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    [research] samnites

    This is interesting
    Samnite Warrior (III BC)
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    Oh, I meant the mod devs actually  :oops:
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    I'm not ready to let it go :cry: Everything isn't lost yet! Do not speak like it's over.
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    Hey, devs and peasants.

    I have some humble and personal wishes for the future considering new armors and perhaps clothing too. I would wan't to see not literally NEW armors, but more 'versions' and textures, etc. of gambeson/padded armor/other light/heavy armors. For instance, more mail armors in the next patch - if there's going to be that in anytime soon, sorry for getting ahead of myself a little bit :grin: - and some older gambeson/padded armors that were replaced by new ones since the last few patches. I'm not sure when there's gonna be a next patch and does the devs add any new armors/clothing to the mod anymore, even tho I would appreciate that. Main motive for these wishes mentioned above are because I respect variety and details.

    Here's an image of an example of some armors I would like back. I found this image randomly on google and it is said to be 0.83 (By the way, nothing should be REMOVED in the mod right now in my opinion, vice versa, new - or old, for that matter - armors should be ADDED than the current ones removed/replaced by old ones)


    Oh, and the old Norman gambeson, with the new one on it's side should be added back especially. I liked it. And the less important thing considering clothing, well, MORE DIFFERENT COLORED TUNICS PLS :grin:

    E: And I know this mod nor it's players haven't been active for a while, but updating the game and bringing some more variety to it, it will attach people's attention to the mod and help keep it alive. That's one part for what I'm aiming with my suggestions. And many modders don't wan't to release any new patches, but still, I think that's what this mod needs right now to keep it alive and get people interested to this
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    I haven't seen activity on the server(s) either. Events are also not only a good way to get lots of people to play at once in the same time, but remind them to be active and to keep this glorious mod alive by playing actively on regular servers too. It's sad that there haven't been any events lately (for over six months). I think that's what the community needs. An event to keep them active (even on then, when the event is going on and hopefully later on in the future) and in return they will keep Vikingr alive before it's gonna be too late :cry: Or perhaps I haven't been checking Hildileikr - and others, for that matter (insert Yumsburger jokes here) - at the right time. I partly hope that's the case

    E: Oh yeah and an update/new patch/even a tiniest hotfix (what necessarily wouldn't be practically needed, but by the reasons I mention from now on) would be a great way to keep peoples' attention on this mod too and possibly bring new, hopefully enthusiastic players in to the knowledge that this mod exists. But how big is the new update gonna be, the greater the result. I have some personal wishes for new armors (shortly I'm gonna say that I would wan't to see not literally NEW armors, but more 'versions' and textures, etc. of gambeson/padded armor/other light/heavy armors, for instance.

    I've read some relatively new news, that Leifr Eiríksson (possibly with cooperation with Danks víkingr) has been working on an update, but chose not to release it. These are - of course - only my humble opinions and thoughts, but I would appreciate, if you, mod devs and other higher people would consider my words and do something to keep things in old-fashioned order
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    Only 2 days 'till I can teach a lesson to Anglo-Saxons and Æthelred II. Now they know not to mess with Viking-Norman brotherhood. And retaliation for their plundering and looting!
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    Rome at War Official server =(RIP)=

    How did that happen? I don't suppose you got the answer, but if you do, can you provide it?
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    Rome at War Official server =(RIP)=

    Server seems to be down. Can't find it in server list
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    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    Drowning is also buggy. People die at the same time sometimes and it annoys me :grin: Especially when I'm on dry ground
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    Monthly Official Formations Event! (On ice)

    I understand. Let's see if you can host it next month. I love formations events!  :shifty:
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    [Research] Odrysian Kingdom (Thracian Union)

    Found this (maybe this is newer era than the mod's time, but what the heck)

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    Monthly Official Formations Event! (On ice)

    Does this event still happen often? I have been little inactive for the past months, but I hope this still works, so let's get this baby kicking, shall we Joub?  :smile:
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    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    Spawns in a map called The Road are too close to each other. As I palyed the latest patch the enemy spawns were next to ours. And we don't spawn to the actual road anymore, but the field next to it. If someone could fix it, it would be great. Awesome mod btw, keep up the good work!
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    [research] samnites

    A pic I found about a battle between Romans and Samnites. I don't know that do you guys add any stuff to added factions anymore but why not to post these anyway? :smile:

    Battle of Bovianum (305 B.C.)


    Some zoom

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    MP Native [Native compatible] NeoGK - The siege enhancement mod

    I need help after the warband update to 1.165 my Neogk mod doesn't work.. I did try to redownload it but nothing happens and i need help
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