it's his insanely high athletics skill or something.
    This is from pre 1.4.0 though, haven't played that patch yet.
  13. Disciplinarian perk too late?

    One thing to point out is that later in the game, if you have a sizable party, it's hard to catch up to bandits and such, so it does make it a bit pointless later in the game when you're focused on much larger battles. Are we supposed to ignore our settlements getting besieged to hunt down bandits just to recruit them when we can recruit prisoners from the armies we fight? I think it'd be better if that perk were instantiated earlier on (say 75), but with the added stipulation that we could only upgrade them after they spent a certain amount of time in our own dungeons, or something similar.
    You can pop your armies into garrisons while you go bandit hunting, tbh. Won't even get besieged if your settlement's garrisons are beefy enough to scare the enemy off.
  14. Rulers are even more greedy in 1.4.1

    According to this mod's author, they implemented new overrule logic in 1.4.1:

    Apparently it has gone sideways in some way.
    Aye! I had to make a new version of the mod to work with beta 1.4.1. In that version, I disabled the part of my mod that affected that in case that the new logic they implemented was fairer, but it seems like I gotta start working on re-implementing that part.

    The old logic was basically like this: If the winning result (highest %) isn't the result that the king likes, then first he checks how much influence it'd cost to overrule it (which depends on the difference between the highest %, and the % of the option that he likes), then it compares that to how much influence he currently has. It was a random roll, but the less influence it cost and the more influence he had, the higher the chance that the king overruled the council. My mod fixed this.

    The new logic seemed much better, it instead does stuff like checking how much he likes the winning option vs the option that he liked the most (so he won't overrule if he barely even cares), among other things.

    I'll start working on fixing the new logic, I'll probably have it up by wednesday saturday or something (uni's killing me).

    For the people using my mod in 1.4.1, how greedy has your ruler been? (ie: has my mod been helping, despite disabling that bit in the beta version?) The candidate-logic fix should still prevent the king from getting the chance to go mad with fiefs, but that should only be a problem for the player's faction, yet in that screenshot there's several factions suffering from it.
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