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  1. Need help tweaking character skills!

    @Kadin, did you follow my advice and did it work out for you?
    Hi. I happened to edit the txt files instead as i found the numbers i should look for online, and i prefer to not use the module system.
  2. Some questions about editing Mercenary Camps

    Always ask modding questions in this section:

    As I mentioned in another thread of yours, make sure to use ModSys for transparent edits of the module. Messing with compiled text files is very troublesome. If you learn some basics of modding, you will easily find a solution to your problem.

    Hi and sorry for posting in the wrong section. I'd rather prefer to not use the module system for this, but instead edit directly the txt module files, as i did for the other tweaks. Could someone post the line and numbers that i need to edit to accomplish what i described in the first post? Also, how do i know wich numbers i should look for when editing these txt files? Is there some sort of convertor for this?
  3. Some questions about editing Mercenary Camps

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to increase the maximum amount of recruitable mercenaries from the Mercenary Camps and also change the rate that these camps will be refilled with units again. I have edited some values from the scripts.txt file, wich you can find in the module folder, to make the...
  4. Need help tweaking character skills!

    There is a file and also there are some scripts in which modify skills. These are what you are looking for, but remember that you will need time to find what you need. Make sure to follow some startup tutorials to ensure a smooth workflow.

    Thanks for the reply. I already looked at these files but unfortunatelly i couldn't find anywhere the bonuses that the "Leadership" skill (or any other) provides, so i can modify them. I tought it would be easy to mod skills through the Module System... So, could someone wich uses these files help me edit the default skills, or perhaps there is a simpler way?
  5. Need help tweaking character skills!

    Actually there are lots of modding resources out here, you need to dig deeper. The thread for modder newbies: The section for them (make sure to refer to its subforum for guides):

    There should be a snippet in the source code governing the Leadership skill, find it and adjust to your preferences.


    I have not found resources about modding skills and i also tried following some tutorials for the Module System (wich appears to be what i need) but i have not seen any explanation on how to change the default skills, wich in my case is "Leadeship". I have also looked in all the files under the folders that comes with the Module System but have not found what i needed. Perhaps someone more experienced could explain me how i'm supposed to modify skills?
  6. Need help tweaking character skills!

    Could someone help me to edit the character skills in an easy way, please? Its been a few days that i'm trying to solve this.
  7. Need help tweaking character skills!

    Here are released mods for WFaS: When it comes to modding the source code, adding new skills is rather difficult but it is actually easy to mod the existing ones. Go to Modding section and then to The Forge to kickstart your M&B engine modding adventure and learn some basics.

    Thanks for the message. Can you point out some resources that i should look into regarding modding skills? I did not found much information regarding this.
  8. Need help tweaking character skills!

    It can easily be done through modding the game. I advise you not to play unmodded WFaS because it is too grindy and you will waste your time and get frustrated before even conquering a single settlement. Instead, I recommend you to try an enhancement mod out or mod the game to meaningfully boost your standing. Seriously, playing vanilla is a waste of time.

    Hello and thanks for the links, i'll download some mods for the game eventually. Now, what i'm trying to do is to edit the character skills by modifying their bonuses and also to create custom skills, could you provide a solution to this, please?
  9. Need help tweaking character skills!

    Hello! :smile: I'm playing Mount And Blade: With Fire And Sword for a few days now and enjoying it a lot, but at the moment i'm finding the game somewhat difficult. To make the game become more favorable, there are a few character skills in the game that i want to tweak, like "Leadership", by...
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