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  1. New class system: Equalize all stats, freely choose equipment

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  2. New class system: Equalize all stats, freely choose equipment

    There needs to be 3 classes with different stats : archer, inf and cav. Equalizing is a bad ide
    why is equalizing a bad idea? can you please explain?

    i would rather have the warband 3 class system rather the new bannerlord system though

    Because your idea would mean that the brain power required to play would sink lower than it already is
    You'd have horrible ****ing metas with archers running around with the best and most manvouerable gear without any melee proficiency penalties
    So at that point what's the point of playing anything other than archers / horse archers for example? What's the point in classes?
    To kill an archer you're supposed to close the gap and therefore you have an advantage against them up close, for example.

    Your idea would be fine for an arcade style server. Which is fine.
    But it shouldn't be the default state of multiplayer.
    Warband's way was perfect. If it ain't broke,. don't fix it.
    in bannerlords system yes archers are meta and there is nothing you can do about it,

    however if armor realistically deflected arrows then i think archers wouldnt be as overplayed as they now are,

    but there needs to be a speed debuff to QUIVERS similar to what are on shields (a little more so archers cannot kite shield bearers)

    i think it is realistic bc running with a quiver full of arrows is unrealistic and should slow you down,

    however once you drop the quiver you can run normal speed

    i get your afraid of people exploiting flaws the in game and using the cheapest strat to win but if everything was balanced then i think people would naturally play in different roles based on preference
  3. New class system: Equalize all stats, freely choose equipment

    100 stat man

    Don't make anymore threads until you get better ideas
    please list why you feel that way,

    i get my ideas are unpopular but i would like to engage in a discussion on why you disagree,

    thank you for replying

    Just have a look at tdm Or skirmish right now, it’s exactly in favour of your suggestion. Why would anyone play such a misconception?
    how is it what i am suggesting?

    there are penalties in all game modes
  4. New class system: Equalize all stats, freely choose equipment

    You pick infantry -> You are better in melee but can't use bows properly
    You pick archer -> You can shoot people from a distance but aren't as good in melee

    You're saying everyone should be archers who can also ride on horses and fight in melee like a dedicated melee warrior? And since the stats would be the same, everyone would have to go archer with some heavy armor so they wouldn't be at a disadvantage at any point. Hell, even Warband had a class system.

    Everyone being able to do everything will just end up with everyone picking the same single best loadout every time.
    what is wrong with everyone picking the best loadout?

    there is nothing wrong with people all going archer if they want,

    having the gold system will lead to people not wasting the extra gold on bows and spending it on armor, weapons or mounts(given armor realistically deflects arrows)

    even if gold wasnt an issue people would naturally choose other methods of playing based in their preferences;

    yes archers are meta right now bc armor doesnt work, but to put penalties and restrictions on player playstyle choices are not the answer

    giving players freedom to pick whatever role they want on the battlefield is the best decision

    Yes let's just equalize everything so there exists a best strat which will become the only strat.
    if that strat is fun for every to play why not?
    i think you are assuming that the best strat is something that isnt fun for everyone to play,

    like i guess without restrictions i would use 3 pilas a shield and on the fastest horse,

    i can see how you might fear this would be annoying to play against and that everyone would just exploit the most seemingly unfair tactic

    but i think that could be negated by debuffs to whatever that might be, for example that i came up with, greater range inaccuracy for mounted combat

    i think you should be open to the idea and try it before assuming it will be awful
    thank you for responding

    Pls no equalizing. Each player should be able to select their wished uniqe ability combination (within different ratios) & their own perks/role equipments..

    This makes field enriched. This increases cooperstion. This makes meaninful-balances easy. And, mode consept-rules are enough for a fun gameplay. Dont make all similar. Dont want it casual. Dont limit any part of customization.
    i dont think that is a good idea,

    i dont want to say i am good at the game but i do get outnumbered alot

    and in those situations i have to fight a combination of cav inf and archers

    if i was anything but inf i would be too slow and i would be overrun due to my lack of speed,
    so i am restricted to only playing inf when outnumbered,

    so when a cav or an archer plays against me i cannot ride a horse or shoot a bow with as much accuracy as my opponents,

    i do not think that is fair or enjoyable

    cooperation is a good idea but in my experience you should not be crippled to one role especially if your team is unable to support you/dead
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    xbox here , the servers are down for me :sad:
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