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  1. Change Army's base size

    I finally found a solution, i set my steward level to a negative value and that seemed to solve the problem.
  2. Change Army's base size

    This mod has everything except Party base size modifier
  3. Change Army's base size

    I was speaking about lowering my own BASE army size which lowers the amount of troops you can recruit earlier in the game, which will make the game both more challenging and enjoyable
  4. Change Army's base size

    Could you just limit the soldiers you recruit?
    that's an improper solution
  5. Change Army's base size

    I just wanted to make game start harder by decreasing the army's base size (which seems currently 20) I have downloaded several mods like Modular Army Size, V's No Player Army Size Limit , but they don't seem to work in 1.5.9 Is there any script or code to change or modify army's base size ?
  6. Army Base Size

    I want to make harder game start by decreasing the army's base size (which seems currently 20) Is there any script or code to change to modify army's base size ?
  7. eSports Events

  8. eSports Events

    Is there any current eSports Events or coming in the near future for Bannerlord?
  9. Conquerors Blade Module

    Session based multiplayer mode is a failure in the long run, most of the successful multiplayer games implement persistent character development system with persistent gathered resources and crafting system, YES cRPG , Persistent Worlds were good mods to keep warband multiplayer alive, therefore it would be wise to see similar but more advanced system implemented in the bannerlord if they want to keep the multiplayer mode alive.
  10. Conquerors Blade Module

    i mean, creating an MMO version of bannerlord with the same mechanics of Conquerors Blade's
  11. Conquerors Blade Module

    It will be awesome if Bannerlord multiplayer adopts Conquerors Blade's online Module
  12. Reliability

    Is the current version of Bannerlord stable enough to enjoy playing (With only minor bugs that doesn't effect the gameplay experience too much)?
  13. The Final Release Date

    Is the current version stable enough to enjoy playing (With only minor bugs)?
  14. The Final Release Date

    Any news about the official release date of the game (Non-early access ) ?
  15. The Final Release Date

    With all this bugs around strange that it has "Very Positive" review rate on steam !!
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