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  1. In Progress Attacks randomly ignoring block

    Well that didn't take long, joined a tourney right by where I loaded my save and this is the from the first swing coming my way in the first round lol. Anyway as my character moves up and starts to circle shield raised you can see me take a hit the problem is I never let off block on my end.

    I'm sure I could do several and make a little compilation, it isn't every time you will have the odd tourney where all is good but sometimes you'll have a few or more hits acting like your not blocking. I did try a few tourneys intentionally dropping my shield and only weapon blocking after I made the first post and short of me messing up here and there when I should've successfully blocked those worked every time so that's good.
  2. Resolved Error in pila's tooltip

    Summary: The pila when moused over instead of the thrown option to click you see a error message; How to Reproduce: Mouse over the pila Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver...
  3. In Progress Attacks randomly ignoring block

    Summary: Basically this patch 1.6.1 and it was happening in the playing I did on 1.6.0 since I've been back at bannerlord I've noticed that even while blocking with a shield, in the proper direction enemy attacks will randomly pass right through and still hit me. These aren't last second...
  4. Please streamline the UI

    Hopefully sooner rather than later on both changes, The actual numbers of your troop types on the page your actually sorting them on would be huge, sorting equally so even if you all went with a type that only sorted best to worst initially would be immense in the quality of life department.

    Either way keep up the good work and thanks for chiming in (y)
  5. Please streamline the UI

    Showing numbers for troop types(like Clan screen parties tab, 5 Inf 10 Arch 10 Cav 10 Horse Arch) is being looked at. "Ready to Promote" popup is on the way for the next patch.
    This being shown on the party screen and party sorting would be a immense quality of life improvement. Sure there's the party screen enhancements mod but it would be nice to keep the game vanilla for when I run into a bug that needs reporting.
  6. Option to Select Captain Before Battle

    It would be nice to see a page like the roles screen but for captains where you can set who you want in the roles, A option on the pre fight screen would be nice for armies as well.
  7. In Progress Wanderer companions have 10 Vigor

    I've also seen this with some companions, Also your younger siblings seem to have 10 vigor as well, though they still have others distributed around so they should be pretty useful when they grow up.
  8. Need More Info Party carry weight stuck at 10

    Nice, I thought about making another thread when a patch note or so went by without hearing anything. Glad you did looks like it's been fixed in 1.5.10 beta and retroactively on the badly effected game and the one I got going just to test it. Good riddance to a nasty bug.
  9. Need More Info Party carry weight stuck at 10

    Well I loaded the save game I made to test it now that the games on 1.5.9 main, Still at -80 capacity with no troops. To create it I took a sandbox game I had already started I believe it was 1.5.9 beta branch at the time that had zero mods and a fresh install. I did use the console to give the character 200 steward skill since that's a bit of a investment at least for what was just a hunch for me at the time for the forced labor perk. Then I lost a battle while having several lord prisoners in my party and that was how that save now has the -80.

    So feels pretty confirmed, To recreate have your testers party 200 steward and the forced labor perk and lose some battles, feels like maybe its lord prisoners and there bonus to carry weight acting strange when they are lost in that matter. Not sure if other things such as donating so on are also a issue but at least the first thing is a definite.

    This is a horrible bug that is unfortunately also tied to the only perk that looks good at this point since the other one only has a govenor bonus implemented. Hope you all can fix it feel like I should have you guys on the right track.
  10. Need More Info Party carry weight stuck at 10

    Yes, my post a couple up details how I did it in 1.5.9 in a sandbox play. It was unmodded and freshly installed the only thing I did was use the console to get the required skill and perk since I felt like it could be related.
  11. Need More Info Party carry weight stuck at 10

    I can confirm I am experiencing the same issue, also with the forced labor perk and negative troop capacity modifyer leaving me with 10 total capacity.

    The question is, can this be undone, or is this save borked?
    Yeah it would be nice to see whatever eventual fix recalculate and sort it, Would be nice to save that game for sure though lots of hours into it.

    Also seems like that perk is at least at the moment the only viable party leader one, Isn't the other one a governor focused at least as far as the tooltip which pretty much assures players getting to this point are going to take forced labor and end up with this issue.
  12. Leveling system still unenjoyable and unbalanced

    Would love to see the hard caps removed and slower leveling rates just on skills that are getting up there instead of getting applied to all the things. Or just a base learning rate that improves with attributes and focus. Wouldn't mind seeing a small passive benefit to attributes as well like a .5 or 1% buff of some sort of the three skills associated with it. At least that has sounded neat in my head compared to the default.
  13. Is it even viable to level scout/rogue/surgeon on your main character?

    Roguery feels a little faster actually, Got a level 13 in sandbox mode with 3 cunning and 2 focus points and 37 skill mostly from ransoming looters and maybe 2 village raids, Slow yeah but the ticks feel like they are coming faster than in my last game where I was up around 70.

    Scouting is only 29 with 3 focus points but I've never focused it on my main char so waiting to see if it picks up like it did for my wanderer scout once I get more skill going.

    Medicine is real nice to have some of at least, Previous game was shooting for at least 50 for the perks and was 140ish the last I looked, slow but like the others once you have got enough skill to actually get more wounded instead of dead it picks up .. slightly but its real nice to have. Looks like I'm at 40 med with only 3 int and 2 focus in it on the new game not sure if that's faster or about the same.
  14. Need More Info Party carry weight stuck at 10

    I was loading some of the saves on the effected campaign and noticed that the issue isn't there in saves before I had the 200 steward skill perk forced labor that has prisoners add to your carry capacity.

    I had a new game going in sandbox and since I was a long way from that perk I used the console to give myself 200 steward to acquire it, I didn't see the problem initially but after fighting a much larger army to lose while having lord prisoners and the forced labor perk this is the after I was released result; https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....190/C408EECFCFDEE81A2BDBFC93F43B53CF4B6B2AE2/

    So it seems to recreate this, assuming I'm right about the forced labor perk is have the perk and prisoners, perhaps lord prisoners and be defeated? I'm not sure if normal donating/ransoming is also a factor but I've made it happen on a game created in 1.5.9 totally unmodded ignoring activating cheats in the .ini to get my steward there without grinding up a game just to test it which I assume is why the discard window has 10 of lots of things lol but it was in the name of science.
  15. Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Could someone please fix the Control Allies After Death mod? It's broken as of 1.5.8
    Mod page would probably get you farther, but the rts camera mod has the same functionality and works fine with 1.5.8
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