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    Calradia Roleplay [New Server]

    Good server good fun
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    Team Name: The Boys
    Team Tag: TheBoy_ 
    Team Banner:

    Player 1: Yoko
    Player 1 ID: 1124671
    Player 2: Rogue
    Player 2 ID: 1748180
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    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    When/how will the teams be picked?
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    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    Name: JingeKing
    ID: 1124671
    Main Class: Infantry / Cavalry
    Do you want to command? No
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    Athens [A]

    Inquisitive_Shingen said:
    Emg Jingeking is back from hibernation, good luck guys!

    Omg Shingles I miss you sooo much :grin:
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    [WNL5] Cards - discussion & applications

    1) Nickname (without clan tags) :  JingeKing
    2) Nationality      : England
    3) primary class  :  Inf
    4) secondary class (optional)  : Archer
    5) Screenshoot with your warband character

    6) Tournaments in which you've played (include your teams)

    Nations Cup 2013 England Team

    I believe I was in another tourniment with either ImB or wolfpack but I just can't remember , long time ago

    7) Tournaments in which you took part as a referee/admin  : None
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    Mercia best troll clan EU.

    Even then the time he thinks i blocked 11 attacks i only fought 6 people, ; ),  last round of the match and i won it by me self
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    Native Completed The council tournament

    Ingame name: JingeKing
    Steam Profile or other ways to reach you:  JingeKing is my steam name
    EU or NA:  EU
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    Imperium Romanum (Roman Empire EU Clan)

    What past mount and blade experience have you had?: 2793 Hours, Made and been in a lot of clans and regiments.

    Are you best at archer cavalry or infantry?: I am good at all but best as inf

    what is your current in game name?: Crixus or Caedmon

    What latin name will you use?: Caedmon

    Have you got TS3?: Yes

    Steam name?: NSG JingeKing
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    Player list with Steams (Closed)

    In game name yoko
    Steam name Yoko

    please put on waiting list
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    French Foreign Legion|1st Foreign Regiment (1er Régiment étranger) Recruiting EU

    The Ginger Comunity Wishes You Luck !!

    Dont Mess With Us !!!****egeist/2009/05/madonna_and_angelina_jolie_fight_over_un.htm&docid=EoRV1_0hdJDP4M&imgurl=****egeist/ginger-baby.jpg&w=448&h=312&ei=kvmXUJjFB4qt0QWm2oGwCw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=62&sig=107783102987430924118&page=1&tbnh=140&tbnw=199&start=0&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:4,s:0,i:108&tx=105&ty=74
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    NW Completed [The Royal Army] Grand Campaign (EU) - NEW POLL!

    has the 9th battalion been accepted, because i it has the 9th has merged as a company to a regement called the 49e 70 men can keep steam and all that the same so all the info goes throught me but this is just saying tags are changing and numbers.
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    NW Completed [The Royal Army] Grand Campaign (EU) - NEW POLL!

    barberino said:
    Any chance the 37th could change from span to UK?
        i aggree
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    NW Completed [The Royal Army] Grand Campaign (EU) - NEW POLL!

    Name of regiment: 9thBattalion
    Regiment Leader + Steam:  Col,jingeking    steam=jingeking
    Desired faction : Italy
    Amount of men you can bring to a conquest event: 10+
    Why you are interested: we are interested because we like to get in big events. we thought this would be interesting
    Feedback: i am really looking forward to doing this, this would be a good opertunity for the 9thBattalion
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