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    Unresolved General Can't have 2 materials on a shield

    The problem is specifically tied to shields. Only one material works on the shield, when there is 2, it defaults to both to 1 of them.
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    Unresolved General Can't have 2 materials on a shield

    I implemented a shield mesh with two materials, one with 1:1 UVs and the other with 1:2 UVs. It works fine in the editor and within the Custom Battle menu, it does not work in battle. What seems to happen, when both materials are present on the mesh, the 1:2 UVs stops using its material and...
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    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    Did the preview happen already?
    Nope. When it does, I'm sure it will be easy to discover. Along with the fact that we will return normal posting habits.

    I know it's been quite awhile since we've last posted anything, but we are moving harder at our goal now more than ever.
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    Tutorial 3D Implementing Custom Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, and Quivers Tutorial

    We have not made any bow shaders, not sure of the ability to make custom ones right now.
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    Tutorial 3D Implementing Custom Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, and Quivers Tutorial

    On the request of the creator Enpremi, here is his tutorial covering the implementation of ranged weapons in Bannerlord:
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    Tutorial 3D Hand Morphing Tool and Tutorial

    With permission of the creator Enpremi, this is a video tutorial covering the implementation of hand morph animations into Bannerlord. This tool is an fbx that has a rigged hand animated to each of the 26 hand poses in BL. Modders can rig their hand assets to this hand rig and use the animations...
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    This thread is for discussing the open letter and the developer responses.

    Please take the statistics, game history, and other off-topic elsewhere.

    Deleted off-topic and handed out warnings.
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    e1.6.0-e1.6.1 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    Question for the art team : Are there new Vlandian helmets in development or planned for future release? the past few release have been almost solely focused on Battanian and Sturgian models. Thank you!
    Your question will be better suited for here
    Not the modding section^
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    BL 3D Art Bannerlord - Adding custom armour (cloth physics issue?)

    You have to make sure to save the changes in the Cloth Editor. You might have to remove then readd the mesh in the model viewer.

    Those other issues look like rigging problems, look up how to normalize weights in Blender(or whatever 3D software you use), so the animations look the same in game and in Blender.
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    BL 3D Art Bannerlord - Adding custom armour (cloth physics issue?)

    Is there a way to transfer the cloth simulation from one armour to another?
    No, not really. New/custom meshes require new work.

    You might want to look into cloth simulation meshes(any mesh in the resource browser starting with "clo_").

    If it is falling to the floor, you need to vertex alpha paint the top ring of edges to have something for it to hang onto.

    A visual example for the "floats about in the wind like crazy" would be helpful in troubleshooting it.
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    BL 3D Art Can't make modified mesh appear correctly in-game

    Can you show an image of the skeleton you imported? It's possible to import the skeleton with leaf bones, which have to be deleted.

    Otherwise, if you have done major changes on the rigging/weighting, then you should make sure to normalize the weights in Blender so the rigging will look the same in BL and Blender.
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    BL 3D Art (BL) Extracting animations?

    Currently there is no way to extract animations.
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    Asset Creation - Modder Questions


    I have created GauntletLayer which I host load from city menu. In the layer I have EditableTextWidget in which I want to capture some text. It works all fine except when I click on shortkey key, then for example for L the encyclopedia is loaded and my widget doesnt get the "L" letter. As I could deduct the events are not passed down from input to layers to widgets with focus. How can I make it work, is it even possible? I was looking little how it is done in option to capture key changes. There some mock is used in form of KeybindingPopup which uses own GauntletLayer and does some magic inside which seams quite complicated. Is there "easy" way to get what Im looking for? IE disabling shortcuts in my GauntletLayer?
    Sorry, this thread is unrelated to Gauntlet, perhaps you might find help in the QnA

    My question is how via C# does a person get / set or alter the current skin of an existing Agent? Is there some setting that I haven't found in the Agent object that could be set? Same goes for "Mission.Current.SpawnAgent".... how can I set/apply a skin?
    Currently, you can't. It's something on TW's radar, so hopefully they will provide a fix for this at some point.
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    Suggestion General Add command to hide head (xml files)

    It still crashes for me, when i try to equip something in combination with a body piece that has the cover_head option enabled.
    So while we are able to hide the head, we cant equip any helmets. Sometimes it crashes in the inventory, sometimes it crashes leaving the inventory back to the campaign map.
    I see, that is quite bad then, I hope to see this fixed.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    I mentioned this before but for Total Conversion mods, the best thing to do for TW would be separating the copyright/sensitive code from the gameplay logic DLL's and then publishing the entire Gameplay source in Github or any other place. This might be daunting for TW to do at the beginning but It comes with several pros, rather than cons.
    - With this way, Total Conversion modders can simply download the entire gameplay logic as a VS project solution, do their tweaks, change whatever they want, built it from that and name it MyCoolNative2 and tell players to use only that module in module folders.
    - With this way, you wouldn't have to patch anything, you wouldn't need to reverse engineer it and you wouldn't be "angry" about hardcoded stuff since everything will be accessible. TW also wouldn't need to change their unorthodox style and continue what they are doing.
    - With this way, community could make PR's to populate/comment on methods and help out the documentation. Also since it will be a Git comparer, seeing module system v1 to v2 changes would be extremely easy to track by modders - they can even argue about certain changes in merge-pull request branches if this goes too complicated in the future.
    Sounds positive, but the game uses more than just "Native", a lot of the problems come from the storymode and sandbox modules. Not sure how practical it would be, if TW would have to release all of the modules or if the game could work fine with a single custom module.

    I don't see how that would help with hardcoded stuff as things like skins(man,women,child) are assigned through the engine, not the native or storymode modules.

    TW has already released the sandbox mode, which disables some of the storymode features allowing a base that ignores much of things many mods just want no part of. Which might be in the right direction, I just don't know how much work we can expect TW to put into this.

    OP and overall the letter has valid points as I said in my first post. However, they are missing the fact that, currently, the module system doesn't look like it's designed to support Total Conversion mods anyway. I mean game literally enables Native + SandBox modules by default and makes it impossible to disable it from Launcher UI.
    The points are not missed, it's kind of the focus of the letter. Its just the letter was made with the knowledge of deliberate choices, not chance or bad practice as you suggest.
    If the game is made fundamentally with total conversions in mind, by opening up internal and sealed classes and with less constant values, or the suggestion you make, that'd be great sure. But it currently isn't the case, choices were made to be "small modification" friendly.
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