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  1. SP Medieval Bretwalda - Divided Kingdoms

    very good. make sure to use custom player models. bannerlord default is absolu**** atrocious
  2. SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    bannerlord default armors are absolute ****. recommend you update them with custom tabards and surcoats with proper chausses
  3. SP Medieval In the Name of Jerusalem II (Devblog 2020/11/3)

    this is the only thing keeping bannerlord alive. 90% of players would uninstall if they were not waiting for this mod.

    i'm serious when i say taleworld owes team century half the revenue from bannerlords
  4. What is the point of trolling/insulting people in videogames?

    because 99% of these people are pale weaklings in irl so internet anonymity grants them the only avenue of expressing any power over others
  5. Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    of course, no interest, no new revenue. the game is doa. i can't believe they took a decade to produce this.
  6. Leasons from Bohemia Interactive

    no they don't. bohemia interactive is a terrible company. they cashed in on dayz and then abandoned the game after they got their millions. also, none of the mods for arma 3 make the game any good. arma2 is still somehow better than it, which is just sad. arma 3's engine is just fecal
  7. My final verdict

    agreed tbh. the game is depressingly underwhelming. the only thing to look forward to is the "in the name of jerusalem" mod for this game. where they actually have proper proportions and overhauled armor system.

    bannerlords is like an expansion for warband and the graphics and animations aren't even that much improved. the faces are still garbage. i haven't touched it in months. only the above mentioned mod even keeps the game installed on my pc

    and bannerlords is so far still in early access? how much can they fix? the game looks finalized already. all the crappy armor and poorly animated clothing will need a year's worth of fixes alone, that's on top of the gameplay mechanics and issues themselves.

    i mean just look at this. playtesters did not check if armor animation was properly done? what did they do all day, play sword fights with eachother and ignore all visual details? it reeks of bare minimum effort.

  8. character models and animations critiques

    jesus you had this many people working on it? i honestly couldn't tell from playing and just looking at this game


    this game has the polish and quality of a game produced by a team half that size in half the time. i'm honestly shocked.
  9. character models and animations critiques

    the character models are objectively worse than this old strategy game with low poly models


    i think it calls for improvement, not burying heads in sand and saying "eh its fine". why settle for less when it's easy to make it better?
  10. character models and animations critiques

    Thanks, corrected my point, i lost my thought in the middle of writing first sentence. By the way i think the problem might be handled by adding 1 additional module to a character for neck protection, though making a seemless transition between that and head module gonna be hard to address anyway.

    no other game has this issue with neck protection. bannerlord...

    meanwhile every other game:


    i think fedeita hit it on the head. they're working with updated technology but the same old mindsets. adhering to rules and limitations that no longer exist. i guess that's one reason bannerlord felt so underwhelming to me and a lot of other people, they didn't make use of modern technology, they made a game that has all the pbr and shader fanciness with 2k and 4k textures, but they animated it like a 2007 game, and the combat mechanics and gameplay is directly ported from 2005 with almost no improvement.
  11. character models and animations critiques

    No, the neck protection is small because they kept the old model structure of warband, like the sectioned legs at the knee that you can't find in any other game.

    yeah like wtf still with that 2005 era tech

    even some warband mods added complete leg models for the trousers. just wtf are the devs doing/thinking?

    keep in mind these issues were brought up back then too(the sectioned legs, inability to have weighed bones for the coif), now they do have the weighing technology available and they're using it for everything, but the sections legs are still there and they didn't update how the coif/helmet aventail system works.
  12. Game has bored me to death

    I've been running around in circles for the past 2 days, I've already forced myself into nearly 200 hours, and the lack of road-map or any sign of an update bringing fundamental core features into the EA is basically discouraging me to even keep the game installed. I've already suggested everything I could, but since there's no dialogue by TW, I may as well treat this EA as if it didn't exist, currently the game is too broken, the only core gameplay that is currently working is the battle-loop and combat, and that even barely because both show severe issues, idk, I'm disappointed tbh. Why 200h, because I was testing it as best as I could, because I've through it would be useful, clearly it isn't. So yeah, let's just sit back and wait, it's not like it would change anything anyway haha

    10 hours in and i could tell this is basically just warband with updated graphics. we got scammed. we paid 50 bucks for a 20 dollar game, and there's not enough development in the world at this point that can make it worth the extra 30. it's already in a late beta stage, we got played.
  13. Bannerlord Click Simulator Is What I Dedicate 80% of My Playtime To

    this game got old about 10 hours in total, unfortunately i couldn't refund after that so i'm stuck with this and hoping but probably going to be disappointed that it will eventually look and play better and i din't just waste 50 bucks on a warband expansion
  14. character models and animations critiques

    Since we're being all technicall, i believe that soilders, especially those of nobel birth would be required to stand in a dignified manner rather than a natural, and relaxed one in front of their commander and especially a king. Even today in our military if a outranking officer enters the mess hall you stop eating and stand at attention, until told otherwise. Now, in battle, widing your legs lowers your center of gravity and provides leverage. This allows you to withstand forces exponentially higher than you could standing up straight.

    @johncage213 i very seriously doubt we will be seeing any signifigant model changes. It's not like the game just needs to be polished and balanced, after a decade. Most core gameplay mechanics are either missing or not functioning. Models for some cities, like those of the aressai, arent even complete yet. Only a few battle fields are complete. I hear people saying it will be in EA for a year. If the rate of development of this game is any indication- this game can NOT be feature complete in a year. I am under the influence that they had to release the game for finacial reasons. It obviously is far from ready for release.

    lol keep making excuses for these ****ty ass animations. "muh noblemen stance" is that like the medieval version of the tori power stance?
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