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    Need More Info Speaking to Alynneth Freezes the Entire Game

    Summary: Speaking to Alynneth brings up introduction dialogue. Clicking "I am (Player). And who are you?" option freezes the game. I don't think it's an issue of giving it time because I gave this issue over 15 minutes before and it stayed frozen. I suspect it might have something to do with the...
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    Resolved Lord Parties Get Stuck on Cliffside Near Rhesos Castle

    Summary: In two separate saves, I've had the same issue: Lord's Parties get stuck on a bit of inaccessible cliffside near Rhesos Castle. I can't explain it, but not even cheatmode = 1 teleportation allows me to engage them. They are stuck. If you cheatmode teleport to them, the running animation...
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    Tournament in Myzea - "Prize is Fluffles"

    I crafted a decently strong sword in a smithy. As a joke, I called it "Fluffles." Figured it's one thing to die to "Grimblade" or whatever other edgy named sword, but dying to "Fluffles" would just be embarrassing in the Calradian afterlife. Anyways, this thing apparently shows up in a tourney...
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    POTENTIAL HIDDEN FEATURE: Directional Double-Tap on Horseback

    YOU CAN DOUBLE TAP FORWARDS/BACKWARDS TO MAKE YOUR HORSE CHANGE SPEED FASTER. It even comes with voice lines. I heard my guy shout "go!" and pop the reins to make my Aserai run faster. Glorious. This is very important.
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    Resolved "Party" Overworld Movement Speed Stuck at "Army" Speed

    Summary: Player's Party speed is slower than it should be after dismissing all other parties from Player's Army. "Party Speed" map tool shows correct speed value modifiers, but final value is incorrect (it remains the same as the previous Army's speed). Issue remained until I entered/exited the...
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    Since we can now craft weapons, we should be able to improve existing weapons

    I was just thinking that earlier today! 100% support this idea. If we or a companion has good smithing, why shouldn't we be able to "fix" weapons, as you say, removing negative modifiers and/or adding on positive modifiers?
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    Ability to Disallow/Implement Policy for "No Raiding"

    This happened in real life, though. The Livonian Chronicle by Henry of Latvia describes how the Christian crusaders raided, tortured and killed villagers in the Baltics, eventhough the same crusaders later established themselves as the lords over those lands.
    That doesn't mean it has to happen, you can choose not to allow it.
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    Tournament & Arena Crowdpleasers

    So, i play a wandering merchant, going from town to town, bringing the joys of capitalism to the masses, and joining tourneys whenever my purse-tearing equipment and betting capacity allows it, honestly : it's FUN, at first !
    Tourneys feels very good when you start the game, your equipment is paper-thin, couple of hits and you die, it's nice to win against heavy armored dudes, but as time went on,i became a litteral arrow sponge, even in realistic difficulty, thanks to tank-like armor and experience, no way i can loose one now, except if my partners are really suicidal.

    So now the only challenging thing i can do is the arena survival where my stuff is a flimsy shirt and boxer shorts, but even then, give a bow to my archer and it's a piece of cake.


    Here's my suggestion : could you guys make the arena less about killing the next couple of guys, and more about pleasing the crowd? Like an invisible multiplier that gets triggered along with your most spectacular actions in the arena?
    Actions such as, as an exemple :

    - Voluntarily dropping your shield before a 1v1 to prove you are better than the opponent, even with a handicap
    - Cheering to the crowd after a kill?
    - 1-shoting the enemy horse while being on foot
    - Arrow headshot from the entire arena length
    - Throwing main weapon into the opponent's face then going at it with your fists before he can recover his footing?
    - Winning against overwhelming odds
    Each of these actions would triggers crowd cheers and the multiplier...

    I'm sure everyone reading must have a number of sick moves he pulled off in the arena that warranted a little more than betting gains and the agreed reward item, and a lot of crowd pleasing ideas of their own, after all, bread and games where for the people back in the day, not only for the gladiators to pick up yet another T4 helmet :grin:
    Hell, players could become actual crowd favourites, we can imagine running gladiator ecuries, selling fans banners and doing tours, right?

    I like these ideas a lot, I'd like to just add that we need better rewards. I think tournaments should have unique rewards, high-power equipment/mounts and unique, named weapons. I don't need more helmets! Let me earn that crazy-powerful "Dawncleaver" sword of whatever nonsense, that's the jam.
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    Is it just me or are the tournament rewards almost always helmets now?

    Yeah, I don't bother with tournaments anymore. In an early update I got a sword called "The Ambassador" as a reward for my first win. Awesome. But since, tournaments are so not fun/rewarding I just don't bother with that part of the game anymore.

    So Devs, please hear me out. Please make tournaments more rewarding by implementing:

    1. Better rewards - this is probably obvious but the best tourneys I have player were ones for things like special horses, named weapons, etc. I would like to see a. named items return, b. more rare mounts, and c. genuinely unique items become available at tourneys, e.g. a crafted sword with a unique look/stats. I also think the items won should be powerful, not just things you can get for relatively cheap on the market.

    2. More difficulty - I've been using an exploit to win tourneys (especially the sword and shield ones in Imperial towns) where I circle my enemy and spam the right-side, horizontal swing attack. For some reason enemies seem hesitant to attack back, so I am free to aim swings towards their heads until they're down. It's fun to win, but it's not as fun to be able to cheat your way through so easily. The reason I advocate for a difficult increase is, I think it'd make the whole experience more rewarding. The first tourney I won (prior to finding the exploit), my heart was pounding and I called my partner to tell her (lol). It was amazing. I felt I had earned it.

    I'm just asking y'all to give other players that experience by making the tourneys feel like a challenge, and rewarding them like they really earned something. That's my idea of fun.
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    Ability to Disallow/Implement Policy for "No Raiding"

    Raiding just doesn't make much sense to me. You slaughter the people, ruin families, get piddly loot, then capture the parent town and.... everyone hates you. And they should. Plus now your economy's wrecked. It just doesn't make sense that your vassals do this by default. There's no real positive at all. Having some more time to consider it, I think it should definitely be preventable through policy.
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    Improvements: Cheering - Morale - Clan - Leadership XP - Hideouts - Range OP - Naming

    4. lol yeah that's what I was saying.

    6. I don't know. 100 of any strong troop can beat anything else. I've been wrecking large armies with Mercenary Cavalry/Palatine Archers/Fian Champions you name it, recruits don't stand a chance against well-trained ranged and cavalry. Even having fought steppe horse-archer bandits heavily outnumbered, I don't think they're too powerful. They are mighty, but their strength is logical. It's tough to fight what is essentially a medieval speeding gun-boat when you're on foot!

    Btw, Mounted archers (including me) have about a 180 degree firing arc so they can't shoot much of anything to the right of them.... So yeah. I'm not too worried about them.
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    Ability to Disallow/Implement Policy for "No Raiding"

    Having your companions burn a village and slaughter all it's people as you're stuck in a siege to capture it's parent castle isn't fun. I would like for Bannerlord to have a toggle-able "no raiding" feature. I figure this could work in at least one of two ways (if not both): 1. Have a "tick...
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    Improvements: Cheering - Morale - Clan - Leadership XP - Hideouts - Range OP - Naming

    I support:

    1. "X" is already used but great idea, love the idea of my people cheering with me.

    3a. Yes. Just yes.

    3b. More yes. This causes them to lose good troops. Defeats the purpose of me training good soldiers for my companions if they just desert anyways.

    5. Current system has us get troops in an akward fashion. Expanding the number of bring-able troops and allowing us to choose who we bring into battle would make this mini-game a lot more fun. Much better than peek-shooting at 40 forest bandits from behind a tree while my friends are slaughtered.

    7. This is a great feature and would make the whole game more likable.

    I don't support:

    2. Unlocked tavern meals would be easy to break. Also ten meals a day for +20 morale, you probably couldn't eat that much and then go fight. Not well at least. I'd have it be minus 0.5 each time you used it, (+2, +1.5, +1, +0.5, +0), but it would gain +1 every 2 days. Also cap it at 3 meals a day. Finally, the cost should be dependent on how many troops you have in your army.

    4. I half agree, but in-game you can gain leadership by leading companion parties! It's functional, as per Beta Branch 1.1.0 4/19/2020. All that said I think we should be able to form clan armies outside of a kingdom, just on our own before the "kingdom phase" of the game.

    6. I don't know enough about that to say either way. But I'm open to the idea! I like the thought of crossbows/bows being more specialized, and having their own distinct advantages. Still, archers are strong and I think that's fun. I think a better counter to this would be better shield hitboxes/size modifiers. There are so many shields in-game that are currently.... very similar. It'd be nice to see better shields for more missile-tanking units.
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    Thrust Spears with Shield Up

    This is a common reason for the shield/spear combination in history. While holding up a shield to defend yourself, you can thrust the spear forward. This should be implemented in the game. When blocking to the left, you can thrust on the right. When blocking low, you can thrust high. Let the damage be reduced for balancing purposes if needed. Right now, spears are the worst weapon in a melee. 9/10 times, a sword/axe/mace with a shield will beat a spear with a shield because spears are easy to dodge, only being able to thrust and the damage being lower if you cannot fully extend the thrust. This could help balance that.

    +1 this would be great.
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