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    Bannerlord Tops & Flops

    Ik vind het best leuk Jezze, ondanks veel negatieve geluiden. Crashes, packet loss, en gebrek aan balans doen me wel ragequitten de helft van de keren dat ik het spel speel, maar de andere helft heb ik ontzettende lol.
    Hey Kwal, goed om te horen. Ik ben nu ongeveer 2 uur bezig en het gaat best ok. Multiplayer moet ik nog wel weer eens proberen.

    Wat me wel opvalt is dat het forum barst van de negativiteit qua feedback en gezeur op TaleWorlds.
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    Bannerlord & Linux Discussion

    sup guys,

    as of the 1.5.6 beta (and for a little while now i'm guessing) the launcher doesn't work on linux, meaning you can't mod the game

    has anyone figured out a workaround to this? a way to get the launcher working, or manual mod installation? thanks in advance.

    edit: found out how you're able to do it. you gotta go into bannerlord's config in steam, and add the below line into launch paramaters. this is just what i have, replace the mods with your mods. everything after "storymode" and prior to "_MODULES_" are mods. none of them really work however, seems like i just crash after a few seconds. oh well.

    /singleplayer _MODULES_*Native*SandBoxCore*CustomBattle*Sandbox*StoryMode*DistinguishedService*First Person View Tweak*FightingTogetherRelationship*KillBanditsRaiseRelations*HideoutSendTroops*_MODULES_
    Sorry for necro, but does it mean there is no way to start another mod than vanilla, when playing on Linux?
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    Bannerlord Tops & Flops

    Hoe zijn de ervaringen tot nu toe? Ik heb een tijdje niet gespeeld, dus wellicht is er nog best wat verandert :grin:
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    Bannerlord Tops & Flops

    Nee dat komt omdat je niet meer de hele dag op je kamer kan gaan zitten gamen. Je bent gewoon een oude zak

    Haha, true. Ik ben nog net geen casual gamer op dit punt :razz:.
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    Bannerlord Tops & Flops

    Om heel eerlijk te zijn, het voelt op dit punt als Warband 1.5. De gameplay verrast dusverre nog niet, wat ik stiekem wel gehoopt had.

    Het ziet er goed uit en speelt soepeler. Alleen ik betwijfel of ik hier net zoveel uren als in Warband pomp. Komt wss omdat dit nog in 'Early Access' is.
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    Need More Info Game crash when you trying to start dialog with anyone

    I have got the same problem... Game crash when talking to any NPC when you took the quest.

    EDIT: uploaded the crash files:
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    Need More Info Dialog bug

    I have the same error, but then with the family feud quest.

    EDIT: uploaded the crash files:
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    Worried for this games future

    My 2 cents (after 4 hours of playing - didn't try MP yet):

    Combat appears to be more challenging/realistic compared to Warband. I consider it a good thing and it takes a bit getting used to, coming from Warband. It takes me quite some effort to actually hit a looter from a horse :razz:. It's also much more difficult. I set all difficulty to the highest and it reminded of playing Prophesy of Pendor with a level 1 character. Damn challenging. But that makes it fun.

    The game is more immersive.Graphics are gooood. UI as well, compared to Warband. It's just like Warband, but bigger, better, faster stronger. Can't say much about the rest of the features since I did not touch those.

    I have random stutters in scenes but for the rest of the performance is quite okay. I can run on medium settings with specs between minimum and recommended. And there a bit too much loading screens, as earlier pointed out. Quick options to talk to an NPC are not really "quick". In Warband, it would generate a small dialog scene that would load within 1-2 seconds. Would be an added value if they put that in again.

    There is a bitter aftertaste though, that after so much time in development, we get a product which is a beta. This is quite normal for the M&B games, although my expectations were higher. I agree wholeheartedly what Life_Erikson described in the OP. Although I do believe that all the feedback will make the game much better.
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    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    Is anyone out there who can also remember these two tracks?
    It was back in the Classic M&B Beta in 2008, when people where just happy diving into a medieval sandbox and having some fun with the overall gameplay. (Can't believe it's 2020 now, God I'm getting old)
    The old Beta was fun and so was the Game after release. I think same will go for Bannerlord and I have no doubt TW will fix Noudelle's mentioned Issues in the Stage of EA when more and more people will agree to them.

    See you on the battlefield.
    Hear, hear! Good ol'times. The forum was already quite alive back then. Modding scene was big too.

    I haven't played Bannerlord yet. Either way, I am looking forward to it! Maybe wait a bit before playing, so most of the bugs are fixed :razz:.
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    MP Native [Update 1] Persistent Realms - Bannerlord Role-Play.

    RP on Bannerlord, Wop Wop! Sounds cool. I will be watching this  :shifty:.
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    Zijn we terug?

    Is het al tijd voor Sinterklaas  :shock:
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    De Orde van de Lage Landen - Clan Topic - *Recruiting*

    Golradir said:
    cav overpowered, nerf please  :sad:
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    De Orde van de Lage Landen - Clan Topic - *Recruiting*

    Blead said:
    Ik niet, ik was wel heel even blij toen ik het Beta forum zag.

    ik heb nu wel een Beta key gekregen
    is het wat?
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    De Orde van de Lage Landen - Clan Topic - *Recruiting*


    Als Bannerlord ooit komt....
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    Going waaaay back here

    You are not far off, as far as I know. It was before my time, but here seems a kind of speculation when that was:,30480.msg1350125.html#msg1350125

    If you ever want to play an old version again, you can find them here:,30480.0.html :wink:.

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