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    non regenerating grenades!?

    The bad thing that it's not really an option to equip companions with grenades anymore. I used to allocate the extra weapon points to grenades on my companions so they became quite effective with them. It's also kinda strange that every town in the game sells grenades but you are the only one who can use them. (and your companions if you are crazy enough to equip them for every fight)

    We could have a larger pool of grenades in the player inventory, from where the companions would re-equip themselves after fights. Or you could tell them to buy grenades and it would be added to the weekly wages.
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    New game for 1.142?

    Thank you for the info
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    New game for 1.142?

    Anybody know if this requires a new game and what is included in this patch?
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    Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    I would suggest slinging the rifle on your back same way as crossbows in warband. This way you can see both 2h sword etc. and your rifle on your back.
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    F&S Bugs Thus far

    After conquering Warsaw in the Polish storyline, the king took my city for himself (Koeningsberg). Didn't even say or demand anything and Warsaw also went to someone else. Even though the city is not mine anymore, if someone is found not paying taxes etc, that money still comes to me.
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    Queen carl gustav

    I'm sure I addressed the Polish king as madame at some point.
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    Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    jep i already mentioned it. Actually kinda stupid, i had suggested somewhere before to do high/low stab with rapier, then comes patch and i see only spears do it

    Would be fun to see stabs for all four directions and matching rapier-style parries for them.
    Or they could just add weaker horizontal swings.
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    Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    original said:
    I only ever got it once, when I was running low on food and had mostly beer and wine.
    I think it has to do with your food. Are you only feeding them beer and wine?

    I had no idea food variety counts. I hope these changes will be implemented in warband aswell.

    One thing I would like to see added from warband are hideouts for the thieves that you could attack.
    It could be for example a log cabin in the woods.
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    Simple guide for Polish storyline

    Do you fail the whole storyline if you refuse one of the special missions?
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    Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    I would suggest giving less illnesses to the troops. Every few days is too often for a party of 30.
    Maybe make a counter that resets every time you visit a town or make a camp, and long times without a rest have a small chance of creating an illness.
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    Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    I agree about the disposable grenades being useless. It's too much hassle buying and re-equipping them between each battle. The low ammo count of the grenades in earlier version was balancing enough. It would be nice to have some some grenade troops also in the game.
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    Volley Fire

    You can order the fire even if the slowest are not ready yet. Works well in my opinion.
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    F&S Bugs Thus far

    My new character lost a point in strength without being defeated or knocked out. I have an earlier save for comparison.

    edit: My mistake. The loss of stats seems to be the effect of dropsy. I rested and strength returned.
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    Fire and Sword Version 1.141 is ready

    Great changes. I like the hit physics and new sounds. It also feels like the enemy is less likely to flee and battles are more interesting.
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    Which skills increase the speed of which i swing my wep

    Weapon proficiency for the weapon type. Agility is for running speed.
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