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    This is the only game I've played that makes me verify local files after a patch

    In order for the game to recognise there's been a patch quite often I have to verify local files so the patch actually works.
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    No Siege or TDM server on EU

    This is just a mess, and yet here I am still trying to play this game
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    No Siege or TDM server on EU

    EU servers are all down right now
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    FPS/Frame rate Drop after new patch (again!)

    Everything is just going backwards
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    Let me discuss with you my personal thoughts!

    I don't care about community managers when the game is being mishandled. Does anyone know who the vision holder is for this game and what they want to achieve?
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    Can I have my siege back please?

    PRAISE THE LORD siege is back!
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    Can I have my siege back please?

    Since "release" I've only ever played Siege, and now the Siege servers are all gone!
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    Is it worth it after a 6 month break?

    I don't play single player only multi and it's been stagnant
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    Rock Paper Shotgun - Is Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord better after a year in early access?

    can someone rework the multiplayer and come up with a better incentive driven class system that doesn't entirely lock you out of a class and punish you for not being greedy for kills?
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    How long do we have to wait for the 1.5.10 patch?

    The greatest game to ever live has failed
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    massive map from Chivalry 2 & Bannerlord's new mp map

    I've worked with organized and disorganized development teams and they struck me as competent.
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    FPS Drop after new update

    I can't play the game, it just crashes when I join the server.
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    FPS Drop after new update

    Same for me after latest patch, FPS lag and constant crashes!
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    Taleworlds, thanks for your "awesome" update. Worst game ever, as always. I want to refund it

    A year ago we were all excited, but in the end we got a game that was worked on by rotating interns working for free under the leadership of someone who didn't care.
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    Why does the game still use 100% of the CPU?

    100% CPU usage is normal for well-optimised games, there is no reason not to use all available memory.

    maybe not at the main menu though
    Strange how no other game I play does that then. Perhaps it's just better to admit this game was optimised by a bunch of interns working for free.
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