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  1. Wasted Spear Length/ holding spears wrong

    Weight is a big issue here.

    A real spear, is heavier than a broom stick with foam taped on the end.

    Depends on the type of wood used and the type of metal, length of the blade, thickness of the blade. Some spears would be lighter than others.

    Holding a broom stick handle on end probably isnt close to the weight of a real spear.
  2. Attrition for Campaign Map?

    What would be cool to add another strategy layer for the campaign map, is adding attrition for your soldiers. In other words, you can't keep pushing them forever, they need to break once in a while. Maybe add a slider on how fast you want them to march, increasing the slider consumes more food...
  3. Add two handed battle hammers.

    I think they are planned? Why wouldn't they be? But still I like the idea. And if they are not planned they should be put in.

  4. [Video]: Demo of 1v1 AI problems

    The AI should scale with the tier of the troop, is what I read from patch notes. This is a trained archer? Tier 2 or 3? Thats probably a medium lvl unit.
  5. crashing when leaving bandit camp

    Happened to me. It was a bandit camp near Diathma. Stopped doing bandit camps.1.01b
  6. Troop Organization

    You know what would be really nice? When in your party screen, you could organize your troops with a menu click, like they do in the inventory screen. You know during your inventory you can organize via value or type? Organize your troops via type? Click Organize your troops via experience...
  7. The Sturgians look ridiculous

    I was so excited to play as a Nord or a Viking in this game, until I saw how ridiculous they look. In particular the pointy helmet with the ridiculous little red doilie on top is so absurd I just can't handle it. Their appearance is so silly, I actually switched factions over it. Someone please mod these terrible looking Vikings!

    I agree with the pointy helmets, I think that is more of a middle eastern or eastern look if you ask me.
  8. If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    Just saying. I want to see constant patches to fix issues in multiplayer just like there is for single player. Otherwise, refund. That is all.

    It is early access.
  9. The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass

    There should be an adjustment for sure. However, cavalry should be able to move through units somewhat. Or do more physical damage when a horse tramples over you. Horses wiegh anywhere from 1000-2000lbs I think? Maybe more.

    However a proper shield wall of twenty men should be able to stop a charge with some injuries. There is a balance to be had here.
  10. Why factions snowball? Realistic behavior in unrealistic environment.

    Campaign season should be summer and spring only. Winter should be four times the supplies to keep your troops feed if you're not in a settlement. This would also make the player hold up during the wintertime. The northern trait should also give a decrease to winter supplies. Sieges should take a long time and putting up fortifications on bridges and other choke points should be an upgrade option.

    I love this idea. Have winter attrition that is is so costly it could be suicidal to campaign during that time.
  11. Big list of typos (work in progress)

    How is this?
  12. Bigger axe blades.

    OK kid. Lets start with us agreeing we both can read and understand English.

    This game is a sand box simulation with inspiration from history. Specifically the 'migration period' after the fall of the Roman Empire. It pushes realism to the point where you have simulated swing speed with your weapon. Of course video games have leeway to alter fun and realism. This franchise created it's stake towards realism, and historical inspiration.

    > is the 'greater than' symbol

    My statement, realism 'is greater than' fantasy, has spurned you into being offended. I don't know how. My assumption is you are an adolescent by age or social maturity.

    The developers take a more realistic approach when they can, the game is made this way. Historical accurate axes > comic/cartoon axes, in this game.

    Your argument, if I read it correctly, is that because one part of the game is realistic, then how come all the other parts aren't realistic? It doesn't argue my point. It just puts an 'all or nothing' stance respectively.

    'Fantasy, yet you can outrun people on horses on the campaign map '
    Here you are mistaken. Your speed on the campaign map is simulated with many factors. For instance, the more horses you have in your inventory, and the more cavalry you have in your army, will increase your map speed. You should have no problem chasing down groups of bandits if everyone is on a horse. If you have a large army chasing down a scouting party, that will be more difficult, it's a logistics and attrition issue at that point.

    'yet you can take an arrow to the head/neck/heart and not die, yet you can punch a shield or helmet until the person passes out and not damage your fists, yet you can cut someones throat and they keep trying swinging and don't bleed out '

    At some point developers take into account what makes their game unique. An accurate fighter simulation probably passed around their office. Adjusting a script and releasing a mod to have a head shot kill, would be easy. Ultimately it's a medieval sandbox simulation, and not a realistic fighting simulation. They put their resources where they can. All or nothing is a none argument anyway.

    'All that being said, I bet you don't have permadeath enabled. '

    This is just an attack on myself. I haven't said anything offensive before you stated this. It's a simple mundane hormone induced **** swinging insult going down the wrong path because you imagined me insulting you.

    So let's recap.

    Axes should be bigger.

    Realism is greater than fantasy. (Bigger swords, you mean length? actual conversation inquiry)

    All or nothing points. With an insult.


    Take some time to relax, get some real work done where you can feel proper about yourself. You know, hold your own. Fix a bike, build a shelf. Some actual real life skills. It'll calm you down and make you feel more secure about yourself.

    As for permadeath, you're just going to have to trust me. I 100% play with it turned on some of the time.

    I'm not going to reply anymore to this thread. You bother me, you little whipper snapper you. :smile:
  13. Bigger axe blades.

    I'm not looking for an argument son. It's a wonder how much offence you've taken. Many points you made were wrong or non arguments.

    A game getting lots of inspiration and references from real life is what drives this niche.
  14. Bigger axe blades.

    What a nerd.
  15. Bows too precise at low levels

    I understand that the game is still early access, and many things will be changed, but my sense is that with very little skills in bows I can hit targets from a very far range with pin point accuracy. This doesn't feel like I'm leveling up anything, right off the bat my character is an expert...
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